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Demi Lovato Spits FIRE At Selena Gomez & Taylor Swift; Claims They Use Boy Drama To Sell Music?!

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demi lovato slams selena gomez taylor swift fans


Did Demi Lovato throw MAD shade at her former bestie Selena Gomez and scarlet-lipped country cutie Taylor Swift?!

During a recent radio interview, Demi was asked why she thought her fans were especially dedicated to her, to which DemDem replied:

"A lot of celebrities don't open up to their fans, they just tell them what they want to hear. They don't really tell them things that can benefit their lives, they just, you know, maybe flaunt around a boyfriend and sell a couple of albums. That's not what my career is about."


Who ELSE could Demilicious be referring to other than Taylor, who literally uses her love life as song material?!

Unless Demi is talking about her once best friend Selena, whose high-profile relationship with Justin Bieber has only added to her growing fame…

We guess that Selena-Demi-Britney Spears collaboration we were hoping for will NEVER happen (insert sadface)!

But then again, maybe the Heart Attack singer is talking about someone else entirely.


Who do U think Demi's comments are about?!

[Image via WENN.]

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434 comments to “Demi Lovato Spits FIRE At Selena Gomez & Taylor Swift; Claims They Use Boy Drama To Sell Music?!”

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  1. Wow says – reply to this


    Some of you lot are disgusting, why would you even post comments like that. Do you have nothing better do then hate on someone because something you don't even know the whole meaning behind? Did she mention Taylor or Selena? NO. Stop over speculating things. And seriously the comments hating on Demi she was brave enough to open up about things … The things some people have said. I can't even its just disgusting what some of you are saying.

  2. katie says – reply to this


    demi is a hypocrite, that fat bitch uses her sob story to sell record, and that don't even help her. demi is just jealous that selena and taylor are 100% more beautiful and talented than her.

  3. 103

    Re: justplainbitchy – You seem pretty proud of the comment you just made. This comment was just plain rude. Do you have any respect for Demi at all? She's been through a lot, and your going to sit here and make fun of her weight, and say she was better when she was messed up? She ended up in rehab because she kept everything bottled inside. Your pathetic. People like you honestly make me sick. Her new music is the best and it way better than Selena and Taylor's in my opinion. She doesn't use her weight to sell albums. She sells albums because she can actually sing, while Selena's albums are still on the shelf.

  4. 104

    Whether it's directed towards them or not, she speaks the truth. All you Taylor and Selena lovers need to deal with it!

  5. JosieJ says – reply to this


    Re: kat – Don't care for any of the above threes music, but I will agree that Demi has the best actual singing voice out the trio…but that ain't hard! Hell I think my cat and dog could out sing Selena and Taylor.
    Re: Selenaisbetter – Only she didn't call out Selena! Demi didn't say any names. I don't know who Demi was referring to in this statement, neither do you, and Perez sure as hell doesn't know. This is just typical Perez putting his shit starting spin on things! Think about that before you get all hot and bothered! Perez will have some of you mad and feuding about some shit that he totally pulled out of his ass!

  6. Erica says – reply to this


    Well at least Demi speaks the truth.

  7. GhosT says – reply to this


    I dont want to hear anything about what Selena did for Demi or what a good friend she was. Demi suffers from a mental illness and it caused her to self harm and almost end her life. Now she is recovering and in a sober living facillty. While her so called best friend is hanging out at the COOL KIDS table with COUNTRY BARBIE. Selena should be ashamed of herself! And so should her fans! But I guess MEAN girls gravitate together. Selena and her SELEHATERS! I guess Demi wasnt SKINNY enough or POPULAR enough or didnt sell enough records to be friends with Selena? I guess that is what MATTERS to Selena? Or maybe it was just too much work to try and help a friend who was in trouble? Kind of like what Selena is doing with Justin now. Watching and laughing while he falls. I wonder if she used to do her little dance everytime Demi cut? Demi can say whatever she wants. She has a right to. Shes earned it! She was the one that refused to let them set her up with Niall for publicity! That was the REAL reason Simon was mad at her! Unlike Taylor she wouldnt play along just to sell breakup records! I feel bad for Niall because I think he really liked her. And I wish that PEDO wilmer would just leave her alone and stop taking advantage of her. She has been hurt enough. Sorry if the TRUTH hurts Selena and Taylor. But Demi has always had a problem with telling the TRUTH. DEAL WITH IT!

