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Kristen Stewart Wrecks Liberty Ross' Home, But Not Her Spirit!

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liberty ross stays positive after kristen stewart breaks up her marriage

Dealing with a divorce is never easy. Especially when you throw Kristen Stewart into the mix and your dirty laundry is suddenly headline news! But model turned actress Liberty Ross is a survivor!

Late last summer, we found out that Liberty's soon to be ex-hubby Rupert Sanders was giving the young actress more than direction on the set of Snow White and the Huntsman! She recently opened up on the incident, saying:

"I was not in a good way at that point in my life and felt incredibly vulnerable."

Nobody likes to see an ugly breakup, but as they say, time heals all wounds!

Liberty seems to be doing much better and is enjoying a little bit more privacy now that the focus has shifted from her dirty laundry and she can get back to spending time with her family. She also plans to get back to acting, as she claims to feel “free and bizarrely at ease” playing someone else in front of the camera.

Another key to her positive outlook is her personal motto, which is "Live, love, laugh." What a great attitude!

We're so happy to see Liberty keep her head up after such an ugly incident, and we wish her the best of luck!

[Image via Apega/Brian To/WENN.]

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27 comments to “Kristen Stewart Wrecks Liberty Ross' Home, But Not Her Spirit!”

  1. Hilary says – reply to this


    Why dont you leave Kristen Stewart alone - it is very clear that you are very anti her. She is 22 years old - i think Rupert Sanders is more to blame for his marriage breakup. As for Liberty Ross she has jumped on the band wagon to make a name for herself at Kristen's expense before that no-one ever knew who she was! Back off Kristen Stewart and leave her alone - you are a menace of a reporter

  2. starchy says – reply to this


    Her Husband wrecked their home actually.

  3. Di says – reply to this


    Leave the girl alone… Be a good example for your son…

  4. dahlia says – reply to this


    SHut the fuck up with all the sexist home wrecker crap. Kristen's an ass for cheating with a married man, but the married man alone is responsible for whether his home gets wrecked or not.

  5. 5

    ^^^^ what everyone above me said. FUCK OFF PEREZ, leave her alone you piece of shit. What about the MARRIED MAN? you keep putting this all on her

  6. Davenport says – reply to this


    Think about your father, if he had a hot young co-worker, and he brought her home to meet your mom, and your little brothers and sisters. This girl knows he is married with children, she then sleeps with your dad, and you say she is not to blame? Stewart is a grown ass woman, she knew what she was doing. Close your legs to married men, trash.

  7. ljs says – reply to this


    Why doesn't anyone write an article about how disgusting it was for a 41 yr old director to prey on his 22 yr old star? Liberty wasn't the only victim in this scenario.

  8. kaya says – reply to this


    leave her alone already

  9. arlene says – reply to this


    it takes TWO tangle!

  10. Trish says – reply to this


    Ok enough about the freakin affair already. Nobody cares anymore!!!!!

  11. Leslie says – reply to this


    It is upsetting that Kristen is the one that is being torn apart constantly !! HOW ABOUT THIS PIG OF A HUSBAND ??? He is the one that tore this marriage apart !! And I can only imagine that this is propably NOT the first time that he has offended !! Men like this are known of being repeat offenders !! Even though Kristen was wrong on her part, she should be praised and not trashed through the media, for coming forward and admitting her wrong. What ever happened to giving a person a second chance? She is young….and at her age, we have ALL made stupid choices !! Put the blame on the scum husband !!!

  12. Shannon says – reply to this


    Does anyone look into the fact that these two had been having marital problems for awhile? The fact This isn't the first time they have had these problems. If you listen to the director commentary from SWatH, Rupert sound obsessed with Kristen. How he was speaking sounds improper. You are going to tell me that Liberty didn't feel that he had a problem? Of course she did. She is not a stupid person and worked it to her advantage.
    Look at it at another angle. If you are going to cheat on your partner and you know you get followed all the time, you aren't going to go to a place that is well know for people being around. That is what happened. There is more to this story and no one seems to what to look into the truth. It only takes a bunch of digging of legal papers from across the pond, and some other information here.

  13. Helen says – reply to this


    [re=6359400]Re: Davenport[. Move on lady, This story you spew is getting old, you have no proof she slept with him nor do you know what happened, so stop,being so self rituous , what she sis was wrong and she regrets it now move on to I'm sure more sordid deeds in Hollywood!

  14. U r a frustrated idiot says – reply to this


    [re=6359400]Re: Davenport…so she slept with the dad…but the marriage could have survived if the married couple had wanted to work it out.

  15. Levity says – reply to this


    I wonder if you would be so consistently harsh if your monkey baby ,Sweet Poo, grows uo have an affair with a married person. You really are teaching your spawn great lessons on how to victimise.

