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Lindsay Lohan Thinks Karma's Going To KICK Justin Bieber's Ass?!

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Justin Bieber should have known better than to DISS Miss Lindsay Lohan!

The little redhead that could has apparently heard all about Bieber's whacksastic conclusion to his Instagram tirade, and girl is NOT super duper thrilled about it.

To refresh your memory, JB initially wrote:

"… to those comparing me to Lindsay Lohan look at her 2012 tax statements ;)".

Even though Justin has since deleted the quip AND publicly semi-apologized for the comment, it seems Lindsay is NOT ready to be Bieber-besties for life, and according to sources, girl is "appalled" by his "senseless and mean" words.

But it's cool, cause after all the sh*t that Lindz has been through — and continues to go through — in life, she apparently now has well-tuned mechanisms to deal with negative abuse, and has learned to let such things slide off of her delicate shoulders…

Although she reportedly DOES think Karma will eventually whip out its decisive hand and BITCH SLAP poor Biebsy.

Beware the tricky mistress that is Lindsay Lohan Karma! LOLzzz!

[Image via WENN.]

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26 comments to “Lindsay Lohan Thinks Karma's Going To KICK Justin Bieber's Ass?!”

  1. 1

    Karma's going to kick her ass starting March 18th.

  2. 2

    I hope she's right

  3. LaLa says – reply to this


    I can't say I usually agree with Lindsay but she's hit the nail on the head. She's been in the business long enough to know his candle is slowly going out.

  4. 4

    He's too thick to even understand why they were comparing him to Lindsay in the first place. Not about his current status but where people think he's headed. Im really getting sick of him. He's geting a lot of defense because he's a 'kid'. Well he's not, he's a 19 year old adult, at that age I'd completed further education, travelled alone and was holding down a full time job without being a brat. Just because he earns more does not mean he works harder, and he's an arrogant punk for using his wealth to try and prove points. He needs to grow up and act like the man he's supposed to be, because he is unfortunately a man now.

  5. @v@ says – reply to this


    Considering his tussles seem age and stress related, with the difference being he never seems to do anything ILLEGAL, Lindsay really needs to concern herself with the upcoming Karmas that are moving ever closer time wise to kicking her OWN ass.
    He apologized sweetly, and she still burps this. Ungracious.

  6. Dumb As EVER says – reply to this


    Lindsay, you do NOT even understand what KARMA is, much less how it works. The bieb didnt create and bad karma for himself by what he wrote about you. Firstly, karma is created by INTENTION. The bieb popped off with a statement that hurt your feelings, but he didnt do it with the INTENTION of harming you, or others. Secondly, the bieb admitted he made a mistake, apoligized for it and took the posting down. His awareness of his mistake and his AMENDS to his error have washed his karma (on this incident anyway) clean, clean, clean. ("bad") Karma comes from selfish acts that are indifferent to the affects it caused others. The bieb make a MISTAKE. You on the other hand are MALICIOUS and heartless in your dealings with others and you never seem to even know that, like, punching a fan in the face, or destroying other peoples property is wrong. Never heard a "I was wrong" or "I"m sorry." out of YOU, dear. Karma doesnt punish honest mistakes like biebs post. KARMA works with EVIL. you do evil things. Which is why KARMA is going to see to it you gwt MAXIMUM SENTENCES ON IT ALL….NEXT WEEK.

  7. 7

    I'm beyond tired of these articles about he said she said he said, she said then she said. It's seriously BORING.

  8. 8

    Many people that comment here have called Lindsay a loser and drug addict, so I'm expecting karma for everyone here right?
    Many ppl have compared Justin to Lindsay, but he's no Lindsay….at least not yet.

  9. KARMA? says – reply to this


    oh, lindsay lohan never ceases to amaze with her blantant hippocracy. if lindsay believes in karma, the she wont be too shocked when she getas hers. Lindsay lohan IS AN EVIL PERSON. she is "appaulled" that such a minor thing was said about her…that stunning lindsay not only talks bad about others, she LIES about others, she STEALS from others, including little old ladies, she BLAMES others for her fuck-ups (the black kid did it/ I wasnt driving) she runs up five figure bills at small businessess and then screws people out of their due. She DESTROYS peoples property that was lent to her to do her a favorite (porsche, $1700dress. She steals fur coats and jewlery from her friends and and hits and runs on baby carriages and people in alleys. KARMA, you stupid, evil, bitch, is coming for YOU! What's going to be so weirs is how SHOCKED you are going to be next week when you are sentence TO OVER TWO YEARS IN JAIL. If you really believed in karma lindsay, youde be crying your eyes out.

  10. next weeks news says – reply to this



  11. WOW! says – reply to this


    The real story here is the first three words of the headline: LINDSAY LOHAN THINKS!!!