  8. 108

    Re: Katrine – What do her songs have to with being a slut? I don't hear saying anything sexual in her music? And since when is she hopping around everyone's dick? Wasn't Selena the one going out with dudes RIGHT after her and Justin split? Demi doesn't use auto tone. Selena uses it all the time because she cant sing!

  9. 109

    I love how Demi's fans don't let facts get in the way of their arguments.If you think her "damaged" persona isn't an act to sell records, you are truly gullible.The fact that Selena STILL sells more records than her probably bugs the shit out of her, hence the bitterness. Sounds like her fans are bitter too.

  10. Clara says – reply to this


    You know, in that quote I didn't see the names "Selena" or "Taylor" You can't just make interpretations about that kind of stuff. And, for those saying that she uses her eating disorder for fame, first of all, she was plenty famous before she started talking about her issues. Second of all, do you ever hear her talking about it anymore. If you watch her recent interviews, she doesn't talk about her issues specifically. Yes, she talks about bullying and wanting to stop it, but she doesn't talk about what she's been through as often as before. Thirdly, for whoever said that you liked her better when she had those issues that nobody knew about, you disgust me. How can you say something like that, and feel good about it? How can you say that you rather have a suffering, unhappy person that a perfectly healthy and happy person. Plus, even if she is using this for fame, she still saved thousands of lives, while you people sit behind a screen and insult her.

  11. Smileyfacered says – reply to this


    Although Taylor does use her relationships as a topic she is very truthful about them in her music! Also taylor was the first one to send roses to demi in rehab so she should say crap bout her

  12. 112

    Wow if she talking about herself. When she started she wasn't good

  13. Annie says – reply to this


    Re: jenn – Do your research before making accusations like that. Demi has sold thousands of albums. Plus, did she even say that she's talking about Selena & Taylor. As far as I know, she didn't even IMPLY them.

  14. Kelly says – reply to this


    Re: EWNO – Her millions of Lovatics do. Her family and friends do. I think that's a lot.

  15. Danielle says – reply to this


    shame on your headline perez. she never said names. you're a liar sometimes.

  16. Emma says – reply to this


    Re: livelovelaughj – Totally agree with you.

  17. beliver says – reply to this


    Hater I luv selena but it does not sound like demi

  18. demiisbetterbowdown says – reply to this


    Re: Selenaisbetter – " Selena has always been there for you " is what you said .. did Selena ever tweet demi when she was in rehab did she ever visit her? Demi tweeted her when selena had a tradgey (mother had a miscarrage) i feel like demi was trying to become her friend once again but all selena did was shut her out so demi stopped trying. btw demi can sing better than selena just a fact selena awesome but watch out this is Demi's year

  19. Katherine says – reply to this


    Demi is fucking awesome ;)

  20. demiisbetterbowdown says – reply to this


    Re: Lame – so that everyone can insult her? BOW DOWN QUEEN DEMI

  21. 121

    Re: Jake – you idiot , selena was not as famous. she got lucky cause of bieber. Not alot of old people knew who the hell she was. Selena is horrible at singing live anyways and Taylor.. im sorry but there's alot of bad things i could say about her. and probably the only reason you fucking defend selena and taylor is because you either have a crush on them or just dont got ears

  22. demiisbetterbowdown says – reply to this


    Re: Jake – its better than all the crappy dubstep out right now and especially the harlem shake

  23. demiisbetterbowdown says – reply to this


    Re: Emma – exactly people don't realize how hard it is to tell all your deepest secrets to the whole world than get even more hate for sharing it

  24. demiisbetterbowdown says – reply to this


    Re: Lauren – not the best singer live? PFFFFF she way better than all he stars popular today Demi is so underrated she should be way more popular than she already is.. her story is amazing and has saved millions skyscraper lowered 50 % suicide rates AROUND THE WORLD so bow down to the queen

  25. HereWeFuckingGoAgain says – reply to this


    Oh my god, Demi did not ONCE say Selena or Taylor. For all we know she could be talking about Rihanna. I hate it that she has opened her heart up about her issues and then it suddenly backfires on her. I just don't get it and honestly don't want to, but it is what it is.

