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Demi Lovato Spits FIRE At Selena Gomez & Taylor Swift; Claims They Use Boy Drama To Sell Music?!

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demi lovato slams selena gomez taylor swift fans


Did Demi Lovato throw MAD shade at her former bestie Selena Gomez and scarlet-lipped country cutie Taylor Swift?!

During a recent radio interview, Demi was asked why she thought her fans were especially dedicated to her, to which DemDem replied:

"A lot of celebrities don't open up to their fans, they just tell them what they want to hear. They don't really tell them things that can benefit their lives, they just, you know, maybe flaunt around a boyfriend and sell a couple of albums. That's not what my career is about."


Who ELSE could Demilicious be referring to other than Taylor, who literally uses her love life as song material?!

Unless Demi is talking about her once best friend Selena, whose high-profile relationship with Justin Bieber has only added to her growing fame…

We guess that Selena-Demi-Britney Spears collaboration we were hoping for will NEVER happen (insert sadface)!

But then again, maybe the Heart Attack singer is talking about someone else entirely.


Who do U think Demi's comments are about?!

[Image via WENN.]

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434 comments to “Demi Lovato Spits FIRE At Selena Gomez & Taylor Swift; Claims They Use Boy Drama To Sell Music?!”

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  1. 201

    Re: evelyn – but they do pay attention to her? she makes headlines for everything she odes that have nothing to do with who she's dating(like selena) or her issues. :) i mean, you even pay attention to her lol

  2. 202

    Re: tim – are you kidding me? looks are a matter of opinions, both selena and taylor have shaded/dissed ppl before(so, they're not classy either lol), demi auditioned for cr and the producers LOVED her.. prob more than selena since she can actually sing and dance… and her songs are terrible but you like selena? lol what a joke. and no selena isn't that much more successful than demi… they do about the same in everything. except for a coupl of thouand more albums sold on selena's part. selena's movies & brand projects flop big time lol even demi's disney clothing line did way better lmfao

  3. Zara says – reply to this


    doesn't matter who she was talking about, she is completely right.. as far as most people I know, they only ever heard who Selena even was after she started dating Justin. As for Taylor, The first time i heard of her was the scandolous breakup she had with Joe jonas, and she's gotten all the attention since then. Taylor swift may have a more successful singing career but Demi is the only one with actual talent. Also Demi is way more successful than Selena in the music industry. Demi has achieved way more awards and top albums/singles. Selena is just more popular in the acting industry. Regardless, Demi is such an inspirational person, and the messege she gives out to others is beneficial.. she may have gotten attention for all the rehab stuff, but atleast she's using that attention to send out a good messege.. neither selena, nor taylor do that.

  4. Sonny says – reply to this


    You all are taking this WAY out of perportion. First of all, Don't say that cutting or eating dissorders are dramtic because they sure as fucking hell, Aren't! They are emotional diseases not some publicity stunt. Second, I love Selena and Tayor but neither of them are as vocally talented as Demi. I saw all live, Selena was okay, Taylor was good, but Demi was fanominal. Her vocal range is much more then most music stars. In fact Adelle is the one person who also as an amazing voice, but that's two different music styles. Lastly, She's not even talking directly. So stop being ass'es and just understand what she said. She simply said, That she doesn't flaunt around a boyfriend, and that's true, She's been single since 2010 with the Jemi stunt. That is all.

  5. Matt says – reply to this


    I think that demi is a jealous bitch. She will never get the guys Taylor has dated. They're all to good for her and she wishes she can get a chance to be with Justin and she settles for Wilmer because that is all she can get. She's just a fake ass bitch who Wishes she looked half as good as Selena and Taylor. The only reason shes relevant was because her cutting. And Im just being REAL. it's ok for all of you to talk about how Selena rose to fame but it's not ok to talk about how demi rose to fame? FOH. And if you think im being harsh then you gotta step out of this fantasy world IM JUST CALLING IT HOW I SEE IT. fake ass bitch. Never did i ever like that phony hoe.

  6. 206

    Re: 91_muzik – Honey, you can throw as many lol's in there as you want; it won't make what you say true. Selena is much more successful, in every aspect of her career, than Demi. Numbers don't lie. Btw, Selena already had an emmy and a gold record when Bieber posted his first video on youtube.His management came to her and asked for her help getting his name out there. You're a Demi fan? Fine, be a Demi fan, but don't feel the need to denigrate her contemporaries to try to make her look better.

  7. 207

    Re: Jeff – btw, selena is still stuck at disney.. still doing wizards and disney award shows+other things.. lol. also, atleast demi can sing, play instruments, write songs, dance, etc. selena can only act… so how does she have the whole package? she's boring, predictable, her personally is meh, etc. but i can't take you seriously if you stan selena or say demi's over-weight. that's ignorant & low as fuck.

  8. 208

    Re: justpassingthru – let me see, they both have plat singles, gold singles, tour tickets sales are the same, demi charts way higher, selena's movies flop, her brand/line projects flop and her albums are the only thing she has on her side…. yeah, not that much more successful. and no, selena wasn't that know or relevant before bieber. she still has the same success(which isn't impressive) but the media & ppl in general didn't care much of her as they do for "bieber's gf".

  9. 209

    Re: justpassingthru – also, you mean the WHOLE wizards cast got an emmy.. not selena herself.. you guys keep throwing that out, lol. even jonas got nominated for an emmy and was such a crappy/flop show with extremely bad acting. so, doesn't say much really.

