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Barbara Walters Was Doing Damage Control! Elisabeth Hasselbeck IS Getting Fired From The View!

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elisabeth hasselbeck still fired

Well, whattya know?

Guess Elisabeth Hasselbeck will still be getting the heave-ho from The View, after all!

Just not as quickly as Barbara Walters would have originally liked, apparently!

According to sources close to the long-running talk series, the iconic journalist was LIVID when news leaked about her conservative co-host's impending exit, and to attempt damage control, went on air last week to deny the reports!

However, insiders maintain:

“ABC is desperate to freshen up the show. Dumping Joy Behar, who was there 16 years, and Hasselbeck would be the fastest way to do it, they decided. After giving Behar the bad news last week and letting her bow out gracefully, someone leaked the Hasselbeck thing. Some enemies she has on the show saw their chance to get back at her. Barbara was spitting mad that it got mishandled.”

Therefore, Elisabeth will stick around for longer than originally expected, but sources are certain that at some point in the near future, she'll be "toast!"

Guess Babs gets what Babs wants, after all!

But hey! As we've stated before, we think this is the perfect time to re-vamp the series, and if the rumors are true that Brooke Shields will soon be coming in, then we think it's definitely an indication that as far as The View is concered, these times they are a-changin'!

What do U think?? Is it time for Elisabeth to go??

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72 comments to “Barbara Walters Was Doing Damage Control! Elisabeth Hasselbeck IS Getting Fired From The View!”

  1. 1

    Great news. It was ok if she was a little nutty since she WAS hot, but she's getting a little long in the tooth and they need someone new in the young/hot seat.

  2. 2

    No it's not a good idea. Elizabeth offers a lot to the show. It's cool they get her husband as a host during Super Bowl. I like her, However, I'm not fond of Brooke Sheilds. Bad move.

  3. 3

    so Baba Wawa was lying.

  4. 4

    I don't buy it. I'll probably be eating crow, but it just doesn't make sense to me. The View started it all. "The Talk" didn't just come up with that name for the heck of it. The View has always had a different take on it all, and I really doubt that it's all Elisabeth's fault. Even if she is getting fired, I doubt it is Barbara's doing.

  5. 5

    I heard Joy really did get fired by Barbara because she was the one who leaked the name of the actor who gave Barbara the chicken pox and that they let her save face by saying she was leaving the show on her own. Elizabeth has got to go! She is so annoying.

  6. thatgirlblogs says – reply to this


    OMG FINALLY!!! Now I can watch again. About time….

  7. Ktigglet says – reply to this


    Re: thatgirlblogs – this maybe because I just saw Oz, but I can not get the song "Ding Dong The Witch is Gone" I too can watch watch the show now!

  8. Liz says – reply to this


    They're all annoying, but Joy was probably the worst. Barbara, in spite of her age, is still the star power on the show. Her resume & 'inside' knowledge of how things work is remarkable. The show lacks a certain panache, jine se quois when Barbara Wawa is absent. Sherry is still a wannabe, & Whoopie is just, well, Whoopie. Don't know who they need, but I'm pretty sure it's not Brooke. Maybe someone like Katie, Ann Curry, refined but knowledgeable. Flipside, Chelsea Handler?

  9. 9

    I stopped watching the show because it's boring. They really don't care about their hot topics and the authenticity is gone. Joy makes jokes about everything, Whoopi is just there for a paycheck and moves to the next topic, Sherri talks about her son all the time, Elisabeth constantly talks about her gluten free diet & her republican views, and Barbara talks about herself all the time.

  10. 10

    Why do I think Joy Behar leaked the story. Frankly, I stopped watching it after Rosie left. They all talk at the same time. Kathie Lee and Hoda come on at the same time in my area. We would rather watch them drink wine and spread some cheer. The View gals are rude to most of their guests too. ABC should cancel the show.

  11. lovestruck says – reply to this


    Re: mrsg13 – who was the actor?

  12. 12

    Barbara is way past it and to be honest maybe they should all learn to listen to the others point of view when talking nothing worse than when everyone talks at once. I think that Barbara and Elisabeth should go but then again Sherri has over stayed her time as well.

  13. Cannon says – reply to this


    I would love to like Elizabeth, she can be really great on the show, but sometimes its hard to like her when she is eye rolling and rude to Joy. She comes off as too snarky and catty sometimes. But there is no denying, she is beautiful and fashionable. I say they keep her but make her be a bit more humble.