  26. Truth teller says – reply to this


    Re: kat – I don't have any thing against Demi but I don't know why people say she has a good voice it's just okay

  27. Truth teller says – reply to this


    I don't even like Demi's songs at least Selenas and Taylor's are good

  28. 128

    maybe if she could keep a boyfriend she wouldn't have to be so jealous about it

  29. Julie says – reply to this


    Re: 91_muzik – selena might not make that much money but she makes more money than Demi 91 muzik

  30. LeeAnne says – reply to this


    She seems bitter.. She basically does the same thing with her weight lose/issues/bulimia, whatever. If it weren't for her constantly talking about it, she probably wouldn't be relevant. But, let's not right ? :)

  31. Cool jewel says – reply to this


    Re: 91_muzik – 91 muzik I realy don't know what your talking about wat famous guys has she turned down

  32. My opinion says – reply to this


    I dont know why Selena is in here she didn't write any songs about her ex lovers

  33. Jessica says – reply to this


    THANK YOU, Demi! This is so true it's sad. Now Gomez is gonna be like Swift… as if we didn't have enough annoying songs on the radio.

  34. BackStabbing Friend says – reply to this


    Demi is nothing but a backstabber I thought she was Selena's friend but now I see. I never liked Demi something about always says fake.

  35. Suzanne Smith says – reply to this


    She's calling it like it is especially for Selena Gomz. I could care less about Demi Lavato but at least she made it on her own and not on the tales of her boyfriend like Selena. All you have to do is listen to Selena's current song "Rule The World" to see what a really usless artist she is! This is the worst piece of crap ever released!!!!!!

  36. a few says – reply to this


    Go demi!

  37. da man says – reply to this


    demi doesn't date anybody. that's the difference. right, and her rehab thing was big for her if you really want to talk about selling music. i believe both are unintentional, it's just what happened in their lives.

  38. 138

    Seriously, who did this no talent sleep with to get a record contract? She's terrible. I saw her butcher the National Anthem at some sporting even a year or so again and I can't even listen to that God-awful Skyscraper song for more than 15 seconds before my ears start to bleed.

  39. 139

    "That's not what my career is about." she has a career?!

  40. stop says – reply to this


    You all saying Demi is using her eating disorder and cutting herself to sell albums are just downright horrible people. To see people saying she is using that to sell albums is discusting. Do you know why people starve them selves and have other eating disorders? Its because of people like you all. You say things like this and you tell them their not perfect, that they don't fit in with society. Do you know what that does to your self-esteem? It brings it down greatly. Do you know why people cut themselves? Most of the time its because they feel like they deserve to be hurt, that they aren't good enough. Don't you dare say she is using her disorders to sell albums. Obviously you have no idea what is involved with eating disorders or cutting. Taylor uses her relationships to make her millions and that sickens me to. Selena is following Taylor's path. Its not like Taylor or Selena actually have any talent. You what's crazy ? Im not even a lovatic .

  41. lalaman says – reply to this


    selena is not talentless she is not as good as others but shes not ad at all. Her dancing and acting however is way better than most teens of hollywood and as for demi shes rite in taylors case but shes just as bad

  42. Timmy says – reply to this


    Re: stop – You're right. But Taylor Swift's musical style is not "using boy drama to sell records" either. It may be stupid songwriting, but some people enjoy it.