  10. GhosT says – reply to this


    Re: Matt – She passed on being set up with Niall for publicity. Which makes her real not fake. And I am pretty sure he would flaunt better than either Harry or Justin. Sad part is I think he really likes her and would be way better for her than that PEDO wilmer. But young woman who have been hurt and have low self esteem usually make poor choices when it comes to guys. They are easy prey for sleazy talkers. And any man who uses the language you just used towards a woman is a straight up coward.

  11. 211

    Re: justpassingthruRe: justpassingthru – even after all those years of so much more promo, attention(because of the it guys she likes dating) and her singles being sent for radio adds by their label(demi only got her singles sent to radio after skyscraper.. which, makes only 3, selena's had way more singles(all sent for radio adds, demi only has 2 singles per album, none before skyscraper sent for radio or more than 2 tv performances), selena's still not that much successful.. she should atleast have more plat singles & atleast a plat album.. she doesn't.

  12. Starshine says – reply to this


    no Demi sings about life issues, something that has effected her whole life and she shares that with her fans and her voice is fantastic I've never heard a meaningful song from selena or Taylor.

  13. 213

    Re: 91_muzik – Why do you think she didn't have her singles sent? Why do you think she hasn't had the same opportunities? And, no, she doesn't chart way higher. Try to rationalize all you want, twist the numbers all you want. They add up to much more success for Selena, who is doing just fine in the fashion industry having her own line and signing on to design for Adidas Neo. And who was the star of Wizards? Who carried that show? Selena did and it WON three emmys. How'd Sonny With a Chance do? Any fans clamoring for a special episode of that crappy show with an ensemble cast to make up for the fact that Demi wasn't good enough to carry a show on her own? No. Demi ending up on any Best Dressed lists? Nope, just Worst Dressed lists. Did she make VH1's 100 Sexiest Artists list? Nope, but guess who did. Oh, and who was Glamour's Woman of the Year because of her work with UNICEF? Pretty sure that was Selena, too. Demi's fans are worse than Bieber's fans. They think trashing everyone else is the same as supporting their idol, then get all huffy if someone gives it right back to them.

  14. Chon says – reply to this


    Re: Ellie – I so agree with you Ellie.

  15. 215

    Re: justpassingthru – because disney said she wasn't ready.. came right out of their mouths… 2. #1's on itunes, radio, top 10's on billboard, #1 album, etc. selena can't even get a top 20 single. 3. demi ended up in a lot of best dressed last year. :) 4. selen'as movies & clothin/brand lines still flop. 5. demi WAS on vh1's list at #42 this year.. selena was at #91. check for yourself. miley was at #47 :) 6. oh wow, big achievement, lol. and aww, too bad. :D

  16. 216

    Re: justpassingthru – also, demi could have brand lines if she wanted, she doesn't because she says only mosic or acting+helping others with their issues, is her passion. SHE doesn't wanna go back to acting, but what would be the point? she could flop like selena? eh. even thought swac's clothing line did better than selena's and theres receips.

  17. Bibi says – reply to this


    OK let's just say she was talking about Selena (or/and Taylor). I think they are both wrong here. First of all, you can't say Selena was there all the time lalala or otherwise cuz no ones know for sure. But even if she was, they clearly have some issues that they haven't figured out. Even if they say they still care about each other (which I think is true because they have been friends for so long) it doesn't mean they are OK.

  18. James says – reply to this


    Re: Ana – She didn't even mention anyone you idiot. Get a life

  19. James says – reply to this


    Re: Stevie – Sounds like some one is an idiot. IE you. She didn't even mention their names

  20. Bibi says – reply to this


    .. It might have been true when Demi first got out of treatment, because she was in REHAB and Selena was her Best friend. But she WAS. Guys, at the time, she may had stuff going on also and she had her other friends. So that didn't help. Now, they say they are still *friends* but have busy schedules. I don't know if it's because of unsolved issues or what not but that is NOT the reason why they are not that close anymore. I mean, how hard is it to see your friends once a month? they live in the same areas. Selena flew out so many times to see Justin when they were together. So, in my opinion it is more than that.

  21. Bibi says – reply to this


    Now, the comment Demi said at the station was uncalled for. Even if its true. Why should she worry about what selena or taylor are doing with their music? (if it is them she is refering to). I know it might be upsetting for her that they have (big) careers like her and she feels that they are not bluntly honest with their music like she is & they are doing it for the wrong reasons, but she is not to judge. It's their problems if its the case.

    Seriously, in my opinion, Heart Attack wasn't good. Its catchy, and a fun song. But for someone who said in interviews that she miss the sound of real instruments in music and that this is her best album yet. I don't feel like this song shows it. I'm suuuuure she has beautiful songs in her new album that might show that. But this song really wasn't showing any of that. Yes it was mainstream. SO what? Some of you, hipsters, need to stop with the mainstream comment, cuz mainstream = bad. That's just ignorance.

  22. Bibi says – reply to this


    .. Seriously, in my opinion, Heart Attack wasn't good. Its catchy, and a fun song. But for someone who said in interviews that she miss the sound of real instruments in music and that this is her best album yet. I don't feel like this song shows it. I'm suuuuure she has beautiful songs in her new album that might show that. But this song really wasn't showing any of that. Yes it was mainstream. SO what? Some of you, hipsters, need to stop with the mainstream comment, cuz mainstream = bad?. That's just ignorance.

    In all, i think demi and selena have real issues they need to work on. Recently its like they are doing a battle of who has the best of friends. They are always tweeting and postings pictures, about that. I'm sorry but i used to do that with my friend when we were on a fight in school lol. There might be a bit of jealousy from both of them. but they are young, hopefully they will sort it out, or at least let go of these endless children behavior.

