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Lindsay Lohan Has NOT Approved A New Lawyer And Has NOT Arrived In El Lay For Her Trial Tomorrow!

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lindsay lohan trial

Just in time for the legal circus that is going to be Lindsay Lohan's trial tomorrow!

MORE CRAZY from the perpetually-troubled starlet!

With any chance of a plea deal out the window and prosecution urging Judge James Dabney to allow no more extensions to her lawyer Mark Heller, the man chastised as "incompetent" during his last appearance in the courtroom is desperately moving to find a California-licensed attorney to take the lead for him, and Fox News legal analyst David Wohl has agreed to do just that, on behalf of Michael Lohan!

However, according to Paul Wallin, the owner of the firm where Wohl works:

“We are awaiting Ms. Lohan’s approval. Mr. Heller made the request. The court and our firm want to ensure the integrity of this case.”

And Wohl HIMSELF even took to Twitter to try to get a hold of her:

What's the EFFING hold up?!

It's either him, or she signs a waiver tomorrow basically acknowledging that she knows Heller is incompetent in California law!

Of course, it should then come as no surprise that LiLo hasn't even arrived in El Lay yet, despite her trial beginning tomorrow morning!

According to sources, she was SUPPOSED to leave New York at 9pm last night, but at the last minute decided it was more important to go see the band City of the Sun! Worse yet, she hasn't even scheduled a new flight yet!

Guess that means come tomorrow morning, we're going to either see a West Coast, courtroom sh-tshow OR a bench warrant for her immediate arrest issued!

Either way, our Lindsay is surely living up to everyone's expectations of her!

And so it begins…

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[Image via WENN.]

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32 comments to “Lindsay Lohan Has NOT Approved A New Lawyer And Has NOT Arrived In El Lay For Her Trial Tomorrow!”

  1. 1

    Girl is cray!!!!!

  2. Magan says – reply to this


    Lindsay must think she's getting off. She had her chance with the cushy deal the DA gave her. If this judge is tough on her lawyer, I can't imagine he will let Lindsay get away with anything. What she needs is a hard time so she can learn a lesson and maybe, I don't know, grow up!

  3. Chris says – reply to this


    If the reports are true earlier, she WAS offered either 60 or 90 days of house arrest and she turned it down. Now there's a chance of her not even showing for her trial. Correct me if I'm wrong please, but could that result in a bench warrent tomorrow?

  4. mr pete says – reply to this


    Send her to jail for 2-3 years
    She is a criminal, she has been given special treatment, now time for her to pay the piper

  5. 5

    so there will be another midnight dash to LA and all that crazy drama she is so fond of. we'll know soon enough if the justice system is indeed just. if she gets away with it there should be a petition to have that judge disbarred. enough is enough.

  6. 6

    I get no joy seeing lindsay do this to herself lindsay ur not above the law hun

  7. 7

    lindsay always leaves to court the night before. there is no reason for her to leave saturday for a hearing on monday. this is a non story. oh and she would never approve a lawyer hired by her father, another non story and publicity stunt by michael lohan.

  8. @v@ says – reply to this


    She probably prefers 24 to 48 hrs in County jail to months and months of rehab. Are they counting on the jails being too full? If her Dad hires them, then he's likely on the hook for the bill. That's nice, but it's her life, and she has a lot of reasons to not want to be beholden to him…not that she ever seems to act as though she's beholden to anyone no matter what they do for her.

  9. MichJB says – reply to this


    There is no such this as justice when dealing with celebrities in California - their courts and judges are jokes. Lohan will get a "stern" warning from the judge or have to go get booked and spend an hour in the county jail waiting room before being released. Should be in a state facility in general population like any other criminal - enough chances have been given to this trash.

  10. DISRESPECT AND DISREGA says – reply to this


    One writer here wrote there is no reason for her to come to LA on a saturday when her trial is set for Monday. Well, there are reasons. It is just immaturiity and foolishness to wait until the last minute to book the last flight for a coast to coast trip for something that is so important to this perpetual fuck-up's future. Whether Lindsay really blew off a flight to go to a club hasnt been proven to me, but it sounds like her. YOUR ATTITUDE OF INDIFFERENCE TO YOUR HEARING IS A FACTOR IN ITS OUTCOME. If she is a no-show, for any reason, short of death, THEY MOST CERTAINLY WILL ISSUE AN ARREST WARRANT. And if that happens, they will pick her up, throw her in jail and leave her there until trial is over, and then she will stay stuck there for near two years. They are going to chain this sociopath to the wall this time. They are.

