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Matt Lauer's Booty Getting The Boot, Somewhere Ann Curry Does A Celebratory Shot!

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matt lauer ann curry today show contract renewal tv news let go

That's right, folks! The mastermind behind the demise of Ann Curry's TODAY career isn't going to be around for much longer!

Everyone knows that the TODAY is now #2 in morning show ratings, but did you know that it's the first time since being at #1 for SIXTEEN YEARS?? It's true!

And the reason behind it is a man who was given too much power, a little blame-passing host we like to call Matthew Lauer (AKA Matt)! LOLz!

It's no secret that we were fans of Ann around here, and we felt just as slighted and horrified by the manner in which she was released from the show as everyone else. It seemed like no secret to us that Matt was behind it just because he didn't like her for some reason!

Well, it looks like it wasn't a very good move on his part! Come 2014, we're hearing his contract will NOT be renewed, because audiences don't like him!

Here's what was said at a staff meeting, according to an attendee:

"What matters most is the anchor connection to the audience; what we need to work on is the connection."

Matt wasn't in attendance, but you can bet your beautiful butt that he was what they were talking about! The source continued:

"What they meant was Matt. But no one would say it."

We're sure he was standing on a balcony somewhere, overlooking a view of dark clouds and cold gusts of wind, when an ominous crack of thunder struck, and he KNEW they were talking about him. You don't have to say Matt Lauer's name for him to feel it!

The word on the street is that he could be replaced by fellow Today stars Willie Geist or David Gregory, with our money on Willie, even if his first name IS Willie. Ha!

Here's NBC's comment on the Matter:

"NBC News has no plans to replace Matt Lauer. Everyone at the show hopes he stays for many years to come. The connection they were referring to was the connection viewers like to see between anchors and the stories on the show."

Nobody buys that.

We wonder why PR people even try sometimes!

[Image via WENN.]

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14 comments to “Matt Lauer's Booty Getting The Boot, Somewhere Ann Curry Does A Celebratory Shot!”

  1. Ky says – reply to this


    Maybe E! will lend him a contract, then he could do celebrity news. Ha Perez!

  2. 2

    I like Matt . I didn't like Ann because she was always getting her words wrong like stuttering and she always talk in the interview in slow motion pitti like when people didn't want it

  3. 3

    NBC has bigger problems and its mostly because of their News division. They had sooo many scandals about altering the news (or "editing" it as they said)…they treated people like crap and forced out popular people. Matt is loud and abrasive. Even if they get rid of him, the Today Show is toast and NBC will still mean Nothing But Crap.

  4. heidi says – reply to this


  5. 5

    Ann Curry was a terrible anchor person no matter how nice she was! I can't believe you are so blind. She stammered and stuttered her way through every awkward interview.

  6. Jan says – reply to this


    Advertisers are not going to keep paying NBC big bucks with fewer viewers. Their ratings continue to fall as they keep losing an audience. Matt is laughing all the way to the bank. They overpaid him and he in under contract.

  7. 7

    Re: Loves blueberry – OMg you know who drives me crazy with sllllllllloooooooo…………. wwwwwwwwwww talking? Diane Sawyer. I swear when I hear her I envision myself getting a rope, tying it to a ceiling fan and hanging myself. She drives me buku!!

  8. 8

    NBC is trying to wipe their behind and using Matt as an excuse when it's not completely his fault alone. NBC has been known to treat their own like crap. Look what they did to Conan when ratings weren't high enough. They treated Conan like trash and put ALL the blame on Jay Leno. Ann Curry might not be working for NBC anymore but NBC won't allow her to just go on with her life and work for CNN right away. While I might not be a huge fan of Matt…NBC sure knows how to make villains out of people to wash their hands.

  9. AustinTexas1961 says – reply to this


    This reminds me to turn on the tv, either to Good Morning America or the CBS Morning Show. I will not watch the Today Show unless two things happen: 1. Matt Lauer leaves the show…willingly or not 2. NBC releases Ann Curry from her contract. That company is evil personified.

  10. Lisa P says – reply to this


    This is a horribly written article - it's entirely speculation & opinion. Way to try and get people against Matt Lauer for no reason other than you need a scapegoat for Ann Curry's firing because you don't want to admit that she was not cut out to be an anchor.

  11. Lisa says – reply to this


    I've been a Today show fan since I was little. Been thru Katie and Viera. And I'm sorry as much I like Ann she was better off at doing the one-on-one interviews and traveling around the world for reports then a co-anchor. She did do her best, no doubt about it, and you did see some tension, but she just didn't connect at all. And she seems so Uncomfortable being behide that desk. And any newsanchor will tell no matter how much you hate your co-anchor you have to make a connection to the audience, teamwork or not. She was maybe too serious or not light enough. And Matt does have a big ego, but putting all the blame on just one person just seems like blaming your top player for not covering all the positions when other players aren't doing their job as well. Ann is a nice person and a good reporter and hopefully NBC will let her out of her contact. Because let's be honest here everytime she shows up she looks uncomfortable with or without Matt at the set, she just doesn't want to be there.

  12. 12

    The producers of TODAY should take the blame for any problems with this show and there are a few - Matt isn't one of them. I've been watching on and off for 30 years and let me tell you, Bryant Gumbel was WAAYY worse and they kept him on for years. The hosts are fine, it's the content that has changed. Can't quite put my finger on it but the first hour (which is the most I'll ever watch due to the fact that I have a life) seems not as interesting/hard-hitting. No interviews, no in-depth reports, just bits and pieces.

  13. Darryl says – reply to this


    Matt and Savannah Guthrie both need to go. Ann was far and away more professional. It's turning into a joke now.

  14. 14

    'That's right, folks! The mastermind behind the demise of Ann Curry's TODAY career isn't going to be around for much longer!"

    Seriously, Matt may have orchestrated the greatest job-sabogaging-coup in the history of the world to get Ann Curry fired but he also could have just stood back idly and watched. It was, all by itself, destined to be self-inflicted job suicide. She was painful to watch her struggle to try to be natural in a position clearly not well suited for her. It was ugly and I question the person who thought that she would do well in that role.