  23. Bibi says – reply to this


    .. In all, i think demi and selena have real issues they need to work on. Recently its like they are doing a battle of who has the best of friends. They are always tweeting and postings pictures, about that. I'm sorry but i used to do that with my friend when we were on a fight in school lol. There might be a bit of jealousy from both of them. but they are young, hopefully they will sort it out, or at least let go of these endless children behavior.

    **Btw saying Demi is fat won't make you or selena thiner, saying demi can sing, won't make selena, taylor or ANYONE sing better and saying selena is a slut, doesn't make you sound smarter. Just stop with the name tag.

  24. Chon says – reply to this



  25. 225

    Re: justpassingthru – has selena had #1 singles on radio & itunes? no. top 10's on billboard? no. a #1 album? no. asked to judge a talent show? no. is she the teen star/former teen star with most points from music critics? no. did the new york times+other major critics/mag said she's better than all her disneyteen star peers? no. have other singers/musicians/big pop stars praised her music "talents"? no. did she ranked higher than demi on vh1's sexier? no. has she worked with her idols or have they praised her? no.(except for britney). has she won a vma? no. does she has the 2nd biggest debut on their label+ overall this yearl? no. does she hold the billboard record for longest climb to #1 on radio? no. was she on the list for vh1's best female artists? no. was she invited to be on vh1's divas live? no. has she sang for the president? no. asked to sing the national anthem 4 times? no. and i'm probably missing more stuff…

  26. 226

    Re: justpassingthru – now to the yeses. do they both have the same amount of plat singles? yes.(heart attack could go 2x plat in less than 5 months, will go gold in 1 or 2 weeks+#1 on radio in a month, at the rate is going with those radio updates), do their tours do about the same? yes. gold singles? yes. (all of demi's singles before skyscraper have gone gold with NO radio adds or more than 2 tv performaces, while, selena's did have that). and yes, her albums sell more but not by much.. and yes, she has brands & movies that make her make a bit more money than demi but they're still considered flops. she didn't even make forbes, come on. she should with all of that, but nope. now lets see how SB does in the box office… though, she's only in it for 30 mins.

  27. demiisbetterbowdown says – reply to this


    Re: Julie – actually demi has been way more successful tham selena last year selena basically did nothing , demi went on fire her single give your heart a break went platinum which made alot of money. and her x factor pay was 7-10 million dollars

  28. demiisbetter says – reply to this


    Demi didn't even say it was addressed to selena and taylor that's why i hate gossip sites, btw Demi is telling the truth for example Niall has a huge crush on her but she doesn't want a boy to come in between her and her career thats why she refuses and i assume that's because she knows people will say "she's dating him for publicity"

  29. James says – reply to this


    Re: justpassingthru – Not recently she isn't. Her last movie didn't even garner her a mainstream role and her last few singles have been pretty quiet. Hell the only thing she has this year is a crappy movie that's destined to bomb at the box offices as well as a music career thats been quiet for the most part. Demi on the other hand has had a successful stint as a talent judge as well as a huge possibility of coming back for a second season. Two gold singles last year as well as beating Selena out for a Moon man. So no Selena Gomez isn't doing better. At least not as of late./

  30. Liz says – reply to this


    Re: justpassingthru – Okay first of all you’re the one twisting the numbers making it seem like selena is way more successful than she is. Demis songs and album has charted higher and that’s a fact. While demi has had a number one album selena hasent while demis song hit the top 10 selena hasent. Selena may sell more but that’s becz her songs are in more places than demi. This year is demis year whether u selenators like it or not. You guys keep saying oh selena makes more money, well no durr. She has an acting career she has a clothing line she has a nail polish line. Of course she is going to have more money but even with all that she only makes a tiny bit more than demi. Also back then selena was promoted way more than demi that’s why her music is released in more different places and she still hasent had a hit song. The only song I know from her is who says and it may be catchy but she repeats the same dang thing over and over again, that’s not real music.

  31. James says – reply to this


    Re: justpassingthru – Yeah. The SHOW won three Emmy's. Selena Gomez didn't help it win any emmys at all. You put any other simple minded pop star in there and the outcome would have been the same. So who cares if she was the star of Wizards? Especially since her last few movies have been pathetically horrible at the box offices? What does the shows emmy wins have to do with her? And you are aware that Demi was the SOLE reason that people watched Sonny With A Chance Right? Newsflash idiot. So Random was a bust. But since you want to bring up lists a lot. How come Demi Lovato was the one that the billboard.com seems to be talking about a lot? Her surge in popularity in the ranks that BB has recorded? Has Selena made that list as of recent? Nope. Hell Demi even ranked higher than selena in the list of most powerful artists under 21. And lets see, who won an MTV Moon man before Selena Gomez? I Believe Demi Lovato did. Who won two people's choice awards before Selena Gomez? Hmm Demi Lovato? You don't say. If you're gonna talk smack at least have the knowledge before hand my idiotic friend. You want to talk about success, Demi is about to have her second year as a judge on the X Factor and has had more radio play than Selena Gomez's last single. She's the first disney artist under 20 to win a mtv moon man as well as two people's choice awards. Selena Gomex's 2012 has been silent for the most part. Try again retard.

  32. Liz says – reply to this


    Re: justpassingthru – Yeah she may have been known before bieber but its obvious more people know her for dating Justin. My school never once said her name until she started dating him if shes so famous without him why didn’t they know her. Demi had taken a break for awhile but right when she came back she has been doing phenomenal. This year demi is getting promoted the way she deserves and is doing really well. Her music is finally getting released everywhere and is getting charted. And retard demi was number 42 on 100 Sexiest Artists list while selena was 91. That just proves how retarded you are and how your so called facts are false.
    Demi has won 3 pcas while selena none. demi has won a mtv award selena hasent. Wheres the success? Demi has hosted the tcas and is now on the x factor. Since she came on all the news and reports are about her. Not even about Britney their about her. Britney has stated demi is cooler than her and she would love to collaborate. Katy perry has said demi has true talent.

