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Another day, another half-naked Rihanna photo shoot! RiRi might like to show herself off, but it looks like her bestie Melissa Forde likes to show it off… Read more…

18 comments to “Rihanna Gets Nearly Naked & Flaunts Her Side Boob For Her Bestie!”

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    NO, I can't blame them one bit! Rihanna has a nice body, good on her to want to flaunt it. when she is 80 she will look back at these and she'll be glad she did it. WE WERE BORN NAKED PEOPLE. And I LOVE nude photography as well. ART IS BEAUTIFUL. WOMENS BODIES ARE BEAUTIFUL. Its not like she is posting pics of her spread eagle with NO panties. And if you don't like don't look! I know this post will be FLOODED with Rihanna hate and call her names blah blah blah BORING and UNORIGINAL- im sick and tired of all your guys lame ass digs that are on repeat. Why are you so prudish? Dont even say posing naked is an act of "no self respect" UM….. thats respecting the body to the fullest. And just because you disagree she poses naked that doesn't take away the fact she donates millions $$$$ to charities and organizations and is loyal to her fans and good to them. She values THE PEOPLE WHO MAKE HER A STAR. she realizes that. So instead of being closed minded and call her names - how about trying to open and broaden your view?

  3. MizzBooBoo says – reply to this


    Re: blasting22 – yes u stan girl! tell those haters! always some negative ass shit cuz celebs are successful and making money yet theyre on a gossip blog reading about them lol

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    She's such a pathetic attention-wanting slob.

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    Re: blasting22Re: blasting22 – That's because you're the type of girl who LOVES attention and is very desperate for it, so you have to defend trash like rihanna to validate your own trashiness otherwise you'd be a hypocrite.

  6. Danielle says – reply to this


    LOV Rihanna! Always beautiful and sexy!

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    What Rihanna doesn't understand is the concept of overkill. A random & infrequent pic keeps us curious. A daily non-stop barrage of "look at me I'm naked again" gets old real fast. Nobody's that interested anymore because it's just *meh* another self-centered Rihanna naked pic. We're over it and not interested. Next.

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    Yeah, she is quite a beauty, but when isn't she flaunting something? Side boob, front boob, ass cheeks, tats…you name it. I agree with Mittens that she has done this so much that it's redundant. Kinda like the bazillion photos of Jen Garner or Gwen Stefani with their kids at the park. Got anything else?

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    Re: pollopicu

    oh really? what an idiotic and predictable comeback- I actually wrote out something like your response as an example of poor statements & responses I usually see from someone disapproving Rihanna.Do you know me? So you KNOW that I flaunt my body and want attention? why cant people be naked and love it? You hate your body? You know me so well. Nope, i'm the quite opposite, i dont have the GUTS to be flaunty, I am worried about being judged like assholes like you… but I am the PHOTOGRAPHER. And I'll build up my confidence and I will, maybe not for everyone to see. Why do you see it that way? I pity you. Why can't you just look and say " theres naked rihanna" and MAKE NO JUDGEMENTS? please get more creative for your reasons for hating on her Im bored Zzzzz

  10. ar1202 says – reply to this


    Re: Kittens With Mittens – i agree with you, its not suprising anymore. nobodys realy cares if shes half naked because she does it so much.

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    She might smoke a lot of weed but the girl has a really nice body.

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  13. WillowWynde says – reply to this


    Can't we go just one day without a 'nearly naked' photo of this idiot?

  14. jackson says – reply to this


    She cant put two sentences together. Not the brightest kettle. Not much between the ear lobes. What more can you expect from someone with her limited eye q.

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  16. Katherine says – reply to this


    pff, we've basically seen all of Rihanna, so really, doesn't make me think she's beautiful or anything like that or amazed at her great body or anything. Basically. Seen. It. All.

  17. blen samuel says – reply to this


    she look nice u r just joluse

  18. bessiebusby says – reply to this


    Rihanna and melissa both r crazy i believe they r messing with each other who would get half naked for a friend best friend are not somethings are just off lumits thats why she cant keep a man because her ugly best friend stays in her business and i melissa is without a man thats why she dont want rih with anybody and whoever she gets she will have to share them with melissa causr she is always voing to be in the picture cockblocking like alwayd