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All hail the f*cking EMPRESS of rhymes! We are overly obsessed with Australian model/hip-hop artist Iggy Azalea; she consistently delivers captivating l… Read more…

Iggy Azalea new music video WorkIggy Azalea new music video WorkIggy Azalea new music video WorkIggy Azalea new music video WorkIggy Azalea new music video Work

9 comments to “Iggy Azalea WORKS Her Bangin' Body In New Music Video! Watch HERE!”

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    Who? Never heard of this person.

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    Re: pradagirl7 – That's your problem.

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    I hope she starts performing by herself on stage and not with some rapper/hype man. She is so freaking cool on her own! Hot video once again because SHE sells it!

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    Re: MewLover34 – Yeah my problem now f*ck off!

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    Re: pradagirl7 – Oh shut the hell up you stupid idiot. If you've never heard of this person then why click on this post and bother to leave a comment about how you never heard of this person? Why not comment on the video at least, perhaps say something other than "who?". I mean, who are YOU? See how pointless that sounds? Grow a brain tw*t! Being a snarky little idiot without making an actual point is a waste of time not only for you but for everyone else.

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    Re: LE BAMBI LOU BOP SHE BOP – Never heard of her until today. I'm sure many people haven't heard of her either so YOU get over yourself and f*ck off too. So many artist come and go everyday. Now as for Iggy…I see a lot of potential and it's nice to see a woman stepping into the hip hop scene where only few survive and is dominated by men. Congrats to Iggy on her new video.

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    Pradagirl is obviously a troll. Ignore it and don't feed it. It'll slither away eventually.

  9. Keka says – reply to this


    She sucks