  33. Liz says – reply to this


    Re: justpassingthru – And selenas show wasent carried on her shoulder it was carried on the casts. i only watched the show for the father and max who were ten times more funnier and entertaining then her, she was part of a team. The writers of the show deserve all the credit. The show won the emmy not her if she is so great why didn’t she win an emmy for best actress. Oh wait becz she cant. She has always and will always rely on Disney, now since shes becoming less known and her music is coming out she needs promo which is why they brought wizards back for a film that is not needed. Sonny with a chance was a funny show but it was only on the air for a season or so, while wizards was on for a while. people warmed up to it. and again demi wasent promoted as well back then, but now she is. Never mind she doesn’t even need promo her song was leaked/released without any promo but went number one in 15 counteries less than 20 hours.

  34. Liz says – reply to this


    Re: justpassingthru – It was said she beat biebers record for having the most views on itunes. Plus shes beautiful inside and out, just becz u think she isn’t doesn’t mean shes not. I mean most of the stuff u say are false anyways. While you go blab ur mouth about ur false facts and talk about how us lovatics are worse than beliebers take a look at ur own fanbase. U guys make trouble with every celeb that seems like a threat to selena which is many. Us lovatics are friends with smilers, victorians, Arianators, and many more. You guys have started to bash on victoria justice just cause selenators are afraid she might win over selena at the kcas. Demi Lovato sold out a stadium with 75,000 seats which is triple the amount of MSG, Demi has sang to the president has selena…NOPE. AND FINALLY MAY I ADD THAT DEMI DID NOT STATE A NAME BUT IF U GUYS THINK OF SELENA LIKE THAT THEN THAT’S U AND UR FANBASES PROBLEM OKAY. Us lovatics didn’t even say a thing until u guys started making drama for urselves. If u guys hadn’t this would have been jst a regular interview.

  35. 235

    Re: 91_muzik – Let's see, Selena's lines are in stores now ans are selling just fine. Demi could have lines if she wanted to? Right. What do you think "not ready" means? It means Disney had no faith in her or they would have pushed her.Yes, Selena has had top 10 singles, even though music is just a sdeline for her. Demi was asked to judge a talent show because Simon Cowell needed to get someone cheap since Britney took up so much of the payroll. She was horrible on the show and gave horrible advice to her poor contestants. Selena spent last year filming 5 movies because, unlike Demi, she can act. She got great praise from the actors she worked with. I've never seen a single article that says Demi is more talented than her Disney peers, just the usual promo crap that everybody gets when they release an album. Love her all you want; it doesn't mean anyone else has to. I find her fake and whiny and annoying, like Miley. They just love to talk about themselves.

  36. Tyler says – reply to this


    Re: Chon – Actually she did make VH1's Sexiesy list. Selena was like 93 and Demi was 42. And Demi has done much better on the charts. You're so delusional.

  37. 237

    Re: justpassingthru – now you can go back to stanning justin's ex gf(who is still very bitter & trying to get a reaction from him, but instead getting a lot of backlash from beliebers) & go watch her new movie so it doesn't flop like the rest. also, don't forget to try to atleast get her a top 20 on billboard. she's been trying for too long. i'm done with you.

  38. 238

    Demi never said who she was referring to and she very well may have been generalizing because a lot of people use their relationships and other things to gain fame. As far as people saying that she uses her history of an eating disorder, etc. to sell records, that's untrue too. She was honest about what she had gone through and the only reason it is still brought up is because she is asked about it in interviews. If she isn't asked about it, she doesn't talk about it. She continues to briefly talk about it in concerts to encourage other people experiencing similar issues to seek help because that's what a person does when they are an advocate for something. And I just have to say that I have nothing against Selena or Taylor, I like music from both of them, but I have to say that Demi has the best singing voice of the three. She can hit some major notes that I've not heard Taylor or Selena hit before. Also, why do people have to hate against everyone? They are all famous in their own right and they each have something going for them. Why try to tear any one of them down. They're in the spotlight, but that's no reason not to treat them like human beings who have feelings. Words hurt people, lay off.

  39. Alyson says – reply to this


    She didn't literally mention Sel or Tay….they both are her good friends. She maybe talking about some random celebs and I completely agree with whatever she said :)

  40. Alyson says – reply to this


    Re: StevieRe: justplainbitchy – Demi shared her story with the world not like the other who keep stuffing their mouth with boy or other…Selena seriously got super famous bcoz of Justin and Taylor due to her never ending relationships…but over the top Demi and Taylor can seriously sing but Selena…??? NO WAYS

  41. justjennifer says – reply to this


    Re: justplainbitchy – ur right

  42. Umanyways says – reply to this


    She has a point. Then again Girl Power doesn't exist anymore. It's all about being passive to shirt gym rat white dudes.

  43. 243

    Re: 91_muzik – Talk about last year all you want. Selena was filming movies that come out this year. I can get why you wouldn't understand that since your idol can't get a movie role. MTV stopped being about music years ago to become a random collection of reality shows. @James,did Demi win a emmy for her show? No. Do all the Disney pop stars win emmys for theur shows? Did Miley? No. Selena carried that show. Demi sucked on X Factor and was clueless enough to try to tell Simon Cowell, creator and manager of One Direction, that she knows more about today'd music industry than he does.If they bring her back it'll be a tragedy for the contestants.She overacts even when she's singing in that annoying accent she made up She tries to get sympathy constantly with her boo-hoo-I-was-a-popular-girl-until-my-mean-friends-turned-on-me stories. And, for someone who is supposedly soooooo against bullying, she has a fanbase that does nothing but bully her competition on the internet. I bet she was that girl in the group who constantly bitched about her problems, then, whenever a friend shared a problem, said, "Please, that's nothing!" then bitched about her problems some more.

