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Miley Cyrus & Liam Hemsworth Split: NEW Deets Reveal Public Humiliation Plans!

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miley cyrus liam hemsworth no engagement ring(2)

Someone's crossing the DO NOT RETURN line here!

While the latest report of a break-up between Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth didn't shock us in the least, we are a little puzzled that Miley would try to publicly humiliate him.

But according to sources, that's the latest development following Liam's decision to escape the Miley dramz with a flight to Australia.

Public humiliation MUST mean her blatant appearances out and about with hunky men and without her engagement ring, right?

Crazy enough, the source thinks they'll eventually get back together but explains:

"They’ll probably end up together, but Miley is just giving him hell right now and trying to publicly humiliate him. They were always arguing about the company she kept and her actions with alcohol and stuff, and it made him especially uncomfortable when he was not home to supervise. Plus, Miley isn’t looking so fierce these days and Liam hasn’t really been feeling her 'look.'"

Okay, that last part is just nasty!

If they're talking about the figurative meaning of her 'look' — with all the weed — we can understand that, but if they're talking about her pixie cut, someone needs to grow up and get over it!

Anyways… let's move along. The source also reveals:

"The second Miley caught wind of Liam being unfaithful she took that as an opportunity to rip into him because he made her feel guilty all the time about her behavior. But she never cheated on him. If Miley has her way, the breakup won’t last because she’s head over heels for Liam and ultimately doesn’t want to lose him. But now that Liam is taking some time away from her, he might come to the realization that she’s not the best fit for him. And that terrifies Miley."

Welp! Nothing she can do about it now except give him the space he so clearly needs!

We're not so sure if we buy the story that Miley is intentionally trying to humiliate him. But if she is, who can blame his escape down undah??

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29 comments to “Miley Cyrus & Liam Hemsworth Split: NEW Deets Reveal Public Humiliation Plans!”

  1. 1

    It doesn't make sense that she would publicly humiliate him but still try to get back together with him. But then again, a lot of what these 'sources' say does not ring true.

  2. Demode says – reply to this


    Liam Hemsworth is going to be joining the A-List in the next few years. Like his brother, he will probably end up playing a superhero in a feature film ("He-Man" is being developed for 2015 by Sony, and fanboys have been dropping his name a lot). He comes across as way more mature than Miley, and I think for his career, it is probably best for him to move on and date a more mature woman.

  3. 3

    Mama Helmsworth needs to knock some sense into Liam. Sure she's a hell cat in bed but dont marry her…everyone knows home gurl Miley is white trash.

  4. Cannon says – reply to this


    Miley looks like a dike with her haircut, she drastically changed her look and he has a right not to be attracted to that look. Their problems started when she cut her hair off.

  5. MB says – reply to this


    Yeah, I'd be pissed and more than turned off if my woman went from long hair when I met her, to that extreme boyish looking haircut.

    Nothing wrong with that.

    Not that I personally ever found her attractive. She was, and still is just a kid, a child star, the spawn of Billy Ray Cyrus, and lets not even get into her music. None of these young celebrities do it for me actually, and part of that is that none of them measure up to women I've known, in any way, but mostly in wisdom and talent at what they actually do, which is actually one of the most attractive things about a woman.

    True or not, part of the reason I hate these kids, and the "celebrity factor" these children have, are the nasty little things they do to each other out of spite. And then you look at them and ask "how the fuck did you end up , way up there, influencing this generation, and making all that money, with what you have?" They are at best average in about every way incuding looks and talent, but treated like they're something above average? In my face on the magazine stand, on my radio…

    If I were celebrity, I wouldn't date celebrity, because there is better out there.

  6. Yorbi says – reply to this


    Its not about the new hair do, since he said he liked it and all that, i guess is about her behavior, wish i dont blame since she is young, trying to live her life, but he has to understand,

    Plus i dont see whats the problem he being an a-list actor… I mean miley help him get there, thanks to her he is famous….

    Hope they get back together.. But if liam is being a bitch about it then GTFO mileys live

  7. 7

    He got his career going, why would want to FUCK IT UP with her dragging him down?

  8. Jenna says – reply to this


    First off, how is it that people are still associating short hair with a sexual orientation? Your views are a bit ARCHAIC; Also, If Liam and Miley were so in love, and at the point of marriage, her cutting her hair and coming into her own should not and likely isn't the problem. fuck.