  12. I DISAGREE says – reply to this


    Re: Lady_Says – i disagree with your assessment that bieber is "too thick" to understand why people are comparing him to Lohan in the first place. He isnt "thick" he's NAIVE, he's "innocent" he's "green". And he isnt like Lindsay, he hasnt gone around flashing his genitals, in public, to photographers and anyone else who cares to look, he hasnt sued dozens of people over having blonde hair or the initals J.B. . He doesnt destroy hotel rooms, run out on hundreds of thousands of dollars in legit. bills, etc. You, Dear Lady, are also nothing like Bieber. Your status at 19 sounds nice, but if you had been rocketed to great fame and extrodinary wealth at 16, you wouldnt have been that "stable" 19 yr old you were. Fame and money CHANGE YOUR WORLD. I think Bieber is doing GREAT in his handling what happened to him.

  13. 13

    Re: KARMA? – AMEN !!!

  14. tomad says – reply to this


    Justin bieber is.a loser and is getting to big for his boots
    So what if he has 5 albums already
    Lindsay will always be better then this little girl

  15. 15

    Re: KARMA? – Well, I am not likely to run into her, since I do not live in that area, but if she messes with this old lady, well I have a cane or walking stick with a VERY heavy bronze handle that I would not hesitate to hit her on the head or in the knee with it.

  16. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: 55vineyard – Lol. Hang on to that cane if so; with the troy ounce price of bronze she might grab it and sell it.

  17. 2 TOMAD #13 says – reply to this


    Re: tomad – I am genuinely curious. You wrote that Lindsay will always be better than this little girl. Well, BETTER in what way? She looks better in prison ORANGE, or what? At this point, Lindsay has Z E R O attributes. If you think Lindsay Lohan is a wonderful person, you need to go confess to a priest AND LISTEN TO WHAT HE HAS TO SAY. Only deeply mentally disturbed people are "supportive" of Lindsay Lohan. Its like thinking the Mendez Brothers were really good kids.

  18. oops... says – reply to this


    I meant Menendez brothers. And that might not be spelled right either. Lyle and Eric.

  19. tomad says – reply to this


    Nah ppl like you are just jealous because you can't be her lol! You idiot she's having a bad time at the moment and sad ppl like you excist in this world that judge her pack up and leave an make the world a better place :)

  20. rb says – reply to this


    LC, please send me a Bieber gram!!

  21. 21

    Lindsay was once on the top of the world like justin!

  22. Poor Lindsay says – reply to this


    Re: tomad – TOMAD, you wrote, you are just jealous of her. And…she's just going through a "bad time right now"? What does Lindsay Lohan HAVE that anyone would be jealous of? Her debt that must be close to a million dollars, if not more. She use to be pretty, but drug/alcohol and all that filler in her face has turned her looks haggard, old and like someone put a fat Barbie in the microwave for a few hours. Her career is in the land fill, she hasnt had a romantic relationship in her whole life that is worthy of envy, much less jealousy. She is the butt of jokes everywhere and shes going to jail next week for a long time. So, truly. I dont see any reason for anyone on earth to be jealous of her. AND this "bad time" shes been going through has been SIX YEARS of bad behavior. And i suspect. Lindsay is facing even more "hard times" in the future. AKA: PRISON. yes, im so jealous im not
    Lindsay Lohan.

  23. Bad Time AT THE MOMENT says – reply to this


    That txt from TOMAD stated, "bad time at the moment". A moment that has lasted almost six years now. I bet tomad is Lindsay herself, as there cant possibilty be two people on Earth that think like Lindsay Lohan. "they're just jealous" and "they're all lying". She's like one of those dolls who talk when you pull the string. "They're just jealous" "They're all lying" "They're all lying." "They're all lying" "They're just jealous" "they're all lying" .

  24. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: tomad – You think she's 'Having' a bad time? I'll be blunt. She is the sole architect of all of her bad times. She is perpetrating her own bad times. Her actions aren't the actions of an even remotely nice person at all.

  25. Not Bad Enough. YET. says – reply to this


    Perhaps the truth is that Lindsay Lohan isn't having a bad enough time. There is something very distrubing to me about someone who is so flippant and disconcerned with her own incarceration. Over the last few years she has consistantly been facing more and more and more criminal charges, financial judments against her, liens, evictions, arrest for assault on a fan, civil lawsuits pendng and being prepared, month after month, year after year. And yet, this is a woman whom is loathed by society and she crashes a social event in a borrowed dress that she then mutilates inside a nightclub. HOW DOES SHE SLEEP? How does she somehow not understand that she has completely ruined her LIFE, not just her career? She has all this shit that is raining cement blocks on her head. And she takes to the press to announce, she is positive she will be aquitted because she didnt do anything wrong. I wish I had the ability to pop completetly out of reality too. Its mindboggling. She'll probably tweet on Monday morning : "Greetings Fans. Running late to court. Needed a facial before my big appearance. Lets party at the Roxy after. I know im going to walk free again. LA cops are so stupid." — Really now, dear reader, would that totally surprise YOU?

  26. prg says – reply to this


    you tell him lindsay!!