  44. Kathy says – reply to this


    This is pretty ridiculous. Like she doesn't sing about breakups too? She needs to sit her a** down, because she will never be half the musician Taylor Swift is. And even Selena has more variety in her music than Demi does. Taylor and Selena have done PLENTY to help others. Not only are they generous humanitarians, but they also make music that lifts their fans' spirits and helps them stand up for themselves ("Who Says", "Mean").

  45. Liz says – reply to this


    Re: justpassingthru – can u stop talking about the same thing over and over again. I can c u didn't reply to my comment was it becz I was right. Show wasn't carried on her shoulders for the last time and even if Hannah Montana didn't win an Emmy that show was far more successful than wizards. Miley opened the door for the rest of them if she hadn't fell off the wagon no one would know who selena is Selena gained mileys fans. Btw they were talking about this year and last yr. Demi is possibly returning to the x factor becz THEY WANT HER BACK. and like I said this year demis song hit #1 in 15 countries in less than 20 hrs without any promo. Plus she has many other projects in store.

  46. Fuck you says – reply to this


    scuse me but Demi does not want fame. She shared her story to HELP people! She never said she was shading Taylor or selena so shut the fuck up. And Demi is right she is so open with her fans and that's why they love her. Stfu

  47. Skates says – reply to this


    Re: 91_muzik
    I don't understand why people are always in denial. Selena obviously is more famous than Demi! She has more exposures in fashion, in magazines, in movies and on TV's. She might not have the greatest voice, but her albums and singles regardless had hit gold and platinum which are great accomplishments for somebody who allegedly wasn't a great singer as per the haters! Lol! Justin and Selena have somehow help each other boost up their fames by being a couple, but I still think it's as real as it gets! People who are saying it otherwise are crazy and delusional who don't really know anything about love and about the concept in having soul mates! It is obvious anyways that people who are saying that the relationship is fake are either loser in love/ Selena or Justin haters. The reasons why their relationships are having trouble right now are because of the media in addition to the stans who strongly hated Selena and their relationship–who obviously like to create rumours about them! I guess they are normal that's why they are still getting affected by what is going on in their environments!

  48. Skates says – reply to this


    Re: 91_muzik
    Selena didn't get her parts in movies because of Justin, she auditioned and won the roles through her own talents and great potentials in acting! Her relationship with Justin is actually a big blockade and the reasons why she would not make it big in the business! Selena has her own connections which have actually paved the way for her to get her more prominent presence in the business! Justin's plan of going in movies and TV are actually more dependent on Selena since she knows more people in the biz than him and the fact that he is only starting without much experience in acting too! Lol! Demi's single "Give Your Heart A Break" obvously is about her relationship with Wilmer Valderrama, it doesn't really stray much from her shading statements on Selena. I don't think Demi is any different from them in anyway!

  49. Skates says – reply to this


    Re: 91_muzik
    Selena's clothing line "Dream Out Loud" is actually doing great in the market! She should actually upgrade herself into creating adults fashion line! Her perfume sales are doing fine so are her nail polish line! Her movies are not even flops since they have earned more than the capitals spent! People (mostly haters) forgets that Hotel Transylvania has been doing great in the box office and she played a big part in that movie! Haters will never accept the great things happening around in the people they hate! They will always be in denial of everything going on in the lives of the people they hate! Selena has been mentioned in a lot of most things such as the most beautiful, most glamorous, most popular, the most accomplished, most fashionable etc. Demi has hardly ever even been mentioned in any of these stuffs. Selena's success, unfortunately, has always been overshadowed by her relationship with Justin! Both, Justin and Selena, are currently still winning in their separate careers and hopefully even if they do decide to stay permanently together! The shadow of Justin will forever be with Selena, they have a great past and I believe they will still have a great future together whether as lovers or as best friends.

  50. peyton says – reply to this


    Re: justplainbitchy – haha? thats not funny.

  51. Ghost says – reply to this


    PLEASE READ! Everyone needs to STOP calling names and putting down Demi or Selena. Any true fan of Demi wouldnt call anyone names. It makes you like the people who hurt Demi all her life. And to Selena's fans. All your comments honestly just make it look like all Selena and you care about are looks , popularity and money. Is that really what you are all about? I dont think Selena used to be. I dont think the old Selena would have made those dance vids making fun of an ex boyfriend. I think she is becoming more and more like Taylor. I dont like it. Do you? Honestly? Is that the kind of person you want her to become? Why is everyone talking about record sales or clothing lines or movies or who is more successful? Is that whats really important? What about friendship? What about doing the right thing? Being a good person? Isnt that what really matters? Just because someone is successful or has alot of money doesnt make it ok for them to do something wrong or to hurt other people. No one who is a true fan of Demi or Selena should say hateful things or call names. It is ok to dicsuss things. But there is no reason for hateful or cruel comments even if you dont agree with what the other person is saying. You shouldnt defend someone by attacking someone else. PLEASE STOP. PLEASE

  52. GhosT says – reply to this


    Demi didnt name any names. So there is no way to be sure who she was talking about. As a fan of hers I agree she should have said it differently. Ok? She shouldnt have made it sound like a put down of someone else. Anyone else. She doesnt always say the right thing. She makes mistakes sometimes. She says or does things she shouldnt. She is not perfect. Ok? But that is the reason her fans love her. Because she does mess up sometimes. Because she makes mistakes. Because she isnt perfect. She is real. And her fans love her for that. With all of the things she has been through and all of the pain and hurt people have caused her whole life. I think it is amazing that she is still as good a person as she is. Please stop calling her names or hurting her anymore. You can make your comment or say your opinion without doing that. And if you cant. Then honestly your comment shouldnt be made. And that goes for Demi's fans to. Demi has made bad decisions and done things she shouldnt have done. She has admtted that. I dont mind people questioning things she says or does as long as they arent mean about it.

