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Kim Kardashian Klaims Kris Humphries LEAKED Deposition To Make Her Look Fake!

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kim kardashian fed up kirs humphries divorce leaked deposition

Kimmy fake?! NEVER!!!! Tee hee.

Kris Humphries may believe he has the upper hand in his fraud case against Kim Kardashian because of a DETAILED deposition that recently became public knowledge…

But Kim reportedly believes it was Kris's attorneys who LEAKED the volatile deposition of Keeping Up With the Kardashian's producer Russelll Jay, thinking it would garner ill-will toward the expectant Mamma and help Kris in his claims that she USED him and their relationship for TV ratings and $$$!

However, even though the deposition does describe Kim's re-filmed wedding proposal, how Kim uses a "cry-stick" to fake on-screen emotions, AND other such "faked" incidents, one source points out:

"This is normal operating procedure on any reality show. None of this shows fraud, which is what Kris is trying to prove. His entire case is based on the premise that he is the stupidest person on the planet."


But honestly, everyone knows that reality television is 30% real life, and 70% editing, writing, acting, and charm LOLz…

A fact that poor Kris just can't seem to accept. And obviously, Kim is OVER it.

She just wants to be free to have her baby with Kanye West without a divorce looming over her perfectly-coiffed head!

And hey, at least you KNOW she ain't faking that pregnancy!

[Image via Ramey Pix.]

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28 comments to “Kim Kardashian Klaims Kris Humphries LEAKED Deposition To Make Her Look Fake!”

  1. Truth says – reply to this


    Kim Fake? Never. (sarcasm) I will never understand the attention given to this porn star. Didn't we learn our lesson from another former porn star Paris Hilton?

  2. MichJB says – reply to this


    How do we know the pregnancy isn't fake? Her face, her moose sized ass, her marriage and her life are all fake - why wouldn't she and Momma fake a pregnancy for ratings and money?

  3. 3

    Are we sure she isn't faking the pregnancy? She fakes everything else. Well, except her porn film - apparently that film could have used some faking instead of her just lying there.

  4. Shannon says – reply to this


    What he fails to realize is that he became compliant if it was fraud, the minute he refilmed the scene. He knew, so he was a part of the fraud if that is what he is claiming it was, and if he was a witness to all of this he was also a part of it. Any attorney woudl tear him apart on this. The only people that would see this as a win for Kris are idiot haters, with blinders on.

  5. 5

    change the name of this site to kardashiannews.com

  6. Mrs. Momoa says – reply to this


    @Shannon - - Totally agree I'm not a Kim fan but Kris is full of shit.

  7. 7

    You cannot trust anything that comes from the Kardashians reality show. They reshoot to make things look better. Like Kims first response to her proposal…reshoot because she was not happy enough…that sounds like she wasn't that into it to me. She's walking around like she hates the world…she needs to get some positive vibes going for her baby. Poor child.

  8. smashvip says – reply to this


    I work in reality & I have never seen anyone use a cry-stick before. And I work on Braxton Family values. We do re-film things if they are missed during filming.

  9. desperado says – reply to this


    I can't believe that Kim's lawyer allowed Myla to lie on her deposition. They should have also spoke with his ex before Kim. Bianca was shocked when she heard Kris was marrying Kim when he had told her that he hated Kim and her show. It sounds more like Kris was the fraud. He wasn't employed at the time when he married Kim. She did him a favor by putting him on her show(he got paid). His name became a household name(be honest not one of you haters knew him).He says that they made him look bad on the show which my answer to that is why didn't you have reshoots as well. The guy is an arrogant fool who thinks that he is so important that people actually cared about him in the first place. He treated her horribly and she showed him the door. He thought he would be in this game longer and is so money hungry that he thinks by trying to"take" Kim down will give him another shot at what he screwed up. He's already started a show with his aunt and uncle. We shall see how that goes.

  10. 10

    NO ONE has to leak anything to make a kardashawhore look fake. thats their natural look.

  11. 11

    I think, even if he realized that most of the show was fake, it doesn't make him compliant - it boosts the fact that he says IT WAS ALL FAKE - including the marriage. So for that reason he should be granted an annulment!