  11. Maybe She Knows says – reply to this


    Could it be that Lindsay Lohan has finally absorbed that her trip to LA is going to be an extended stay and she just can't walk the plank until the last minute? Something is really "sick" here because she KNOWS she got a lot of shit and disrespect for the last time she went clubbing instead of tending to her legal obligations. WHY DOES THIS WOMAN GO OUT OF HER WAY TO BE EXPOSED IN MEDIA AS A COMPLETE IDIOT? Lohan cant be this stupid, there must be some agenda there as to why she flaunts her stupidity. And, how desperatley alone she must feel in her world that she cant stay home and drink wine in a bubble bath, she has to go out drinking in a club full of strangers and noise to find some type of relief from whatever the demon that drives her does to her. I mean SHE HAS TO KNOW that blowing off a flight to attend a court hearing/trial that is a continuance of a case that begin almost six years ago… Doesnt she know….IT'S REALLY IMPORTANT? This missing flights and openly clubbing while insisting she doesnt have drug/alcohol issues isnt just stupidity. Nobody is that DENSE. Lindsay Lohan has another addiction going on here. She has to be in the media. She purposely acts stupid for no other reason than it gets her a headline. Thats so……pathetic.

  12. Katie says – reply to this


    Re: Chris – You're definitely right!!!

  13. 13

    That lawyer tweeting her under her dads instructions just makes me sick. The last thing this girl needs is more person information being exploited and her father should fully comprehend that.

  14. YOU COVER UR ASS says – reply to this


    Re: beccker – No reason to arrive in LA a day or so early? Did you see what she looked like at her last what-the-cat-drug-in appearance? She looked wasted. A good night sleep and STABILZING before you show up to court is sound judgement. One might think being well rested and clear headed would be a good idea when a boo-boo in court could put you away for years. I get the feeling Lindsays attitude is, if something doesnt go the way she wants to, she"ll just take it back to court. But, does she know she'll sit in jail in the meantime and that appeals, my dear, .. take YEARS . You show up early so your AHEAD of the game. Well rested, and PREPARED. When you become a mature adult you learn to cover your own ass at all times. Its a blameless way to live.

  15. RICH, there. says – reply to this


    Re: steviebeatie – Oh, for the love of Christ, Dina. You think the newest lawyer was horrible for tweeting that he wants to help? But, it's ok for Heller to go to the press and state the driver that was hit by Lindsay is only out for a fast buck from Lindsay. And, totally cool for Heller to accuse the woman Lindsay punched in the face, in public, of being after her 15minutes of fame and referring to Lindsay punching a fan in the face in a nightclub "a much ado about nothing" thats ok with you, but announcing in media that a competant attorney is on standby beause dad cares is somehow violating Lindsays privacy? How much privacy can Lindsay Lohan really want when she flashes her genitals all over town and calls the press to meet her place. Know its you dina, cause the post is STUPID AND INVALID. get your daughters ass on a plane if you care about her. NOW!!!!

  16. 16

    If they ever decide to do a movie about Ann-Margaret, Lindsay would be a good choice for the role. She looks A LOT like her. With Hollywood make-up she really would come close.

  17. SEE NY TIMES ARTICLE says – reply to this


    Re: RedApple – Have you somehow missed that Lindsay Lohan is no longer employable? Lindsay cant make it to her own court hearings, do you really think she's dependable to make it to a set on time. That offer from DWTS NEVER HAPPENED. Conveient that DWTS doesnt comment about casting. The idea that Lindsay Lohan would be offered half a million to sign up for a show that has rigious, long term training, practice, wardrobe fittings, and being ready and on time for filming is RIDICULOUS. There never was an offer and their never will be one. Lindsay working in the entertainment industry. Even the porn industry doesnt want her.