  43. lalaman says – reply to this


    Re: 91_muzik – hush and stop hatin on swift and selena u just a hator.. i luv demi but she is a hater also.. at least selena isnt fake like u guys and sometimes demi

  44. kristina says – reply to this


    "selena's more talented and has better songs than demi"
    lol just because you like overplayed autotuned dance shit it doesn't make it better than songs that are written about personal experiences and sung with a natural and powerful voice. Selena and Taylor only sell more, like Demi said, because of their high profile relationships and various other forms of media.

    and the fact that some people believe that Demi uses her rehab stint and personal issues for publicity is ridiculous. Her speaking out about what she went through and encouraging society to step up and stay strong is resulting in extremely positive effects. MILLIONS of not just girls, but boys as well, of all ages lookup to her and have gotten through serious situations because of her. It's a shame some peope can't see how strong,brave, and talented of a woman she is. Sure, Taylor and Selena have a lot of credibility, but they haven't done nearly as much to encourage positive and healthy lifestyes, which is one of biggest struggles today, especially amongst adolescents aka the majority of their fanbases.

  45. kristina says – reply to this


    Re: BackStabbing Friend – lmfao selena ditched demi for taylor and justin (two of the biggest names pop culture in the past five years) like right before she went into rehab and then decided to be her friend again once she got out and more people hear her name.

  46. JustAGirl says – reply to this


    Re: Christy – how did she lie about her cutting which for a fact is true? How did she lie about an eating disorder which is also true? Yeah she may have lied about her drug use but she still had an eating disorder and cut. Also last time I checked Demi didn't write a song about Joe or anything. She even toured with him after breaking up. Yeah she talks about her problems but she gets asked about them so she answers cause it may help someone but if she stops answering questions about it somehow someone will turn it on her to day she doesn't care anymore. I agree that celebrities life's should stay personal sometimes. So I think maybe Taylor should stop writing about how her heart is broken or maybe Selena can stop posting videos of her dancing with friends which are pointed towards bibber or posting pics pointed towards him. But really she didn't say either name this is just gossip sites making drama and random people causing more.

  47. Yep says – reply to this


    Re: justpassingthru – Selena can only sell more because she is auto-toned. This day and age all people care about is a song they can dance to in a club not about actual music anymore. I could care less that Demi sells less because I still like her music far more then Demi's really Demi doesn't need to be super popular for me to listen to her music and I doubt most of her other fans care either.

  48. alicia says – reply to this


    UHM naw duh when i hear the name taylor i think….. PLAYER!!!!!!! and so does everyone else! Thats y she is losing so many fans especially the fact she thinks she is country… Your not sorry!

  49. Paulette says – reply to this


    Honestly I think that Demi is telling the truth, I'm not going to deny that every time Taylor Swift is dating someone people are already making songs name about her next break-up song. About Selena I don't know I don't listen much of her music. Yes, Demi might talk about her problems but I've heard her interviews and her last interview she did not mention her problems, they just only talk about her music. By the way, Demi speaks up about their problem to give another people courage to speak them up toio…

  50. ashleyow she loves th says – reply to this


    Demi makes music to try and help people not complain about people and say how she loves them like a love song, Demi is real and talk about REAL issues and too people saying she's fat just because you don't see her bones anymore doesn't mean she's fat she's bigger than she was because she got help from a disorder that she;s had for a looooong time, but obviously the people saying means tuff about her don't like her so don't know her story. so shut up.

  51. ashley says – reply to this


    Re: ashleyow she loves th – my names Ashley i dont know why it should up like that ^^

  52. evelyn says – reply to this


    demi is one fat bitter bitch. she is just upset because nobody pays attention to her. maybe if she stop dating that pedophile wilmer, people will actually care about her. demi's career is based off her sob story, which is really getting OLD.

  53. 153

    good on her!

  54. LAWL says – reply to this


    since when are 12 year olds allowed to go on perezhilton ?

  55. Natasha spence says – reply to this


    Re: samantha – you are a low life. Why be so cruel. , . As for me? I'm just being honest. Have some sympathy. Jeeze! what if you had a problem? How'd you feel about someone being as cruel as YOU!

