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Every Glee-Tail: Stranger Danger

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Okay, so…

Couple of pretty important things happened this week on Glee: one expected, one assumed and one that made us cheer so loudly we thought we started an earthquake with our fangirling.

Overall, the episode did more to set up the backend of the season, which is headed towards an twisty, turning road to DRAMA. However, we didn’t walk away last night feeling unentertained. We have five words for you:

Jane Lynch as Nicki Minaj!

Oh, wait till you see that noise! Now, on with it..


Rachel Isn’t With Child, But She Is With A Male Gigolo

Sorry, Santana. While dealing drugs came off as a pretty obvious choice, it turns out Brody isn’t selling nose candy – just MAN candy! After FINALLY learning that Rachel is not pregnant (would it have killed them for her to have a Maury-esque type dream before revealing the news), Ms. Berry is ready to get back to her life she has carved out in New York with Brody. But Santana is still very, VERY suspicious of “donkey face” and sets out to prove he’s bad news.

After she ambushes Brody at NYADA with a Paula Abdul routine, Santana returns home to find Rachel and Kurt miffed and ready to throw her out. She leaves, in full knowledge that her “family” doesn’t trust her – but she doesn’t stop there! She sets Brody up, pretending to be client he can sexually squeeze for $$$ and when he arrives, BOOM! Lima Heights Adjacent’s baddest bitch waiting for him. Oh, and she brought a friend – FINN “FISTS OF FURY” HUDSON, who totally goes ape-shiz on this kid and delivers some nasty physical blows in fist-a-cuffs.

And as he leaves, he delivers the single best Finn line of all time: "Stay away from my future wife."

Finnchel fans fall down dead everywhere. EVERYWHERE.

Bros Before Hos? Not At McKinely!

Here’s a rundown for you, because again, this episode is clearly just setting us up for bigger things to come.
Will and Finn address their issues – namely Finn’s lips making time with Emma’s – but they still can’t be friends. Will’s lost faith in Finn and when the trust is broken, so is the bromance. Not even a boy band mashup could fix that. So, Finn is out of McKinley and … well, clearly he’s in New York now (gotta love the Lima Shuttle), perhaps to get his teaching degree!

Marley and Jake, however, do manage to kiss and make up, and both find a way to forgive Ryder for stepping over the line. Course, this was all helped along by mysterious Internet stranger who Ryder’s been sharing all his deep, dark secrets with. He thinks he’s found a kindred spirit with this elusive “girl” he’s chatting with – but we’re sensing an “issue” episode rolling around. This new pal is going to end up being more than she originally appears.

We would also be remiss if we didn’t give props at this point to the magnificent Unique, who not only SLAYED Madonna this week, but also finally got her moment to address her gender role at the school and how she is perceived. Apparently, she’s been getting heckled on the way home from school, and she starts a fight with Ryder shortly after when he calls her out for her gendering bending. But in the end, the whole club rallies around her, promising her protection and support. How will that turn out for them? Time will tell..

And lest us not forget the HIGHlight of the episode …. Sue channeling her inner-Nicki Minaj. Sylverster spends most of the episode trying to bully and blackmail Blaine into rejoining the Cheerio. She finally gets her way with the help of a divalicious wig, fierce back-up dancers, slick and quick lyrics and enough Glitter to make Kesha think she’d died and gone to heaven. But it turns out, Blaine had every intention of rejoining the Cheerios – he just wanted to make Sue work for it. And now that he’s on the inside… he’s going to TAKE HER DOWN!

Many have tried… but then again, none of them have hair like Blaine Anderson, so…. We’re excited! (Also, the jab about him being on “the bottom”? Didn’t think we could get away with that on TV!)

And next week… WAIT, IS BLAM HAPPENING????

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2 comments to “Every Glee-Tail: Stranger Danger”

  1. vanessa purvis says – reply to this


    this whole episode was a dissapointment and that whole line seemed unftting and niave becuase to say that makes it seem like finnn will demand that rachel wil be his wife
    rachel has choices and hopefully finn wont be it
    just stop and retreat back to your old ways glee becuase so far this whole everyone just jettting off to new york as if plane rides there are a buck only for one day is ridiculous

  2. Alex says – reply to this


    I loved this episode: sing-off between Finn & Will and Sue & Blaine was fabulous! I actually respected Santana and Finn for what they did for Rachel. I am not a supporter of violence, BUT Finn was grabbed by Brody and Finn was defending Rachel ( Brody may need to pay bills yet he lied and what if he gave Rachel and STD?!).