  14. jk says – reply to this


    Yes she should be going and it should have been done a long time ago, Her died in the wool "I am right crap "is just that and her crying if she can't have her way and she insults people they have on there as guests? She acts like she 14 and plays this devoted mom who is never home but is on that stage. She needs to go home and take care of her kids. Give the world a break please, I too am a republican but just becaue I am does not mean every thing the party does is right because it isn;t and she goes bananas if someone says they did something wrong . It is time for Barb to take a hike too because she treats those women like kids and it is no wonder Joy and Whoopie are sick of it.,

  15. 15

    i can just imagine her face all screwed up with rage all red like a demoness frozen in time

    nothing worse then barbara scorned

  16. lottamerde says – reply to this


    With Elisabeth going by by maybe it a good time to give a seat to Kathy Griffin.

  17. Sassy says – reply to this


    Re: lottamerde
    The sooner Elizabeth goes the better she is nothing but a pain in the ar***se

  18. 18

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  19. 19

    kathy d lister griffin? no way. might as well call it the springer show then. ick!

  20. debtee says – reply to this


    Barbara is the one that should go. She never lets anyone speak and takes so long to get to the point, that we forget what she is talking about. That's how you freshen up the show!

    I enjoyed it when she was gone for 6 weeks.

  21. BlueStormRising says – reply to this


    Glad to see the repulsive Joy Behar get the heave-ho. With Elizabeth gone, will never have to watch this hen party again.

  22. Rob says – reply to this


    That's good that she's going because who cares about hearing opposing opinions. I honestly think if someone disagrees with Obama or the Democratic Party they should be silenced. It's what America is all about. We need to listen to Obama and celebrities like Jay Z because they know what real life is like. They know what it's like to not be on government assistance, make 24k per year (in NJ), going back to school, and paying for your own healthcare. Oh wait, they don't.

  23. Whoa says – reply to this


    Sick and tried of Elisabeth and i tuned out years ago. Love Joy and Whoopie, but Elisabeth ruins the show and my day. Tuned back in for seconds to hear she's staying and quickly tuned out again. I just don't get her brand of rudeness!

  24. Short Stuffs says – reply to this


    She always looked liked she had a stick up her ass and liked it.

  25. 25

    I'm so glad. She's so out of touch and over the top, even though I love how she gave it back to Rosie when confronted. Joy, she showed her chops when on CNN, loved her, hope she gets back to it.

  26. 26

    Re: debtee – I have said the same many times. Why does everyone have to bow down to the ol" crypt keeper. "Oh, go ahead Barbara" they all say if she wants to butt in and say something. I would love to hear one of them say "Excuse me bitch, I'm talking now, you'll get your turn when I'm done." I won't watch when she is on, can't stand the ol' crow. BABA WAWA.

  27. epp says – reply to this


    The View is stale and isn't that interesting anymore, but the blame goes to Bill Geddie & Barbara Walters, not the co-hosts. The View needs NEW producers who aren't OUT OF TOUCH, who can breath fresh new innovative ideas into the show. I've been watching The View everyday for 7 years but if Elisabeth's contract isn't renewed then I'm no longer a fan of The View and won't be watching anymore

  28. 28

    old lady barbara walters should have been the first to go.

  29. keke says – reply to this


    Re: BlueStormRising

    I couldn't agree more! and when Barbara talks with her hands it like they're going to break..ugh!

  30. 30

    Who are these two OLD HAGS?

  31. 31

    Bad move. They need to keep a Conservative on there to balance things out. I can't stomach the loony liberal witches. Of course the lobs are the ugly ones.

  32. 32

    Asta la pasta Elizabithc…….

  33. It's Me says – reply to this


    The only reason I sometimes watch the show is b/c of Elizabeth. She makes it kind of balanced. I hate that its ok if soomeone has a far left view, but if someone is on the right side, they must go. That is how the entertainment industry is though.

  34. REPUB says – reply to this


    Hasselbeck is the only one on the show with any common sense, that show is outdated and shitty

  35. 35


  36. @v@ says – reply to this


    I watch mostly and only for Joy's one liners, and watching Elizabeth blow a gasket can be amusing. She's also a quick study, and is more open minded than some might think.
    Elizabeth will have no trouble finding a home on Fox or somewhere if this rumor has merit.
    Whoopie ushers the segments in and out well enough, and is chill and has some sense.
    Barbara brings in the older folks, knows t.v. decorum and adds some gravitas.