  12. Aae0603 says – reply to this


    The whole family comes across as trash..they have the claim to leaking to the press…why do they even talk about someone else doing it! I do not understand why they are still even getting press?? Who are their fans?? Check any website and nothing is ever said positive about them….kk is a dirty porn star and so many Tweens seem to think that is the easy way to stardom…I guess?!?! Kk pornstar made many news sites yesterday because she got bangs!?!?! WTF?!?!?! Then they show her pic pouting and throwing up the peace sign like she is 12 yrs old?!? With everything else that was going on in this world that was news?? Again….WTF?

  13. Katy says – reply to this


    Re: Shannon – totally agree with you! While im not a fan of either Kim or Kris, hewould have had to sign stuff before they were allowed to film him! He knew what he was getting himself in for before he married her!

  14. glo says – reply to this


    HELLO!!!!!! Maybe he realized that this family was FAKE AND PHONY AND WANTED OUT…Kris obviously has values and class. Im certain someone from Team Kim leaked out depositions to make Kris look bad like they always did on the show that once I used to like watching. Perez, Please!!! stop acting like this whore is so innocent.

  15. 15

    Give him the annulment slut before your child feels ashame of you

  16. jnyjny says – reply to this


    Just give him his damn ring back and an annulment! Really. She got pregnant while still married thats on her.

  17. JustgimmeT says – reply to this


    Re: Katy – So Kardashian who has one of the tightest gag orders on Kris Humphries in documented history had him "sign something?" WTF does that mean Something?Since he is under gag or Kimmy could show this "something" to the court and this battle would be over. He signed "something" that said he could be edited anyway the producers saw fit conversations could be faked or edited in, they could even take his words out of sequence and he could Never tell anyone or forfeit all proceeds and pay millions in damages. That is what he signed. I think Humphries is an idiot but they thought they could do anything they wanted and they have "threatened" so many people before with contracts they figured he would just go away too.

  18. blahblah says – reply to this


    Re: JustgimmeT – Then he should lose on the grounds that he is ONE BIG DUMMY!

  19. Ky says – reply to this


    Play dumb, Kris, my boy… dumb as a fox! Little miss din din, Kim K, doesn't even recognize how fraudulent she is. SH!tz about to get real !!!

  20. 20

    Yes while there are fake portions…Kris always looked like a moron…that takes way too much planning and editing.

  21. Peoplearestupid says – reply to this


    Re: Shannon – NO WHERE is Kris or his lawyers friends or family quoted saying because the show is fake the marriage is fake. WHAT sheep fail to realize is that they are not talking about the show "per se' but have to include a a part of Kim's fraud. IT WAS THE MARRIAGE CERTIFICATE THEY BOTH SIGNED not a dummy fake marriage certificate but a REAL legal one that defrauded Kris. Kris's Lawyer's have to show what her motives might be. You people dress yourselves, right? If you engage me in a business investment on tv and we sign a partnership for 40yrs and then you back out of the contract 72 days later and I have proof you never had intention of making good on that contract do I not deserve the contract to be dissolved completely? Don't I deserve that anything that I entered into or you took or gained from me because of that contract deserve to be dissolved? I guess if you have bully lawyers and stupid people then you can do anything.

  22. 22

    Re: rosebud99 – Yuck, sorry not interested in watching this or any porn.

  23. 23

    Re: Brooksie – Ii agree, just give him the annulment so your baby can be born legitimate.

  24. 24

    show us shes fake haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    noone knows shes not faking b eing pregnant who could tell…

    when u lie lie lie lie lie lie lie then try and tell the truth … guess what

    let her rot with a fatherless child

  25. Dani says – reply to this


    Re: Brooksie – Brooksie, do you know what the word compliant means??!!! He was compliant. Now he is throwing them under the bus.

  26. Dani says – reply to this


    Kris Humphries is saying he was used for ratings. He also seems to have used Kim Kardashian for the exposure and limelight. As far as I am concerned a fair exchange is no robbery. It seems like a sweetheart deal to me, except one party got tired very quickly, and the other one is still stuck and raging mad.

  27. Iamreallynotafan says – reply to this


    The point everyone is missing is that Kris needs an annulment and to get this he has to prove the marriage was a "FRAUD" dah! Whether he was involved in the fraud yes or no. Dah!

  28. Kennebra says – reply to this


    Re: blahblah – I agree with the aforementioned assessment. Now she should just come clean and give him the damn annulment before she has that child. Instead she chooses to rake him over the coals……ultimately they met their match….deal with it.