  56. Feet fan says – reply to this


    Ladies, ladies. Let's settle this like reasonable and sexy teenagers. I'll smell all ya'll's foot funk.

  57. Just Me says – reply to this


    Agreed @Paulette @Wow
    Demi didn't say Selena/Taylor it's just gossip sites twisting words so they can get more hits. "Sell a few albums" made me think Rihanna who releases 2 albums a year. I think Demi meant she doesn't want to have her love life in the spotlight anymore & she doesn't want to release music just to release it.
    Those being hateful should stop. If you don't like someone don't read about them. Sure I don't love all of Taylor’s songs so I don’t listen to it but it makes others happy. Sure I feel Selena isn’t the greatest singer but people like her music. Selena’s dancing videos/posts directed at Justin does annoy me & I do think she should stop but now I don’t read those articles. Yes Demi has talked about her issues & it annoys people but again if you don't like don't read cause it has helped people; anyway I haven't heard her talk about it lately. I may not like everything about these girls but I’ll still show respect & not hate for no reason. Just cause you’re a fan doesn't mean you should base your life around them. Hate isn’t right. It’s disgusting that younger kids are spreading hate because they start to think it’s ok. No one deserves hate. No one deserves to feel like crap because of what someone says to them.

  58. Just Me says – reply to this


    Anyways Demi didn't say Taylor/Selena so don't put words in her mouth. She was talking about HER career & how she doesn't want to flaunt her love life anymore like MANY celebrities do or just release a bunch of albums like MANY celebrities do, she was talking about how her career is more than that to her…she was talking about herself.

  59. lisa says – reply to this


    Singers and songwriters draw inspiration from their personal lives. I don't see what's wrong with singing about your ex-boyfriends or overcoming an eating disorder. Whether it's classy or not is a different story.

  60. Dev says – reply to this


    Re: justplainbitchy – No she's being real. Her weight issues as a sympathy? you got it all wrong. Demi has tons of fans who love her for her yes shes speaking out for people with her same problems and is against bullying that's a sympathy card doing the right thing?being real? WOW and her old music she's just being an artist herself she's Demi STILL making good music!Keeping issues to herself hmm like cutting and starving herself yeah thats a terrific thing to say to a person….

  61. Call me a bitch says – reply to this


    I dont think she mean singing about a breakup i think she means flauting boyfriend and selling albums that have no meaning just preppy music

  62. kalimat says – reply to this


    If Demi meant Selena and Tayor , She is jealous , they are prettier , hotter , more talented , more hits than Demi

  63. Maysukya3 says – reply to this


    Well, Demi never talked about 'Selena' or 'Taylor' she just said somethin' she thinks about, like 'Adele' she did the same, so it's not her fault, i do think that it's the truth some people use their boyfriends for fame etc. so don't go all over demi she didn't use names so don't act like if she is.

  64. Beez says – reply to this


    Re: justplainbitchy – true! but i don't care really if she's getting fat. I like her before being so cheerful around selena, unlike now. if demi is really talking about them, then i don't like it. She should just focus on her own music, and don't just say things like that. She doesn't have to badmouthed others (even if it's not selena or taylor). Real bad.

  65. 165

    Lol demi's SO fat man it's not even funny..What a chola

  66. 166

    well, she's right.

  67. Fat and Ugly?? says – reply to this


    I want you all to know that Demi's struggle is not about selling albums. Those of you calling her fat and ugly are horrible. I have lived with an eating disorder my whole life and I started cutting when I was in college. While I am recovering, it never goes away. The self-loathing; the punishing hatred that we have to go through is constantly on our minds. I am glad that Demi brought to light something that Hollywood tries to hide. I love her songs, and I am proud to be a fan of hers. These are real women's issues. Trust me, break-ups and dating drama is nothing compared to the things Demi goes through.

  68. 168

    She's talking about Rihanna too! LOL.