  53. 253

    Re: Kathy – she meant using a relationship as PR.. not write songs about them, smartass. and no, selena doesn't have more variety(it's all the same bubble-gum/electro-pop with crappy lyrics & lots of autotune). you obviously haven't heard demi's albums, or you're just a dumbass that doesn't know much about music.

  54. 254

    Re: justpassingthru – lol, sure. whatever makes you sleep at night. :)

  55. 255

    Re: Skates – i actually kinda like you. you resorted to defending selena without bashing demi.. i only bashed her ’cause the ones i replied to bashed demi, haha. i usually don't hate on her, but these ppl got it out of me, lol. one thing though, she meant use a relationship for PR, not write songs about them. no one thought gyhab was about wilmer, though… specially, because of his bad rep with girls. anyway, i'm done with all of this. selena stans overreacted, assuming she was talking about her, or anyone in specific. but yeah, have a good day. :)

  56. music says – reply to this


    Oh shut up people who say Demi uses her disorder for fame. At least she doesn't write a song about heartbreaks or about her love life. You call that interesting? Taylor Swift songs are all about her bad relationships. She's such an angel then why has she been around?I have yet waited for Taylor Swift to have a good song. That time will probably come when she actually has a good voice. Hey that's my opinion though. At least I put that it's my opinion unlike everone here who is stating their hate comments about Demi to defend their Taywhore and Selena like it's a fact. Demi has a good songs and an actual voice..and when she writes songs yeah it maybe about her disorder but hey she's showing you got through it unlike the girl who never shuts up about the people she dated.

  57. lolbitchzzzzzzz says – reply to this


    @justplainbitchy how the fuck can you say that, hello she is in recovery and actually healthy now so fuck off, do you know what it must be like to see people on the internet skating you for your weight when you know you have to get better but you still hate yourself. Well I do and I have met demi and she is beautiful inside and out and oh yeah, she saved my fucking life

  58. Anti-D-list says – reply to this


    Re: cece – No Heart Attack isn't. Was 12 on BIllboad Hot 100 last week, now #22. And went from 4 to 10 on digital chart. She will burn out.

  59. 259

    Re: Anti-D-listRe: Anti-D-list – but it's still selling 100k this week and did last week, as well.. still top 10 on itunes. will go gold in 1 or 2 weeks/platinum in 4 months. it's also going up the pop radio chart really fast. will be top 10 by next sunday, mostlikely. it's on it's way to be her second #1 radio song. & it's charting on a few radio formats, not just pop. only radio play is helping the song, right now.. theres no music video or tv promo.. so, that's pretty good for it to still be top 10 on itunes. i actually expected it to free-fall after a few days, when the hype would go down, but it didn't. after it hits 100m on radio, theres tv promo and theres a music video, it can go up on sales/itunes AND on bbhot100. so, it will have it's good run.

  60. Samantha says – reply to this


    You heard this first from 101.3 KDWB!!!

  61. Chantel says – reply to this


    Re: katy – lol, the craziest part is that Selena was known before she dated Nick Jonas. And it Taylor isn't that talented, but Selena actually is. Demi isn't all that damn great herself, she doesn't even sing she screams and it's horrid. Demi has a lot to be jealous of to be honest, the fact that her best friend found a new friend because she was gettin out of control and Selena didn't want to be part of that. I don't feel bad for Demi either with this whole eating disorder and self-harm thing, she absolutely does use it to her advantage to sell albums which is beyond pathetic on her part. So what if Taylor uses her boy drama to sell albums? MOST TEENAGERS GO THROUGH HEARTBREAK SO THEY CAN RELATE.

  62. Maddy says – reply to this


    Demi writes songs about boys and love too look at heart a break and heart attack

  63. lolgeehoQ#hotmail.com says – reply to this


    Re: barao – What the hell is a Cant? You fucking retard. Taylor swift is an ugly shit, who can't keep a damn relationship, while you can't even hook up with a dog, therefore I see why you like her.

  64. It'sBritneyBitch says – reply to this


    Re: truz – Haha Okay says the white trash.

  65. BritneyBitch says – reply to this


    Re: 91_muzik – Okay how the hell would you know? What Guys would want to date her? Srsly? What a Joke? You don't here about Demi's love life, because no famous guy wants to be with her. She's just no pretty enough.

  66. BRITNEYBITCH says – reply to this



  67. Lick My Ass says – reply to this


    Re: Shadia – The only reason demi's not hoppin dick is bc she can't get any lol. As for getting dick? you've never had dick so don't be talking like you know shit. Now who in hell would ever want to give you any kind of dick you ugly shit.

  68. Anon says – reply to this


    Re: justpassingthru
    Couldn't agree more! Well said.
    Demi needs to pipe down. She's terribly obnoxious.

  69. anita massengil says – reply to this


    demi is such a bitch and hypocrite

  70. 270

    This shit slays me. It was hilarious either way.

  71. Stacy says – reply to this


    Re: samantha – I totally agree with you, now she expects people to feel sorry for her cause she was bullied. Seriously Demi? Talk about boy problems and you just sang Heart Attack and what about Here We Go Again? That's what made you famous! I was your biggest fan but now I don't give a shit to what you say cause you want more attention after you returned from rehab!!

