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Lindsay Lohan Getting NEW, Competent Lawyer To Fight Her Legal Battles?!

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Lindsay Lohan's current lawyer Mark Heller may be finagling sweeter-than-candy plea deals in her lying-to-cops-case, deals that Lilo STILL rejects because, you know, she is SO innocent and everything.

But seeing as Mark didn't fare too well during Lindsay's LAST court hearing where the judge essentially told him to get his sh*t together or the starlet would have to find a new lawyer, it only makes sense that Lilo is considering her options.

And of course, Daddy Michael Lohan is happy to help her search! LOLz.

In fact, the Lohan patriarch has already chosen EXPERIENCED California attorney David Wohl to come to Lindsay's aid, and with 25 years of practicing law, the dude DOES actually sound like he would be a welcome addition to Lindz's legal team.

BUT, (shocker!) Lindsay is allegedly NOT completely smitten with her father's choice of lawyer…

Although it doesn't matter, cause Michael is reportedly pushing Wohl to show up to court on the 18th ANYWAY, in the hopes that that the Judge INSIST Wohl assist Lindsay's "incompetent" legal representation AKA Mark Heller.

Hey, it can't HURT to have at least one another law-savvy mind on her side!

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15 comments to “Lindsay Lohan Getting NEW, Competent Lawyer To Fight Her Legal Battles?!”

  1. Gj says – reply to this



  2. 2

    i really don't care a drop about this girl. For me, celebrity wise, you get to fuck up a bit and then you pull it together and put out some good work. Otherwise, I don't want to hear about you till you've overdosed.

  3. Valentina says – reply to this


    What she needs is a conservatorship, court ordered and assigned, not her family so she may actually be set free from it in a timely fashion once she's shaped up.

  4. Jennifer says – reply to this


    I used to love her, but now i've lost all faith in her, the girl is obviously troubled, she doesn't need a lawyer, she needs to go to jail so she'll learn her lesson. We shouldn't keep calling her names and kick her when she's down. I still have very little hope that she'll go to jail and rehab and then maybe after a year she'll reemerge clean, sober and looking gorgeous again. Otherwise, I'm afraid she'll go the same way Amy Whinehouse did …

  5. 5

    So, what legal rights has Michael Lohan here? Zilch. A lawyer can't just show up in a court room to represent someone unless that specific someone requests them. Michael Lohan is not the one on trial here; his 26 year old daughter is.

  6. a much ado says – reply to this


    a much ado about A nothing. For cryst sake, we are talking months (at most) in an american county jail. Lindsay is not facing the death penalty or a life sentence in a columbian prision. The amount of time/money/resourses this narcisist has cost the state of california with her nonsence …thats the real crime here.

  7. @gj/1 says – reply to this


    i agree that lilo will go for a continuiance. Poor lindsay lohan thrives on personal drama and being a victim. I have long wondered why this dumb shyt keeps COMPLICATING her life and making STUPID ASS decisions. Like, who borrows a $1700 dress (to crash an event she wasnt invited to) and then cuts it up IN PUBLIC? it seems the onlybway lindsay lohan knows she is alive,is when she wakes up each day, googles her name and sees there's a new story about her. The fact that the stories are reporting shes a washed up drug addict who did something idiotic, seems to be irrelevant to her. Flush, please.

  8. 8

    man Id like to smash Lindsey in the head with a brick…and then restrain, lightly strangle and sodomize her!

  9. 9

    I`d like to beat welts on her cherry ass with a treelimb…and then dump a huge load in Perez`s face!

  10. trending? says – reply to this


    well, the stupidity stories keep coming, but have you noticed the comments on the stories has fallen off to near nothing these days. Look at this one, only ten comments. Even the LA TIMES stories get little to no comments on them these days. Nobody gives a shit about lindsay anymore. She's like watching one of those glass ant farms one gets as a kid, but not anywhere near as interestiing. everyone is burned out on your public stupidity lohan. Even ones favorite song gets annoying if you play it too many times.

  11. J says – reply to this


    I said 2 weeks ago this was exactly what she and her lawyer were setting up for to try one more time to get a continuance.If the judge falls for this BS his competency should be investigated and he should be removed from the bench.This little low life doesn't even have the money to pay for a lawyer.what lawyer do you know who works for free?

  12. 12

    Re: Gj – Are you trying to speak English? Try a dictionary, surprise, most computers have them.

  13. @J/11 says – reply to this


    what lawyer works for free? A) A lawyer who believes his client is innocect and believes in justice more than porsches. B) a lawyer who thinks his representing a "celebrity" will bring him fame and more clients C) A really stupid lawyer.

  14. 14

    Re: trending? – TRe: Gj – True what you say, and also the hits on the K Klan stories are falling off as well, not only on this site but others.

  15. @vineyard says – reply to this


    dear vineyard, u picked on someone, but wrote, "are you trying to speak English". Sugar, the writer wasnt trying to SPEAK anything, the writer was trying to type something. So, you pretty much look like a fool in your correction of the sloppy writer. Further, English is a very difficult language to learn when it is not ones first language. This is a gossip site and proper english just isnt important to most people. Just sayin'.