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Lindsay Lohan ESCAPES JAIL AGAIN! Plea Bargain Secures Her 90 Days In LOCK-DOWN REHAB!

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After arriving 48 minutes late to the courtroom Monday, the trial FINALLY began for the glitter-bombed Lindsay Lohan!

And it has been a ROUGH morning for the troubled starlet!

After a FURTHER two-hour delay where she and her lawyer hashed out a last-minute plea bargain with Judge James Dabney and the District Attorney, LiLo pled no contest to reckless driving and lying to police!

Under these recently-negotiated terms, she will be required to spend 90 days in a locked-down rehab facility that will not allow her to leave under any circumstances, 30 days of community labor and 18 months of intensive psychotherapy!

Yes! That means, once again, folks, Lindsay Lohan will NOT be going to jail!

Apparently, there's a mandatory five days in jail for any admittance of reckless driving, but the deal is allowing that time to be included in her rehab, which she'll be allowed to do in New York City, along with community service options that will be strictly monitored, and periodic drug testing!

Furthermore, while she admitted to a probation violation in her jewelry heist case, the 180 days in jail to which she was sentenced was STAYED, which means that so long as she does all of this without f-cking up, she won't have to do the time!

So yeah. Guess we'll just have to wait and see how long that lasts!

Furthermore, while the judge admitted that this time around, attorney Mark Heller, who had a California law advisor with him, was much more capable of negotiating the bargain, this guy still managed to continuously interject every second the His Honor spoke, asking for clarification on the terms of the sentencing - specifically, the amount of restitution she owes to the man she hit with her car, which will be determined at a later date!

Yeesh! Lindsay, on the other hand, looked absolutely exhausted, and remained understandably stoic throughout…even when the Judge ended the trial with advice we pray to all things holy she takes to heart: "Don't drive."

[Image via Splash News.]

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13 comments to “Lindsay Lohan ESCAPES JAIL AGAIN! Plea Bargain Secures Her 90 Days In LOCK-DOWN REHAB!”

  1. 1

    90 days in lockdown rehab. Far better than having taxpayers foot the bill for her in jail. She will be out of the public eye and I assume she will have to foot the bill. I wonder if she will make it through that length of time.

  2. 2

    I see all that crying works. Apparently she's a better actress than we all thought.

  3. UGH!! says – reply to this


    Actually this will be way more punishment for her than going to jail, where she'd be put in a cell all alone for the entire stay. In rehab, she will have to be around others and talk about her issues for 90 days. She doesn't think she has any addiction problems, so it will make it a tough stay. Therapy, individual and group, will not be fun for her and is probably why she wouldn't accept the plea to begin with. So, I think it is a good thing that it is lockdown 90 days vs. where she can leave and go to work or whatever. She will be there and out of sight for 3 long months. Still wish she would have gotten both jail time and rehab, but better than nothing.

  4. mommy913 says – reply to this


    Really now? I bust my ass in college for 6 long years - worked 18 hour days at my chosen profession - just so that I can give the wonderful State of California a % of my hard earned money to chase down troubled young "actors" because nobody ever lies to the police! Yah - and no one ever lies to the tax man either. Those in society today only get caught and punished when someone is out to get them. And that is a fact! Best thing for Lindsey - lock down - drop off everyone's radar for a while and stay there. Justice is finally served. Lets go back and re-prosecute everyone who has ever lied to a police officer when questioned - the justice system is meant to be uniform and apply equally to all - lets start re-prosecuting all criminals who have ever lied when initially being questioned for a crime by the police. Please someone start "rationing" our tax dollars.

  5. 5

    "This is it! And I really really really really-really mean it this time, young lady!!"

  6. 6

    I hope she doesn't have time to party before she has to go into rehab. If she does, it could be her last dance. Good luck Lindsay.

  7. Connor says – reply to this


    Re: mommy913 – , yeah, yeah, yeah, the whole world owes you.

  8. 8

    Um, she didn't look exhausted, she looked hung over or on something. It's pathetic the way this was handled. She shows up late for court after not one but TWO missed flights and nothing is done about that. She even pulled a total crackhead move when she got off the last flight. They should have drug tested her right away. We all know that rehab/community service/psychotherapy isn't going to do any good, she's already went that route and it didn't do anything. I wonder who is going to pay for the rehab, since she doesn't have any money? She doesn't take any of this seriously and can't stay out of trouble. We'll be going through this whole thing all over again in less than a year, I bet.

  9. 9

    so when does she go in ? who selects the facility? can she sign herself out ? what happens if she does? or what if she blows off her community service? and what about the 18 months of therapy? is that going to be monitored by the courts? how often does she have to go ? I have a feeling that this isn't going to end well, she just refuses to do as she's told. I guess then she'll get another slap on the wrist. one thing for sure is that no one will be making any film offers for a very long time. guess she'll have to be a waitress or something…

  10. BobbieFisher2 says – reply to this


    Re: ms. trudy – I know! Where are the details? It's annoying. When does she have to check in? How long is her probation? When does that start? When is the civil suit from the truck driver? Does she get to choose her lockdown rehab site? Who's paying for it? I'm looking for some answers and I'm only finding generalities, I'm probably on the wrong site.

  11. 11

    That is exactly what she needs. Good for whomever is responsible for negotiating that. Because no other fame whore before has helped her, including her parents. No wonder she's so fucked up.

  12. 12

    Read she was going to rehab in New York, you folks are welcome to her. Probably too soon to know the rest of the details, be nice if they had her do her community service at the LA Morgue again.

  13. Bevi says – reply to this


    Interesting outfit, I don't hate it.