  72. KC says – reply to this


    I love watching 14 year old fangirls and fanboys fight on here. First, read the damn quote, and then the article itself. Demi never made the connection to either Selena or Taylor. PEREZ DID, and you all ran with it. For all you know, she could be talking about Katy Perry or Rihanna…hell, she could be talking about Madonna right now….ANY female artist for that matter. Obviously it's true, because it's hitting nerves on here.

  73. Amanda says – reply to this


    Demi your the one to talk. You use to show your bf what's his name again…oh yeah joe jonas all the time back in 2010. Now you use your eating disorder and bullying for cd sells. At Least selena can sell albums without talking about her problems all the time. Now Taylor swift she writes songs about boys because they are her journal and her way of letting it all out. In getting real sick of miss demi lovato.

  74. Chantel says – reply to this


    Re: Andy – Selena never talked about her exes in any of her songs, I don't know what you're talking about lol and Demi's song is alright, she's not that great tbh

  75. GhosT says – reply to this


    You want to talk about their actions? Demi and Selena were best friends. Then Demi got sick and Selena left her all alone to go hang with the popluar kids. And then everyone tells Demi its her own fault because Demi isnt pretty enough or popular enough. All Selena's big talk about unicef and helping people. Where was she for her best friend who was bullied , had bipolar , self harm and eating disorders? Selena left her for country barbie! And now Demi uses what happened to her to try her best to help others. And everyone just calls her more names and makes fun of her and says she does it for attention. While Selena betrayed her friend. Did something so wrong she can never make it right and everyone says she is so glamorous and perfect and helps people. Some world. Say what you want it will never change what Selena did or who she really is. Everything is not … what it seems.

  76. JazzySass says – reply to this


    This is really funny considering Demi Lovato uses her eating disorder to grab attention, but fails in doing so. Taylor may use her love life to create music, but at least she's much more successful. Maybe Demi could learn from her and try making albums that sell better?

  77. marilia says – reply to this


    I do not think the hint was for Taylor …. But the shoe undoubtedly served to Selena ……

  78. Demi saved my life. says – reply to this


    Re: Douche Hunter – [re=6358601 Re: justplainbitchy
    Hi I am a 13 year old girl and all I want to say to ALL you demi haters is that if Demi didn't tell the world about her eating disorder then I don't think I would even be here today cause I was a on the edge of suicied but Demi saved me by telling the world about her 'problems' and I was toutched that someone knows how I feel, and yes I been bulied a lot. I don't care what other people say Demi is my hero!

  79. Mystery says – reply to this


    Re: kat – ACTUALLY, Taylor Swift can REALLY sing. I mean I can understand if you are saying that she cant sing just because you dont like her or country/pop, but (whenever i see her performing) she isnt lip-syncing.

  80. LovaticLUV says – reply to this


    I totally agree with my luv demi taylor and selena just want boyfriends and fame. Demi doesn't really care about her bfs and how far she will get. we have a damily of supporters :) :) :)

  81. 281

    Re: Amanda – except selena uses her bf's to sell… even though she doesn't sell a whole bunch…

  82. 282

    Re: Amanda – and atleast demi stoped talking about joe after they broke up.. selena can't stop shading justin.. she's so immature and bitter

  83. 283

    Re: anita massengil – so is selena and taylor, so

  84. 284

    Re: Chantel – "taylor isn't that talented, selena actually is. demi isn't that great herself". is this a joke? demi and taylor shit on selena when it comes to talent lol and major music critics can atest to that.. they praise demi's voice.. never have they praised selena as a singer. also, selena wasn't that relevant before nick, taylor and justin.

  85. Itellthetruth says – reply to this


    seriously, uhm demi taylor always is as nice as can be, and its her typo she makes music about love,life etc. and then you're actually telling her she sells album becuase they flaunt around a boyfriend and they sells albums really?! Demi just to tell you taylor talks everything about her life she puts it in a song so we can hear it and then you'll tell her she just speaks what fans want to hear? seriously? then your gonna be looking good because of the reason u open up for your fans? excuse me taylor always opens up in her music ans remember she stayed outside the brit awards for fans even thought its fridgin cold she signs and take pictures not like others who went straight inside. then you're gonna tell her she doesnt open up, she just says what we wanna hear and excuse me its 6 BF not 13

  86. Itellthetruth says – reply to this


    sorry guys i dint mean to tell it to demi yah ur right she didnt telll anyone but it still is bad comparing herself to others

  87. TheTruthKid says – reply to this


    Why are you guys hating on Demi? She can actually sing unlike Selena Gomez, talent less attention whore. And Taylor Swift annoying brat that needs help and therapy. She's being honest, don't fuck pull the "Oh at least they didn't use rehab and eating disorders for publicity" bullshit, she did that because she was honest and telling her fans after years of bullying what she felt, So is it okay for Taylor swift to date people and make them into a song? Is it good for Selena Gomez to sing 'Cry Me A River' to Justin bieber, embarrass him on a video talking about him..etc Like honestly, just your fucken mouths. She's the only real ones out here. IF you said that to my face you would of gotten a hockey puck to your face.

    She didn't directly point at "Selena & Taylor" there are many artist who sing about guys and relationships, so pretty well anyone who sings and talks about guys, most likely Taylor And Selena, also not only that Selena and Demi had a fight a while back, then Demi started hanging out with Miley Cyrus that actually SUPPORTS her, and fucken is real to here.

    Shut your dumb hoes mouths if you got a problem, my momma taught me "If you got nothing nice to say, don't say it at all" why the fuck are you saying hate on comments? No lives.

