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Chris Brown Needs A New Manager!

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This may be hard to believe, but…

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13 comments to “Chris Brown Needs A New Manager!”

  1. KandyBreezy says – reply to this


    Clearly Perez your the only one who is concerned, because Chris, Sean & Wiz aren't bothered and are aware of the title of Sean's new single. Chris had every right to not appear in the song, but guess what he did. knowing he would recieve all this negative feedback. but his used to it by now, specially from you. so take a chill pill :)

  2. 2

    you're hilarious Perez! you have to make more videos

  3. Pat says – reply to this


    Maybe he should give his mom a raise! She just got you to do some more free promo for CB just by putting him as a feature on a kingston ( a pretty big pop/international artist) song. Just the title alone got you doing a 30 second commercial for the song, with a snippet without even knowing it.

  4. AM says – reply to this


    Haha, I find this funny because Chris Brown still does his thing and makes way more money than you. And the song sounds amazing. Throwing shade at him gets you know where. Get over an incident that happened like 4 years ago. Stop living in the past.

  5. 5

    He needs to disappear.

  6. Zay Apollo says – reply to this


    The song is getting great reviews….Chris Brown jokes are CORNY AS SHIT now. Get a freaking grip Perez, really had to make a video about it?

  7. Taylor says – reply to this


    There's also another song called "beat it up" by j valentine. Soon what's your point?

  8. Shane says – reply to this


    its just a song, if your still gonna hold something against him that happened years ago, maybe you have the a problem, he was forgiven and its just music, cant take music so serious…he does need to make money like the rest of the world…if it's a good song then leave it alone.

  9. Simone_11 says – reply to this


    I remember seeing you on the Ellen Show talking about how you were sorry for bullying people and you said you were going to change but I see you continue to do the same DUMB SHIT!!! You're The Biggest Asshole!!

  10. dani says – reply to this


    ffs!!!! seriouslyy its just a fuckin song!!! get the hell over it already!!!! this shit is gettin old and boring!!! nobody really cares about him anymore!!!

  11. mesh says – reply to this


    what does his mom have to with it what she does behind closed o chris if she slap the shit out of him its her business as long as he respects his damn mother when we chris with a black eye then we will know Im just saying

  12. jessica says – reply to this


    Seriously Perez you are an asshole. Leave Chirs alone. You are the main person talking about him and what happened a billion years ago. He was forgiven, leave it alone. It is just a song. I think you secretly love him cause the way you talk about him you cant hate him. You are constantly on his dick and keep his mom out of this she has nothing to do with this. Get a life and actually get a career instead of blogging all day long. GET A LIFE!

  13. Tarez says – reply to this


    Parez, seriously… your blog is getting so pathetic. You must have some kinda personal problem with with Chris Brown. The song is about sex… not beating ladies. Lately, your posts have been ridiculous as fuck. He doesn't need a new manager. You need some maturity and a new attitude. If people buzzed you about being gay like you buzz Chris about his past then you would most likely be a little bitch right now. Accept it. People like his music and Rihanna still loves him. He made a mistake. I don't see you talking about rappers who talk about the same exact subjects but also with a bit of shooting up this and that. Seriously dude. Grow the fuck up. You don't deserve a blog as big as this one. This may be why Travis Garland went into a new direction because he couldn't stand your constant ridiculousness. To think I used to respect you for speaking your mind and having such a great outlook on like. Obviously I was wrong.