  69. ha! says – reply to this


    Re: justplainbitchy – your "nickname" sure suits you well.

  70. tim says – reply to this


    Selena originally got offered the part on camp rock that then went on to launch Demi.

    Selena is happy doing her own thing as an artist as is Taylor and well I mean as a guy just look at them Selena cute Demi average/ugly Taylor pretty. Is clearly jealously over the male attention the others get!

    Theyre just singing about their expression and because can have any guy they want seem to always have something to write about. This really does seem like nothing but jelousy.

    Doesn;t matter that Demi has a great voice, her songs are terrible, she is far from attractive and like others previously mentioned is forever whining about bullying and weight issues when yes their issues but your not someone people respect enough to have such a high opinion on them! Even as a judge look how arrogant and very often ignorant she was.

    Selena and Taylor both have class the look and the likability to be the overall packages Demi is lacking. While their living it up Demi's got nothing but bitterness then still is trying to convince people with remarks she makes! please, you just come off as more jealous and un likeable just digging her hole really while Selena and Taylor shine bright :)

  71. ffs says – reply to this


    Fat comments are irrelevant.

    I love how everyone who's on team Selena/Tswift all resort to Demi's physical appearance.

    The fact that you think she's "fat" proves only your insecurities. I think the girl has sass and style.

    Good for her, for having meat on the bones. And goof for her for actually having a decent voice.

    Taylor can't sing for shit. And selena… well Selena has a lot of auto-tune.
    Granted they both have hits, and I've sang along to them, but Demi has the voice.
    And i think her struggles are much more commendable than fucking breaking up with Justin Bieber or a 1D boy. Both are very juvenile.

    Oh and, NOWHERE do I see the names Selena or Taylor in that "quote".

  72. Lily May says – reply to this


    Re: katy

    Is this a joke? Taylor is more successful than the jonas' and demi put together! She certainly doesn't need anyone to gain fame. Is just hot when Demi is not to be mean but ugly in comparison. Selena did gain fame fromJustin sure but really didn't seem like a game plan. They're just to young attractive singers Demi's just tries to take the high horse because even if she wanted couldn't have dated Justin or Harry because although can sing you don't date a voice, she's ugly and very opinionated (seems stemming from her insecurities/jealousies) No guy wants that.

  73. Jeff says – reply to this


    Yes Demi has the best voice of the three, but is the least appealing in every other way.

    How many millions have good voices and would be a lot better looking and more pleasant than Demi, she got lucky on a break in mainstream Disney show that Selena passed over as she had already experienced the Disney thing and was ready to move on.

    Taylors a multi grammy winner artist Selena just stared in a fantastic directors film spring breakers so is set to path her way as a serious actress. And then theres Demi, an over weight, over mouthy, un attractive girl who's fame is fading and has nothing but vocals like millions of others.

    It is shallow but when you can have talent along with the overall package who would want jus talent? Seriously Demi accept you got one hell of a lucky hand (out from Selena) your time has past you will not be remembered and are not in pop culture in anyway remembered and stop making things worse for yourself. What's funny is comments like this as well as sinking her lower really put up Taylor and Selena haha

  74. Cory says – reply to this


    To those that call her fat, she could've chosen to be stick thin but she didn't. At least she had the courage to defy society's stereotype that being skinny is the right thing. She is a role model to many who experienced similar circumstances. She has inspired many people to seek help or recover by coming out with her story. Stop dissing her, plus, she didn't even mention any names.

  75. Isabella says – reply to this


    It's not like Selena Gomez is talented in music anyways. She's the worse fucking singer ever to come out of Disney. As for Taylor Swift, I appreciate the boyfriends jab because she's getting old too. The three of them aren't going to be around much longer.