  18. catton says – reply to this


    I hope someone gets pics of her out and about Sunday. She has no regard for the law. Time for her to grow up and face reality as most of the world knows it. It's a disgrace and a slap in the face for the judicial system to be played like this. Lindsay, put some panties on and face reality

  19. catton says – reply to this


    Re: catton

    oh, maybe she's waiting on charlie to buy her plane ticket? or is he too tied up in dog poop?

  20. 20

    Re: SEE NY TIMES ARTICLE – You are of course very correct. I was merely noticing the striking resemblance. But, yes, she wouldn't actually be able to pull it off due to being a flake.

  21. CONTEMPT OF COURT says – reply to this


    I do beleive if Lohan misses court tommorow morning she will be facing CONTEMPT OF COURT charges in addition to the other three charges. This could mean yet MORE jail time. If stupidity were a crime, she'd get the electric chair.

  22. 22

    Re: Chris – Yes it absolutely will result in a bench warrant unless she had some really good excuse like she was in the hospital and can provide proof.

  23. After Midnight says – reply to this


    I can only imagine that if lohan had made a flight by now, we would have heard about it. I bet she's drunk out of her mind, puking and truly wouldnt be let on a plane. My feeling is she just cant do it. She cant get on that plane because she knows her freedom is over when she steps off the plane. I cant say that i would voluntarily walk to my own execution either. But, i do think her failure to appear will result in additional jail time for contempt. I dont think this girl will be free until shes around 35. And thats if she doesnt screw up again. after LA, theres NY case and then IRS could pop her. I think lindsay just cant deal anymore.

  24. 24

    Re: CONTEMPT OF COURT – Yes I agree, Robert Heinlein once wrote in one of his books that stupidity should be the only capital crime.

  25. PROOF says – reply to this


    Re: 55vineyard – Its not enough for her to show up at a hospital. Bogus doctors notes were tried last time. If she has a serious injury that is supported by medical records…maybe. However, the courts will investigate if she had a paid ticket BEFORE her "accident". They EXPECT Lilo to pull stunts. Its all shes ever done.

  26. SHE'S AT JFK says – reply to this


    shes reported at jfk without dina.

  27. deep doo-doo now says – reply to this


    story now is she got on a plane, and then got off before it took off. I guess now we'll see EXACTLY why its a good idea to not take the last flight at the last minute. If shes not in court tommorow, when she gets to LA she"ll be taken into custody on the spot. Better late than never aint gonna cut it this time.

  28. Nicole says – reply to this


    Dummy didn't get on the last plane to LA. Gonna be a long night she is in a bar now. Oh shiz tomorrow is going to be good!

  29. THEN IT'S SETTLED!!! says – reply to this


    Nicole, you said she missed the last flight. I dont know anything about NY but dont they have flights after ten pm? I am going to stay up all night to see what happens. If she truly cant get out of ny in time to get herself to court ON TIME, they're going to take her into custody and it's guarenteed she'll get maxium on the three charges and now get contempt of court time too. She has just superglued her coffin lid on TIGHT. Its hell from here on for her. She"ll probably get shitfaced in the airport bar and get arrested by NYPD before dawn breaks. A bigger loser i have never seen and i am 52 years old and have travelled the world. She sure is one of a kind!

  30. UNBELIEVABLE says – reply to this


    I suppose she's calling everyone she knows who has a private plane or good enough credit to charter a plane. Lindsay, you are unbelievable. WHY do you have to turn a simple task into a full blown ordeal? Why do you crave attention so desperatley that you fuck up as a strategy to get press? That any press is good press as long as they spell your name right …it just isnt true, girl. It just isnt true. What a price youre willing to pay for "FAME". just nuts.

  31. Where Is Dina? says – reply to this


    I wonder why Dina isn't with Lindsay. Maybe she just can't afford the airfare and a hotel but I find it odd that Dina has gone to many hearings and now Lindsay is going to trial and Dina isn't going to be there? I thinks its probably better for Lindsay, but sure seems both these women are FINALLY falling apart and getting their due.

  32. 32

    I sure hope everyone involved in representing her got paid up front and if not they aren't too bright. We all know that the Lohan's don't pay their bills. They scam and cheat ppl out of money all the time.