  37. @v@ says – reply to this


    Sherri is just plain fun, but she's sharp.

  38. Laurene says – reply to this


    Elizabeth has no credentials. She is not a journalist or a comedienne. I do not know how she ever got to do THe View. SHe is very opinionated which is important, but she thinks she is smarter than she is.

  39. Chucky says – reply to this


    There is a god!! I am so over Elizabeth and her "holier than thou" smug attitude. I hate when she feels the need to talk over people, for the longest I have wanted to b^thc slap her! I would rather see Megan McCain in the position if they are going for the conservative point.

  40. 40

    Elisabeth claimed to be patriotic but was so anti-Obama that she seemed scary. She talked more like a tea-partier than a Republican. I think they can do better.

  41. 21kjh says – reply to this


    Re: judiskipa – You are right. Barbara should go. When she was out sick the show was much better. She disrupts the flow with her stupid, pointless stories. But it is her show so they are stuck with her.

  42. 21kjh says – reply to this


    Re: debtee – RIGHT ON!!!

  43. Janet Mirage says – reply to this


    That great! Ive been wating for Elisabeth to leave since she first began there. Her voice is annoying and everything that she says is so Republican she denies to say that shes wrong even when the majority of the country tells her otherwise. Im sad about Joy leaving though. I love The View - DEFINITELY LOVE WHOOPI - but Elisabeth makes me cringe when she expresses her "educated" opinions. I dont mind people expressing there opinions about things, that's the whole point of the View, but when you dont even try to understand the other side of that opinion makes me believe she hasnt learned a lot over her tenure there.

  44. Elizabeth says – reply to this


    EVEN if I had time to watch this show….because believe it or not some people gotta work to make money; I would never watch these kackling hens.

  45. genarae says – reply to this


    Brooke Shields is getting a little long in the tooth so not sure how she's going to freshen the show. I say shut the damn thing down. The whole show is old and tired.

  46. john evans says – reply to this


    I have extremely happy that Miss Perkyness will soon exit the view. LONG OVERDUE. Elizabeth needs to fade away. Maybe be the founder of a home for unwed Lesbian mothers.
    Title suggestion "Hasselsnatch House".
    I'm just sayin…..

  47. ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOP says – reply to this


    She's brainless. Good riddance.

  48. ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOP says – reply to this


    They do need a conservative voice on the show, but get one with brains and not a parrot for Faux News. How about Kathleen Parker, the columnist? She is conservative but she is also intelligent. I don't always agree with her views but I always respect how she expresses them.

  49. loreau2002 says – reply to this


    ABC - cancel this show PLEASE.
    It's time has come, they've had a good run - it's not like any of these hosts are poor - or be unemployed they all got other gigs going on - and they make ridiculous money for what they do - sheri was in a movie, and does comedy and whoopie does acting, writing, comedy , elisabeth wrote a book on gluten, barbara needs to retire - joy i think has a book out, too and did a show of her own it just disappeared —
    Come on ABC - wake up let this show END in 2013 !

  50. angee says – reply to this


    I find her completely boring….she acts as if she is better than everyone else on the show. Bye..Bye..Liz

  51. 51

    Yea! I hate here, she talks over everyone on the panel to make her point…Even when it is not truly relevent to the topic. Anyone would be better she is annoying!

  52. Maria says – reply to this


    Great news! I hated her… Couldn't stand her…. I guess now I will give the view a second chance.

  53. kelsie says – reply to this


    If they FINALLY get rid of Hasselbeck and her "Views", I might start watching the show again. Having Brooke Shields would be as bad as having Megan McCain. I don't think they would add anything to the show, & if Whoppi leaves they may as well throw in the towel.

  54. kappy says – reply to this


    elizabeth is very rude and i never did like the way they set up rosie odonnell. whoopie is refreshing and real,down to earth.

  55. billy says – reply to this


    i stopped watching after elizabeth took over. I enjoyed rosie but they got rid of her and i like whoopie and joy and the others but not elizabeth. she is totally out of touch and i cannot take her. she makes me change the channel. i suspect she has been wealthy all her life and always had it well off so she can look down on others that are struggling. it's easy to judge the middle class and lower class when you have never gone a day without food. marry's a rich football player–doesn't even need to work yet leaves her kids all day when most woman have to work just to eat and pay basic bills. looks like she does a million sit ups a day and ignores her kids. also seems mentally ill,always wanting to fight and argue endlessly.