  9. 9

    Let's be honest: physcially he could do MUCH better. She is scary looking.

  10. Cara Burns says – reply to this


    re: Yorbi : Liam was famous years before he hooked up with Miley. He comes from a family of actors, and has been acting since 2007. He was huge in Austrailia before moving to the US. He is more well known in the US for being THOR's younger brother, than he is for dating Miley. Only on gossip websites like this is his relationship with her made a big deal, but in Hollywood, he gets good parts because he is a talented actor. Miley had a successful TV career on disney, and sells well at concerts, but she will never be an A-List star. To date, other than the Hanna Montana movie, she has never had a successful film. Liams movies have made over 100 million a piece.

  11. girl says – reply to this


    instead of posting stupid rumors about celebs, you should concentrate on taking care of your new child. dumbass

  12. Kim says – reply to this


    "but she never cheated on him" LOL ok Perez…… OK

  13. Leighton says – reply to this


    The fact that your source said she NEVER cheated on him proves they don't know SHIT. And she has been acting the same since she was 17, so I'm sure he knew about her personality when he proposed.

  14. 14

    I'm not even a fan of hers but it's clear to me that people who talk about her hair are the most shallow and simple minded individuals on the planet.

    Hair grows back. One of the fun things about being a girl is getting to experiment with your hair by coloring it or cutting it different styles and lengths.

    Her cutting her hair so short doesn't say anything bad about her. It says she is bold and brave enough to try something so drastic and new, and actually she pulls it off marvelously.

    I went with a pixie cut once, and while most people loved it I did have a friend who complained constantly that she hated it. Turned out she wasn't a very good friend though and we are no longer speaking. (not because of the hair, but for other reasons.)

    Also, it shows a lack of maturity to think that a haircut can be the thing that would destroy their relationship. It's just a haircut, her hair will grow back out.

  15. Michelle says – reply to this


    Lol @ you talking about Miley's looks. Liam Hemsworth is a basic bitch who looks like a homeless man :/ It sucks that girls think that every blonde with blues eyes are "hooooooot". Lol no.

  16. Kramer says – reply to this


    re: Michelle: You… are… an… idiot.

  17. G says – reply to this


    Yeah let's blame her now after he was caught cheating, well play Liam well play lol. Now he can breakup with her, not look like a jerk and girls will still be fanning over him.

  18. Paul says – reply to this


    So, he gets caught cheating on her and people are still trying to defend him?

  19. 19

    Re: lacroix – doubt she's a 'hell cat'…..slut is the more appropriate word…sleeping around to get 'experience' doesn't make her good in any way

  20. 20

    Since when does Liam NEED to like how she looks? At least he's being honest, and not lying through his teeth like women expect men to do, nowadays.

  21. Dan says – reply to this


    His PR team is getting a little loopy with their comments about Miley.

  22. 22

    Hmmm….She seems mature enough to get married!

  23. Miley Fan says – reply to this


    Re: TheLookingGlass – You need to stop commenting on every single Miley article, that just make you sound super needy and desperate. Miley rocks!

  24. 24

    Good Riddance. Smart dude. That short hair cut never worked on her.

  25. @v@ says – reply to this


    If they're not a good fit, their life will just be more of this. It's hard enough when you're both on the same page. If he's truly looking around already at the other greener grass, then I doubt that the partnership is deep enough for a good marriage. She deserves more than that.

  26. Hayley says – reply to this


    I think Liam can do much better than Miley!!

  27. Fuzzy says – reply to this


    The frog has turned into a heartless prince.

  28. haha says – reply to this


    liam should find a mature and good behaviour woman..if he likes january jones then moves on..
    leave miley…n let miley back to nick again..nick still in love with her!!!nick is much better

  29. 29

    He HAD to cheat on her because she wasn’t staying at home, being grateful that he loved her. If she’d only not cut her hair, you know? If only she’d left it long, like a nice girl who knows how to keep her man. Because how could she expect him to not step out on her when she shaved the sides of her head and isn’t attractive anymore and goes out all the time…?!?! Liam is so hot. He couldn’t help it. It’s all her fault.

    Really? THAT’s the game Liam wants to play?