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Justin Bieber's Gas Mask And 8 Reasons Why He Needs To Wear It

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justin bieber wears gas mask

We thought once was enough, but when Justin Bieber wore his creeptastic gas mask a second time in Londontown, we had to wonder…. what could have possibly convinced him that wearing one of these things was a good idea???

We've got a few reasons as to why the Biebs would don one of these creepy masks because it's gotta be something, right!?!

Click AFTER THE JUMP to find out our 8 reasons why Justin Bieber needs to wear a gas mask!!

1. He's really gassy.

Jennifer Lawrence what is that smell
Taylor Swifty what is that smell

2. He's preparing for a zombie apocalypse!

zombie apocalypse

3. He's terrified of pollution?? Chemical warfare?!?!

Breaking Bad Walter White is a badass

4. He's allergic to kitty kats!

kittens kittens kittens everywhere

OMG no way! They're too cute!

super cute kittens

Just ask Sheldon!

Big Bang Theory CATS

5. He's allergic to Beliebers!!!!!

Justin Bieber beliebers concert
Justin Bieber says hi to his Beliebers

NO WAY! Beliebers are the best fans in the world, right?!?! (Directioners, shut your eyes for this one.)

Justin Bieber loves his fans

6. He's a huge fan of WWII LARP-ing.

Role Models Paul Rudd LARPing

7. Because going shirtless wasn't crazy enough.

justin bieber is shirtless

8. Okay, the real story?? It was apparently a joke to "throw off the paparazzi!!"

Justin Bieber twitchy face

Oh well. If he's going to wear a gas mask, he might as well put on a yellow hazmat and just have fun with the whole thing, right?!

breaking bad jesse pinkman hazmat suit adorable

[Image via WENN & Splash News & Tumblr.]

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14 comments to “Justin Bieber's Gas Mask And 8 Reasons Why He Needs To Wear It”

  1. 1

    he's going Brittney

  2. thebigboot says – reply to this


    First of all, stop with the GIFs, secondly this list is absolutely idiotic. Please for the love of god, just report news.

  3. Taylor says – reply to this


    Re: thebigboot – you should definitely go elsewhere if you are looking for news idiot

  4. 4

    I just figured he was looking for his mommy. OR, it was a portable hotbox.

  5. yeame says – reply to this


    You have to know this is for smoking weed!! C'mon already!! You don't have to smoke to know that they sell these things at all smoke shops…they are displayed in the windows! You better lesson up on this stuff now…you're a Dad! Don't be naive!

  6. mezmreyes says – reply to this


    Or maybe he was just joking around and knew the bloggers would report on just about anything he touches. No, that would be too logical. Carry on haters …

  7. ashley says – reply to this


    i agree duh totally for getting high… or was i the only one who had too much fun in high school whateva he is young it is his right to be a dummy sometimes

  8. 8

    Re: yeame – Seriously, is that a thing now? Is it a new thing? I guess I'm not as up to date as I thought I was. Time to google.

  9. DEE says – reply to this


    Hey you, forgot your loser post name, BUT JUSTIN IS INTELLIGENT, **YOU MISSED IT **

  10. Saafeychu says – reply to this


    I don't even like Bieber but who does this Perez retard think he is? You're not a fucking comedian idiot, fucking fuckufkcufkuckfuc kill yourself fucking hate you fucking FUCK ME UP THE ASS WITH A STEEL DILDO ILY MISS FORTUNE YAAAAAAAAHEA hate u perez ur fucking shit and should get a real job coz like yeah ur fucking shit at stuff so fuck off u weirdo go back into ur mums vag because yeah she should have like smashed u when u were born bye

  11. Tehhaxorz says – reply to this


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    Tehhaxorz - Gundrak
    3/12 heroic ToT

  12. Faizer says – reply to this


    Hello, I do love Bieber but WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH THIS PEREZ PERSON IM GOING TO FUCKING SHOVE A RUBBER DICK UP THIS GUYS FUCKING NOSTRIL AND SMACK IT ACROSS HIS FACE, HE WILL PROCEED TO CUM DOWN MY THROAT AND ILL FUCKING JUST GO OHHHHHHH YEHHHHH OHHHH YES YES YES FUCKING OHHHHYESS omg i just really want to nibble on a dick right now seriously LOL what can I do I miss brenny I wish he would come back and tongue fuck me so fucking hard, shove his pound of meat so deep into my asshole that i spawn kittens out of my mouth and they jump and start cumming all fucking over me oh god im so fucking horny guys ok anyway i better go i will hopefully fuck someone tomorrow if its u u will be fucking drowning in cum and ill be there to lick it up ohhh yeaaaahh

  13. James Millett says – reply to this


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  14. Sadeen Bieber says – reply to this


    Perez okay i admit it I love you ,but honestly get a life i mean go make fun of other celebrities Just not my baby don't ever make fun of my bieber ever again because he's perfect and your jealous and btw he look amazing in the gas mask and he looks amazing shirtless……………..so just take this back……………ugh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!