  16. Rational mind says – reply to this


    Both Kristen AND Rupert are disgusting sorry excuse for human beings, okay? Why all this bickering? Kristen opened her legs to a married man and Rupert utterly betrayed his wife and kids for moments of pleasure and thrill. nobody should be defending them for what they did, but also should just give it a rest. They said they regretful. however, No ONE should bash the wife or speculate what their marriage was like before and add more hurt to those who are victims(wife and children) defending the slut mistress. That is just plain vulgar.

  17. Bee says – reply to this


    SERIOUSLY u r still running this story while they have all moved on with there lives, liberty is dating, modeling never knew of this woman before Kristen & in all honesty she's probably thanking Kristen for showing the true colours of her hubby a old guy putting his producer authoritive act on & pulling a young beautiful, confused insecure girl into a sleazy shitty situation, Kristen had copped so much thru this more so than any celeb Ive ever known, she's the victim & is still the victim while all u people judge her, she's been thru enough just leave them all alone

  18. kevin666 says – reply to this


    Re: starchy – oh come on shes wrecked a family and u still see her through rose coloured glasses get a clue shes a slapper pure and simple her actings so bad shes had to get her mom to get her a part in a movie

  19. 19

    glad she’z doing better!

  20. 20

    THE HUSBAND IS TO BLAME!!! Kristen is 22 freaking years old!!! Yes it was a BIG mistake she made, but what about rupert who was MARRIED AND HAS CHILDREN!!! Come on I'm so sick of this why is it always the women who take the blame…

  21. fuck you says – reply to this


    I fucking hate you. I despise everything that you are. YOU ARE THE BIGGEST BULLY EVER AND YET YOU TRY TO ACT LIKE YOU'RE A SAINT. You're going to fucking rot in hell, you disgusting fucking pathetic excuse for a human.

  22. Cat Lauren says – reply to this


    Perez, you darn well know that you are bullying when you start putting up articles saying, "Kristen Stewart………….". The rest doesn't need to be repeated because rupert was the one who ruined his own marriage. He's the one who took sacred marriage vows and had two kids. He didn't bother to think about them. rupert probably has done more than this for Liberty to divorce him.
    If I remember correctly, early on they asked his father about this situation and he said something to the affect, that there was nothing wrong with this. Now if he thought that was nothing, ole rupert must have thought it wasn't wrong to have a car romp with a young woman. Am I the only one that heard this about the rupert's father or am I wrong?

  23. Janiekat says – reply to this


    We don't care anymore!!! Get a life!!!! Gosh!

  24. the blamee says – reply to this


    Kristen Stewart is a homewrecker. Too bad for the deluded fans, but facts are facts.

    Why couldn't Kristen Stewart had Rupert Sanders have taken their hot love to a hotel room? Oh, yeah. The paparazzi.

    Well, why didn't they take it back to Rupert's house? Oh, yeah. Probably not a good idea to carry on you love affairs in the home of your wife and two "precious" children.

    Well, they could have taken it back to Kristen's place. But, again. Probably not a great idea to be doing be dirtying sheets in the home she was already sharing with her live-in boyfriend (Rupert Pattinsen) with her married lover.

    Well, shoot. Why didn't they just take it back to Jodie Foster's pad? I mean, what are friends for?

    A lot of planning went into this. The mind reels.

    What I find particularly creepy is how Kristen Stewart chose to have an affair with the husband of the woman who played her mother in Snow White. How sleezy is that?

    This girl is a grown predator. A real scummer. A big girl.

  25. Cat Lauren says – reply to this


    Re: Janiekat – Tell that to Perez, he's the one who keeps bringing up the crap. You guys that pick on Kristen are ridiculous is your opinions about her. She didn't have an affair, she had a car romp with a jerk. It wasn't planned and the first time, otherwise they probably would have hit a hotel/motel room. Being it a first time, they fooled around in the car and that doesn't make an affair. It was a older man taking advantage of a young woman. Yes Perez, get a lovelife and leave Kristen and Rob alone.

  26. 26

    Re: the blamee – Rupert is a homewrecker. Let's not forget the Liberty Ross had filed for divorce twice before this last time… Clearly, there were problems in the marriage before anyone met Kristen Stewart.

  27. 27

    Re: kevin666[/re] [re=6360078]
    WHERE did you ever hear that Kristen had to have her Mom get a part in ANY movie? The girl has been working, steadily I may add, since she was 10 yrs old!
    And before your great "epiphany" of what a sad fellow you were Perez you spent every post trying to out her as a lesbian! Now, it's always a bunch of shit about being a "homewrecker". MOVE ON DUDE! Everyone else has!!!!! >:o/