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The big day is just around the corner! And it looks like Lindsay Lohan will be headed to TRIAL for lying to the cops. That’s right, Perezcious reade… Read more…

14 comments to “Lindsay Lohan Kissing Sweet Plea Deals Goodbye & Going To Trial?!”

  1. Lindsanity! says – reply to this


    She is not an idiot. She knows she will probably get convicted and go to jail. She is probably doing it because she knows that she will probably only need to serve a few HOURS of a jail sentence before getting released due to "overcrowding". That kept happening to her in the past so why won't it be different? This way she serves a few hours of punishment rather than a month in rehab or months of house arrest.

  2. 2

    Re: Lindsanity!

    If she wasn't an idiot she wouldn't be in this trouble to begin with… but nice try.

  3. BobbieFisher2 says – reply to this


    Well, let's look at the possibilities of consequences Lohan could get, vs. the deals. Count 1: Lying to the Police = maximum 1 Year. 2. Obstruction of an Investigation of a Peace Officer = maximum 6 months. 3. Reckless driving = maximum 3 months. Then breaking probation = 8 months. For a GRAND TOTAL of 2 years and 5 months. Let's say she serves a quarter of that (25% is the standard for LA County Jail) and that's about 8 months in jail with early release due to overcrowding. Lohan is the poster child for maximum sentences having been arrested multiple times, jailed 5 times, house arrest, 5 rehab stints, ankle bracelets, community service, breaking probations, not attending AA meetings and Counseling sessions. She has arrived late to court over 15 times and has had a manicure that said FU to the judge. Believe me - she will get the maximum sentence. Compare that to the deal of 3 months. There's only 5 months difference. And that does not include probation, or community service, or ankle monitors, etc. etc. So yes, Lohan is smart (relatively speaking) to take it to court. She could be out sooner than 5 months as well and be over with it. Much to the danger of the public because she is a lying, thieving, face-punching, blaming, entitled, drunk driving, cracked-out criminal who is going to kill someone someday.

  4. @bobbyfisher2 says – reply to this


    yes sir ree bob!!!! Thats the way I see it too. The fact she states she did nothing wrong, and her blantent disrespect for the court/courts time is going get that girl locked-up. SHE NEEDS TO BE LOCKED UP so she can ponder just exactly she did wrong. She is soooopathetic. Shes going to go in, and when she gets out…nobody is going to gi ve a shit about her. Homeless, unemployeable and not a friend in the world. She EARNED IT ALL!!!

  5. Lindsanity! says – reply to this


    Dubguy and BobbieFisher2, trust me when I say I have absolutely no respect for this filth of a person. I just have a feeling she believes she will not have to serve any real time in jail since she's an entitled celebrity and all. Based on what celebrity treatment in the past, I think she is going with the "overcrowding" gamble. I think a nice stint in prison would be exactly what she deserves, but I don't believe it's going to happen, and then when Perez reports her release, we will all be angered that she once again got away with her antics.

  6. IRS STILL LOOMS says – reply to this


    my money's on the IRS taking her down and going with FEDERAL incarceration which means PRISON, not jail, and there is a difference. Let us not forget NY hasnt let her off the hook either. Moreover, lindsay lohan CANNOT control her studity and her temper. Even if her whole life was wiped clean, she'd farkle it all up all over. Time will wound this heel. Guarenteed!

  7. Silly me says – reply to this


    …that was me who wrote lindsay cant control her studity, that was suppose to read STUPIDITY . ….Heeheehee. It happens.

  8. 8

    Re: IRS STILL LOOMS – I agree, you do not me)ss with the IRS ever.
    Wonder if California can do a prison swap with Texas (they take her, we take one or two
    of their prisoners). She would sure not get out for overcrowding there.

  9. @vineyard says – reply to this


    what im wondering is if california has a NOT ELIGIBLE FOR EARLY RELEASE status. The LA prosecuters KNOW Lindsay Lohan IS A DANGEROUS PERSON. It was NOT a lie that a liquor bottle was found at the scene, nor are witnessess lying that lohan reeked of booze. One the eve of her hearing she went out clubbing/drinking. Lindsay Lohan's judgment is almost always destructive to her and others. LA is going to lock her up one way or another of the DA prosecuting her will lose his job.

  10. dont forget says – reply to this


    even if she is found "not guilty" on the car crash charges, they will nail her for probation violation. Lindsay Lohan was arrested in NY for assault (on a stranger/in public) she has not been cleared off these charges and even if she was, she WAS ARRESTED FOR A VIOLENT CRIME AGAINST A STRANGER. She does not have to be convicted for this to violate probabtion, she only has to be arrested. SHE HAS TURNED VIOLENT AND THAT CHANGES EVERYTHING.

  11. probably? says – reply to this


    Re: Lindsanity! – i dont mean to be hostile, but do you realize you used the word PROBABLY" three times in the first three sentences of your post. Lindsay lohan aint walking away this time. Judges/prosecuters are well away of how the "early release for over crowding goes". Its not only that. Judges, prosecuters and even lindsay own lawyers are FULL OF HER SHIT. THEY ARE PUTTING HER AWAY…and then NY is going to prosecuters her for a VIOLENT CRIME and the IRS is going to come after her because 2012 taxes are due in about a month, and she aint got that money either. It wasnt a mistake, it was intentional TAX EVATION, many yrs in a row. THE IRS WILL NAIL HER BECAUSE SHE CANT PAY THEM BACK!!!! sweet.

  12. 12

    Re: Lindsanity! – I don't think the judge would have to send her to jail; in California they have wide discretion in sentencing. He could sentence her to rehab, house arrest, counseling PLUS a zillion hours of community service, or anything he thinks is appropriate.

  13. YES, HE HAS TO says – reply to this


    Re: Onyxescence – You must be new to our planet. Please see "BobbyFisher2" post #3. The judge does have to sentence her to LOCKDOWN or the judge and DA will lose their jobs. These are elected positions and LA residents will not tolerate letting lindsay lohan walk. Or stumble, if you will. Lindsay Lohans current legal problems are a CONTINUANCE of arrest that wer made SIX YEARS AGO. It isnt just lindsay latest fuck-up that shes facing punishment for. She is being held responsible for the fact that she cant comply with SIMPLE AND VERY GENEROUS TERMS of PROBATION. Lindsay isnt going to go to jail because she fucked-up, but because SHE IS A FUCK UP.

  14. Never The Less says – reply to this


    I find it very sad, wastefully really, when i think of how Lindsay could have stopped this YEARS AGO. Lindsay Lohan IS AN ADULT, but it was DINA that raised Lindsay on bullshit affirmations, like, "You are soooo special, Lindsay, You can do ANYTHING". Dina is a liar, a manipulater, a vengeful and hateful, bitter woman, she is a coke-head and a lush. She doesn't pay her bills, she screws "little people" over and she begs for things without shame. While some people can grow up in this enviornment and recognize it as something they DO NOT WISH TO BE…lindsay lohan followed in mamas tracks. Yes, its sad but it is an EXPLANATION at best, it does not EXCUSE the behaviors she CHOOSES to engage in at the age of 26. Im sorry u did this to yourself lindsay. You mutalated your life and you are going to be stunned at how difficult getting on track will be. I do wish you luck ..as ur skills are sorely missing.