  88. r says – reply to this


    Um, no. This is half of the pop music world in a nutshell. Not specifically taylor swift or selenagomez. Perez just wants attention and likes to pick on Demi because she's called him out on his bullshit before. And for all those people that say that she uses her health issues to sell records are stupid. Although she didn't mean it that way, personally I think it's right taylor swift does date certain guys to sell her records. And selena gomez did date justin to get more publicity.

  89. r says – reply to this


    Another thing is, she even says she doesn't want to be asked about it all the time. She'll answer because she knows it might help her fans but most of the time she'd rather it be about her album and her music so stfu.

  90. r says – reply to this


    Re: Jake – lol, selena can't sing, she can't perform either. Taylor writes shit about other people, she can't sing, and her music sounds the same. None of them can do the vocal runs, nor the vocal acrobatics demi can do. Their whole careers are based off of the hyping up by the media and the relationships they've been in. Don't be stupid.

  91. r says – reply to this


    Btw, Demi came out with her issues because: 1. If she hadn't after rehab, the media i.e, perez the fucktard hilton, would've speculated and speculated until she ended up going back. 2. She realized it would be a change of pace if a hollywood starlet that had problems didn't just push it away and act like they were better, when they weren't. 3. Her fans are all girls and she knows the pressure that are put on them especially to be perfect looking 4. She knew what she went through to fit "the mold" and decided it was best if she spared her pride and let people in 5. She's a decent fucking human being who loves her fans.

  92. r says – reply to this


    Re: JazzySass – so let me get this straight, it's ok if only taylor or selena use their relationships for fame but demi can't spread her story and happen to get more sales because of it. You def don't sound like a fucking idiot.

  93. 20_soprano says – reply to this


    Re: Emma – I agree with you. Taylor Swift is not country anymore and her voice is not that good at all. She has no control over her voice even if she's been in the industry for so long now. When she sings, it's like she's having a really hard time reaching those notes. Selena should also stop singing. My ears hurt whenever her song is played. On the other hand, Demi's voice is amazing. That girl can BELT. Through the years her voice improved greatly. She can go for smooth to raspy. Very talented, that girl.

  94. Anti-D-list says – reply to this


    Re: TheTruthKid – It's a shame you're so gullible to believe that Demi on'y wants to do good. Seriously, besides exploit herself and get those dumb tattoos, what has she actually done to help fans? Fund their treatment? Volunteer at a mental hospital or rehab center on a regular basis? Was she even the top 5 most charitable celebrities list of 2012? No? Interesting.

  95. 295

    To be honest Taylor Changes Boyfriends as much as girls (some girls) change their clothes and as my friends says every outfit comes with an accessory, for Taylor ever Break up comes with a song. No offense to Taylor Fans but you HAVE to admit that it's true, sometimes I think she just uses guys or dates guys JUST to break-up with them then write a song about them. Taylor you just need to take a break from guys, sit yo' a*s down and try to make-up a song without dating/breaking up someone first.
    Sorry but that's my opinion if you don't like it………….OH WELL, IDGAF!!!

    ~Stay Imperfect ;)

  96. 296

    Re: justplainbitchy – If you don't let things out you can just feel like your in a Cave and the walls are closing in! At least Demi expresses herself and not just keep secrets and sh*t in like all these other Celebs do and if you don't like her music then forget about her, don't talk,speak,or even think about her and now-a-days people barely listen to their lyrics just their voice and at least she isn't talking about "I'm Gettin' money,b*tches,drugs,titty,booty,bottles…" and all that un-important stuff! and there's this little thing that we all have to learn and do it's called GROWING THE F*CK UP oh and can't forget GETTING OVER IT! and it's not like she talks about "dsorder this" and "disorder that" all the time, and if she is, it's better than using your body to get fame, right? agree with me or not but it's just my Opinion :)

  97. Chromah says – reply to this


    Whether shes jealous or not, Evey body knows demi lovato is more talented than the others, after demi lost her show she used her talent to get publicity.Selena Gomez is a terrible singer that used her disney show and justin bieber relationship as publicity,While Taylor swifts dates a bunch of famous guys and all her songs are about the same thing(about breaking up with some guy)

  98. Anti-D-list says – reply to this


    Re: 91_muzik – It fell on iTunes this week, I still don't know where you're assuming that. Let's see about billboard on Thursday…

  99. Jon says – reply to this


    First demi is amazing and she's not fake she suffered but u stupid shit don't know so u better save the shit . Second demi is not fat but u R and ur jealous because she can do whatever she like not like having no life but tweeting or writing shit and demi got bullied how the fuck she will bully her friends I think it's all fake so in the end save ur shit 4 urself thanks :)

  100. Madison says – reply to this


    Demi doesn't pull the victim card, she is just trying to open up about what happened and it helps others teens cope with their problems. Sure, Demi's music isn't always radio-worthy. Have you ever heard a Selena Gomez song on the radio, though? No, because the only audience Selena Go ex attracts is little girls or preteens who watch Disney channel. Without Disney channel or Justin, Selena Gomez probably wouldn't have made it very far. I used to like her but eventually she just became a giant burnette Barbie doll. Taylor, I like most of her old songs and a few of her recent ones, dates way too many guys. Sure, that's how music is made. Through experience. But, how many boyfriends has Taylor Swift had? I mean, seriously? No one goes through that many boyfriends, of whom she knows will never lasts, and still whines about how it was all his fault and how he broke her heart. 'I Knew You Were Trouble' isn't such a bad song. Yay! She admitted it was her mainly her fault because she already knew he was a player.

    Jeesh, the only reason people think Selena is better anymore is because she is on Disney.
    Taylor needs to learn a word called 'celibacy' .
    Demi could stop popping up in EVERY 'Stop Bullying' act.

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