  76. Lala says – reply to this



  77. LOL says – reply to this


    what demi said is right but she never said anything about poking taylor and selena! paps just like to make shit up. and if she even means it then its completely wrong of her cos she was no less in flaunting relationships too(joe jonas anyone??) and as to taylor putting her heart into writing songs , then wtf is heart attack about? it is a love song after all and so are her majority of her songs. theres no truth in this article. just gossip sites doing the usual crap

  78. 178

    I think Demi's got her panties in a bunch because Britney offered to do a duet with Selena after she saw a clip of Selena singing Baby One More Time at SXSW. Demi worked with Britney all those months on X Factor and didn't get asked. Selena just always seems to get what Demi wants.

    You can go on and on about what a great voice Demi has. We see hundreds who are just as good or better every year on Idol, X Factor, The Voice, etc. Most of those people don't make it for the same reason Demi can't seem to hit that next level; they have no "it" factor, no star power. Selena and Taylor have that spark that makes them stars.

  79. jaclynn says – reply to this


    Re: Maura go Selena – omg i know right i think its so funny how people are running their mouths acting like demi mentioned selena gomez and taylor swift yet she didnt they are just making themselfs look bad because they know that selena and taylor express that in there music dont get me wrong i like taylor swift but selena not soo much demi lovato is way better than both of them and on top of that demi can sing live! im saying this because i went to one of her concerts and she's amazing!

  80. Christy says – reply to this


    Just for everyone wondering. You know why Miley Cyrus became the biggest star out of Disney? She had the most talent, the most charisma, and refrained from insulting her entertainment peers. Take note Demi, being a hypocrite gets you nowhere. Stop talking about your damn personal life, we don't care.

  81. 181

    Selena is a gold-digger, and that's why her bff is Taylor and NOT Demi anymore.. Demi rather wanted to walk the extra miles to reach the finish line, meanwhile Selena met Taylor at the shortcut, and that's the way they want to reach the finish line. Truth gotta be told, if Demi was to be a gold-digger she would probably be married to Niall by now!

  82. Ally says – reply to this


    first of all, Demi never mentioned Selena or Taylor. Second of all, lets all realize that Taylor has had almost a new boyfriend every month for the past year when she claims that she wants to be this girl that sets a great example for younger girls — so I guess that means girls should have a new boyfriend everyday. Taylor makes her money and fame from writing these songs about all these boys that hurt her. Selena Gomez was obsessed with Justin bieber and he was the only reason she became more famous then she ever would have become. Demi pushed her eating disorder issue, Taylor pushes her pity story, and Selena pushed herself into the limelight with Justin. This is how they all make money, this statement Demi made wasn't to point out any specific stars, it was to point out her albums coming out, people should buy it, and she's not going to flaunt herself using a guy to get attention like Taylor and Selena. I am a fan of all of them but it's all the truth and each of them know it themselves.

  83. amanda says – reply to this


    what's funny about all this is that she's right (even if she wasn't mentioning names, perez) her music is about more than boys. about more than fucking a few guys and then leaving all heart broken to go sell another record. she actually feels her music and looks and sounds amazing whilst doing it.

  84. amanda says – reply to this


    what's funny about all this is that she's right (even if she wasn't mentioning names, perez) her music is about more than boys. about more than fucking a few guys and then leaving all heart broken to go sell another record. she actually feels her music and looks and sounds amazing whilst doing it.

  85. amanda says – reply to this


    what's funny about all this is that she's right (even if she wasn't mentioning names, perez) her music is about more than boys. about more than fucking a few guys and then leaving all heart broken to go sell another record. she actually feels her music and looks and sounds amazing whilst doing it.

  86. Katherine says – reply to this


    Excuse, how about a pointless song like who's that boy??
    Come on Demi, be real

  87. 187

    Re: Jake – lol, no. looks is a matter of opinion, moron. and selena wasn't as known as she is now before beiber & that's a FACT. and demi auditioned for it, selena had no control over the prodecers, please.. lol. selena can't sing for shit, so glad demi got it. cant imagine selena hitting those big notes…

  88. 188

    Re: Lala – of course it will, it's going up radio & sales too fast. but first, it will go #1 on pop radio and #10 on billboard+platinum in a couple of months. :)

  89. 189

    Re: Miss Winks – well, you have bad taste, my friend. except for taylor. her musics good.