  56. katie says – reply to this


    whoopie is very enjoyable on the show as is joy and sherry but elizabeth is a book with a lovely cover but nothing inside. a know it all that wants to argue endlessly. she has to be right. i have even seen her disrespect the boss,barbara. maybe she will find peace with God someday.

  57. mary says – reply to this


    barbara should not retire,she has a lot of class and got that show together for woman. my young son said he physically liked elizabeth until he heard how obnoxious she talked to the others,nasty and hateful. he can't stand her either. why did she stay so long-i watch other shows because of her.

  58. terry says – reply to this


    don't let joy get away–she's been loyal to barbara since day one!!! that is rare nowadays. and she's funny.

  59. Mr. Conservative says – reply to this


    The left-handed way in which Walters chose to try and silence the only voice of reason on her daily "Bitchfest" only proves what patriotic americans already know, Walters is a communist. I wish she would have stayed in cuba when she slept with Castro. In any event some savy TV producer will grab Liz, give her a show, and she'll make millions. Walters on the other hand will eventually get so old that even those Placenta injections won't keep her alive. The vast amounts of Cannibis Goldberg consumes will lead to her downfall, and soon the entire show will just be an uncomfortable memory.

  60. Hula Girl says – reply to this


    We Hate to see you Goooo; We HATE to see you Goooo; Oh WHAT THE HELL Ya Waitin' Fer, We Hate to see you Gooooooooo !!

  61. Lisa V says – reply to this


    They should pick up Leah Remini and Holly Robinson…I loved when those 2 were together…along with Whoopi and maybe throw in Ali Wentworth…That would be a fun show!!!

  62. Sylvixen says – reply to this


    She's a racist no good republican !!! Can stand her I stop watchin the view cause of her racist antics.

  63. dee says – reply to this


    Behar - Should never have been on. Elisabeth, I do not like the fact that she is leaving. I have had great respect for Barbara over these year, as far as her professional life - I think she was a great interviewer who handled herself with grace, kindness and compassion to interviewees. I do not understand understand WHY she fired Elizabeth. I care for Elisabeth, but every since some on the view have been rude to their guest — outright embarrassing to a few, I HAVE NOT WATCH IT. And that was really sad to me because watching them was part of my daily routine….

    It was probably because she was more conservative. You don't have to like your employees; importance is that they do a good job.

  64. Renee warren says – reply to this


    Whoever said Elisabeth was too old for the show"long toothed" is well not very bright! Barbara and whoopie are way older! Elisabeth was always put on the defensive but the liberals and yeah she's a republican that stood her ground! So What! That's why it's called the view, I do agree that that all did talk at the same time and its very annoying and I stopped watching it years ago and agree it should just go away! However my opinion Elisabeth will land on her feet and find something Way better than that gig, it was beneath her! Agree or not don't care! Anyone that likes the show with her gone wont like what I have to say!

  65. TruthBeTold says – reply to this


    Re: Mr. Xpose – Yeah, and you got jokes. Good riddance! She couldn't have been joining a better group of trolls over at Faux Wishes It Reported News.

  66. 66

    The View has just lost this "Viewer." No reason to watch this biased show, now. Sorry libs, without balance, this show will fail.

  67. carol says – reply to this


    I have watched the show for years. I record it when Ian not able to watch. I love joy and Elizabeth and I will not watch the show anymore. Ian sad as this was my favorite daytime show

  68. southernlady2 says – reply to this


    I had stopped watching The View last year, after I couldn't take Elizbeth's mouth anymore. She is rude, loud and will will not stop talking on topics she supports! I think she's a little "nutty"! I may begin watching the View again now…Good Luck Barbara

  69. sassymom says – reply to this


    Love the idea of Brooke Shields and also love when they have Jenny McCarthy guest host. Glad to see Elisbeth go!

  70. JOHN says – reply to this



  71. Shelley says – reply to this


    Fantastic news…sorry, cannot stand Elizabeth and her irritating voice which grinds on your nerves.
    Jenny McCarthy..will fill the spot very well.

  72. heater says – reply to this


    Re: debtee – I agree completely, debtee. Barbara slows the whole show down and is an egomaniac.