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Taylor Swift Kicks Off RED Tour Raring & Ready To Slay! Watch Clips From First Show HERE!

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Nearly 14,000 Swifties came out to support their gurl, Taylor Swift, at her sold-out Omaha, Nebraska show last night, which kicked off her RED Tour!

Swifty turned the CenturyLink Center into a massive singalong and dance party, as she took on hits from her Red album and some classics, including Holy Ground and Sparks Fly!

Check out some clips from the concert last night (above)!!!

Wow! Not only does Taylor look AHmazing, but she sounds phenomenal, too!!!

All of those months of hard work were definitely worth it, because it looks like she gave her fans everything they’d been asking for!

Tonight, she’ll be playing another show in Omaha and then it’s off to St. Louis on the 18th! Go get 'em, Tay!

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24 comments to “Taylor Swift Kicks Off RED Tour Raring & Ready To Slay! Watch Clips From First Show HERE!”

  1. Fred1259 says – reply to this


    I wouldn't 1 cent to see Taylor (fake, whore lying bitch) and everytime her songs come on the radio I turn the channel,

  2. PJ22071 says – reply to this


    I was at her Omaha show last night and it was AMAZING!

  3. Dan k says – reply to this


    Her concerts are AMAZING!! I've been to a lot of concerts, all kinds, but hers are the best. She performs nonstop. The sets and show are incredible, no one else puts on such a great show, shes always top of her for,, great music. Can't wait to see Ed Sheeran this year, too!

  4. JOSH says – reply to this



  5. ILOVETAYLOR says – reply to this


    Re: Fred1259 – oh well looks like the fuck i give and 24 million other people just flew away we really dont care about your opinion so get a life :)

  6. one INFECTION su-ckS says – reply to this


    WOW 12 STRING GUITAR, thats what I call talent

  7. Marlon Meadows says – reply to this


    Taylor Swift does not play the guitar, she wears it. She is pretty and at least she dresses with some class but I really can't stand watching her "rock out" when she is literally strumming one or two chords for an entire song, which ANYONE can do. For all the ways that she seems down to earth and real… that is certainly not real. Real guitar players don't put it down to dance around every other song. She is as bad as Avril Lavigne as far as the guitar "playing" goes.

  8. Marlon Meadows says – reply to this


    And as far as the 12 string goes… she barely played that either, and the sing-a-long (while sweet) drowned out her own playing enough that it really didn't matter how well she did. Her guitar playing, 12 or 6 string, is elementary level and not at all compelling.

  9. Marlon Meadows says – reply to this


    And for anyone that thinks that I am just mean or jealous, no. I said she was pretty, well dressed, that her fans were sweet. Also, yes, I have a musical background as I play the violin, bass guitar, full kit rock, punk, jazz/blues drums and percussion as well as am a vocalist. So… just callin' a spade a spade. She is over rated and her material could have more substance. Been bugging me for awhile, just getting it off my chest.

  10. 10

    This girl is sooo talented and beautiful..in a way she is a freak of nature

  11. Amy DesOrmeaux says – reply to this


    Holy Ground isn't a classic. It's track #11 on Red.

  12. 12

    She can't sing, she has the personality and emotional development of an 11 year old, and she lies!

  13. helen says – reply to this


    Re: Marlon Meadows – yeah you sound jealous, I can barely play a 6 string guitar so yes it's pretty cool that she can play instruments like 12 string guitar, banjo and piano and write and produce her music, unlike other singers out there

  14. ok says – reply to this


    Re: Snow Glow – let me guess, 12 years old and you love one erection hahahahaha

  15. Smileyfacered says – reply to this


    Re: Marlon Meadows – she can play the guitar very well on its own watch some of her last tours performances and if u think she needs more substance in her material listen to all too well

  16. truth says – reply to this


    Re: Smileyfacered – also listen to THE LUCKY ONE its a song about fame and what it can do to people….she wrote this song about her accepting the good & bad of fame the best she can. And some day when its all to much she will walk away. To live a simple life away from the spotlite. With ABOUT A BILLION DOLLARS.

  17. Marlon Meadows says – reply to this


    Re: helen

    Nope, I already covered that. I guess the masses just have incredibly low standards. You saying that you can barely play a guitar shows that you are just easily impressed because you measure her to your own talent, or lack thereof. (no offense, you said you do not play) and I play just as many instruments as her, except in my opinion the violin is much more difficult that the guitar unless you are playing full on classical which she is no where near. I'm not having an online debate here, just making it clear that I am not jealous. Also, I can pick out my own awesome outfits I do not have to pay someone to do it for me. You are fooling yourself if you think that she does everything. All producing your own music means is that you paid for it. You do not know what you are talking about kid.

  18. Marlon Meadows says – reply to this


    Re: Smileyfacered

    I have listened to her music before I passed judgment and let me tell you something sweetheart, there is more to life than dating and little girl feelings. There are real issues out there and people that are in paid she couldn't even imagine. Oh and her new single, 22 is sooooo deep. Yeah… I think you are the one who needs to listen to her music a little more closely. I'm not mad at Taylor Swift, I'm mad that this whole world is filled with shallow sheep.

  19. dodgyend says – reply to this


    Re: Marlon Meadows – She has written about childhood cancer, eating disorders etc. WTF do you want from her?

  20. 20

    For me, I prefer the single by Hunk and PDG called, "This Song is NOT About Taylor Swifrt" It's a great love song.

  21. Mary says – reply to this


    Re: Marlon Meadows – Im sorry, but do you play guitar? She can play everything from power chords, bar chords, and she can pick quite well. You;re obviously not a guitar player to know this…

  22. Fred1259 says – reply to this


    This is for ILOVETAYLOR-I don't care what you think either but she is still a fake, whore and will do anything for publicity. The only talent that Taylor has is spreading her legs for everybody.

  23. Rachel says – reply to this


    Like the other poster said, Holy Ground is a new song off Red, not a classic.

  24. SpeakBitch says – reply to this


    Re: truth – Oh STFU and listen to Britney Spears song lucky, which Taylor total ripped off.