  90. 190

    Re: Jake – umm.. did you read right? lol those songs ARE mainstream.. they're SINGLES. and i said she has WAYYYY better songs than those, idiot.. lol. better quality, lyrics, vocals, depth. way better than selena crappy/electro/mainstream songs. they're QUALITY. if you haven't even heard other songs from her, why are you judging then? dumbass lol

  91. 191

    Re: Whatever – and selena's is? lol, no. selena isn't that much more successful than demi. only taylor is. by a lot. is not like those two don't shade ppl, either… also, learn more about mental health issues.

  92. 192

    Re: NOLOL – their nets aren't nowhere, honey… she'd be on forbes if she was worth 14 million. she didn't make it, lol. is not like she's that much more successful than demi. she only does better than her by a couple of thousand more albums sold. sales are the same in everything else,. selena might have a lot more projects but they all flop lol

  93. Samantha says – reply to this


    Clearly, Selena….if it was Tay she would have said something more along the lines of writing about the boyfriend not 'flaunt around a boyfriend'. She is clearly referring to Selena's high profile relationship with Bieber, hinting its how she gained her fame and fans.

  94. 194

    Re: Lala – umm.. only big pop icons get paid million to judge, not even selena would get paid more than a million(she's not that much more sucessful, but it's not like she'd be asked to judge a talent show, anyway, lol), also, 1 mill is pretty good for a teen star that isn't that big. tulia only got paid a few thousands and cheryl got the same amount when she first started judging. and no, she's not coming back because of her "low" salaray. simon & the crew REALLY like her. and simon has said since the beggining that he really loves her & she's his fave. his book author even said he likes her more than cheryl and paula… he genuinely likes her & wants her back. he loves their type of relationship AND for the show. also, selena isn't that much more sucessful. they're about to have the same amount of plat singles, gold singles, same tour sales, etc. she only does better than her by a couple of thousands more albums sold. selena's movies flop, brand lines flop, etc. :) only mostly known because of bieber.

  95. 195

    Re: Christy – most talented? lol, no. but she's pretty scandalous & she knows that gets her name out there. also, ppl do care, as the media keeps posting about it & ppl keep reading…..

  96. 196

    Re: katie – they don't help selena, either.. lol. it only helped her to be known as bieber's gf. and more talented? you wouldn't know talent if it hit you in the face. prettier? that's a matter of opinion :)

  97. 197

    Re: justpassingthru – lol, demi has gotten praised by most of selena's idols.. lol. and britney did talk about a possible duet with demi.. selena wishes she'd get praised by her idols like demi or by critics.. she doesn't. and no, selena isn't that much more successful than demi. only by a couple of thousand more albums sold.. everything else, the same. execpt selena's movies & brand projects flop lol selena doesn't really get everything demi wants, that's false.

  98. 198

    Re: justpassingthru – and no, selena doesn't have that "spark", she's talentless musicwise, she isn't that much more successful, like, i said before and she's mostly only known before of bieber. she wasn't that known before dating him.. or every "it" guy she dates+all those name drops she does…

  99. 199

    Re: Jeff – lol, you are funny.. demi is fading? plesae, she's never had the success she's having right now, she's more famous & relevant than she's ever been. she's just going up, right now. you're right about taylor but selena? only known for being bieber's gf & who isn't that much more successful than demi? her movies flop, her brand projects flop, their single sales are the same, tours sales are the same and she only does better than her by a coupl of thousand more albums sold.. atleast demi is respected as an artist & she charts higher than selena. also, you're extremely rude with the looks stuff. that's also a matter of OPINION. stupidass. smh.

  100. 200

    Re: Lily May – umm.. just because YOU think she's ugly, doesn't mean others/everyone else does.. that's a matter of OPINION, you dumb bitch. and a lot of people do like personaliti'es like hers. stop generalising, you ignorant dumbass, lol.

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