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Chris Brown Is Almost Doing His Darndest To Help Rihanna Heal

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chris brown rihanna helping her heal

Well at least he's trying to be helpful these days?

It seems Chris Brown is totally kind of doing all he can to help his girl out during a rough go after the start of her Diamonds tour.

Rihanna recently came down with laryngitis, which caused her to cancel a concert in Boston, and while he physically can't be by her side, Breezy’s trying to still be there for her.

Even though she can’t speak, Breezy was happy to do all the talking during a phone call to help encourage her to rest and recover for the long road ahead.

A source revealed:

“He was just chopping it up with her, telling her how much he wants her to get better and how he misses her, s*** like that. She could only listen though. He told her to chill out and sip tea. He wants her to rock out on her tour and she’s got a long a** way to go.”

Well, at least he made a little effort, although we’re sure RiRi would’ve loved a visit instead.

But it sounds like gurl shouldn’t hope too hard for that.

Who knows, time apart might be what the doctor ordered.

[Image via FayesVision/Will Alexander/WENN.]

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15 comments to “Chris Brown Is Almost Doing His Darndest To Help Rihanna Heal”

  1. Montrealer says – reply to this


    East shit Chris Brown. You are always going to be a wife beating, homophobic, violent, misogynistic douchebag. You might be able to sell music and perform to large audiences thanks to the feeble minded cattle that follows you, but you are a failure at life and at being human.

  2. Krissy says – reply to this


    @Montrealer Who are you to judge in a such harsh way others… How can u hold so much hate in your soul… Im not even a fan of CB, but Y'all GET A LIFE… We all have our own battles so let him face his own… Can he definitely LIVE???

  3. Montrealer says – reply to this


    Re: Krissy – Sorry Krissy, there's no defending this douchebag. He's had plenty of opportunities to redeem himself yet he keeps on fucking up. Why defend this person? Why turn this around and make ME the bad person for voicing a just opinion on his behavior. I'm not the violent one who's beat up a female, I'm not the one hurling homophobic insults, I'm not the one acting like an ungrateful douchebag. How many more chances does he need before you get it in your thick skull that there's no changing this person. Enough is enough

  4. queeneaglebird says – reply to this


    @Montrealer the intensity of your hatred on Chris Brown, as demonstrated by your words, is more hot than a molten magma. Carry your own cross and do not worry about Chris Brown because his cross might be less heavy than yours. Finally, free your mind and embrace LOVE to lessen your burden. I wish you God's mercy and I hope you wish Chris Brown God's mercy, too.

  5. Delisha101 says – reply to this


    Re: Montrealer – why not defend the person, why are you even worrying about it

  6. lola says – reply to this


    people that hate him so much should just ignore posts about him. why click to read or comment? If you don't support his celebrity then dnt make blogs think you do, because honestly people that dnt like him comment on his stories more than ppl who do just to be hateful and say how much they dnt enjoy reading about him and wish he would fall out of the limelight which is crazy because you are hepling him stay there. I like chris's music btw lol dnt always agree with his personal decisions but that isnt what music is about so I'm not here for that. Ive made tons of mistakes some huge some small bcuz I'm human just like him so who am I to judge how someone else is living. there are so many that feed on negativity and being negative and if they didnt have chris or beiber or somebody to hate and belittle they would be lost lol or just find another celebrity to pounce on.

  7. kara says – reply to this



  8. Another Montrealer says – reply to this


    Re: Montrealer – No, he's a fucking asshole. Let me guess, you're a man and you're black.

  9. IHAVEMYHEADONSTRAIGHT says – reply to this


    Re: MontrealerRe: KrissyRe: Krissy – Let me guess Krissy. You are black right? Otherwise why in the world would you defend this MONSTER? Give me a fucking break. Was he thinking of letting her live, when he almost bashed in her skull. He does not deserve any pity. Everything coming at him is called KARMA. You reap what you sew. Get it?

  10. Spillage says – reply to this


    Montrealer. Reap what… Your hate ? Lmaoo. She's forgiven him so what is he reaping or do you think he knows you. You sound like a 12year old

  11. ImRightUrWrong says – reply to this


    Re: IHAVEMYHEADONSTRAIGHT – cris has fans of all races that defend him and I always see white girls screaming and crying for him. Its not a race thing…ANYWAYS.. She has laryngitis Perez should he get off the set refund the artist hes working with and go sit in silence with rihanna.. She probably doesnt even have laryngitis I mean come on people shes the queen of late or canceling things but good excuse this time she usually just tweets a pic of IV's

  12. marjahn says – reply to this


    am thinking there might be a reason behind the hate on CB coz there has never been a post that on this blog that could at least big him up for good work..,you always try find criticism in whatever he does..,i say you leave it to RIRI to decide and if she wants her back who are you to judge Chris brown..,and who knows you might have or will do something much bigger than beating up a woman

  13. sunnyfunnyface says – reply to this


    Re: Krissy – I'm pretty sure Chris Brown deserves to be harsh judged. Yeah I'm sure the dude has demons, but it doesn't excuse his behavior. he beat the shit out of a woman, and that is inexcusable. From the sounds of it, he has a lot of hate in his soul. Has he ever even made a public apology addressing his actions directly? Has he sought psychiatric help (not including court anything ordered by law)? Also he has shown people is that its okay to beat a woman, and hey! she might even come back to you in the end.

  14. Sunnyfunnyface says – reply to this


    Re: queeneaglebird – Good grief! Bible thumping will not help Chris Brown. What a joke!

  15. thatdude says – reply to this


    For those people who hate Chris Brown why the hell do you feel the need to click on an article about him and read about him if you hate him? Most of you sound like haters that just wants someone to hear your meaningless opinion, when i'm pretty sure people hate you to.