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Lindsay Lohan's Lawyer Conspired To Commit Perjury?! Mark Heller Faces Witness Tampering Allegations!

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lindsay lohan lawyer mark heller witness tampering investigation


Lindsay Lohan might've gotten off light with 90 days of lock-down rehab, but the dramz is far from over!

In fact, her courtroom captain Mark Heller could find himself in heaps of trouble!

Lindz's ex-assistant Gavin Doyle is reportedly telling everyone with ears that Mark asked him into LIE UNDER OATH in the courtroom on Lindsay's behalf!

Her legal eagle told him to tell a tall tale perjure himself to the judge and pretend like he was the one driving her Porsche last summer on the PCH!

Whoa! Witness tampering is a super serious allegation; Santa Monica police and the D.A.'s office plan to question Gavin tomorrow!

We aren't sure if something like this could get Mark disbarred in California, but, if his shenanigans end up getting Lindz in additional trouble, we're pretty positive he'll be disbarred from LiLo's heart!

[Image via AP/Reed/Saxon/Pool/WENN.]

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10 comments to “Lindsay Lohan's Lawyer Conspired To Commit Perjury?! Mark Heller Faces Witness Tampering Allegations!”

  1. Ohmy says – reply to this


    I can run around and scream that the Kartrash(they own you) won't be helping in the support of your adorable newborn……but it doesn't make it true or illegal. Your "tampering" is missing a piece bu no one wants a legal lesson…The only thing I can't run around and say is fire…somewhere crowded or anything about terrorism, pres…Ok now someone explain her face….why are you talking about her crazy pants lawyer.

  2. 2

    Re: OhmyRe: Ohmy – what the fuk are you talking about ? wanna try that agagin ? in english this time.

  3. 3

    He is not a member of the California bar, but could maybe get him in trouble with New York bar where he is a member. Does anyone know if she had a second attorney today or waived her right to a competent attorney (Judge Dabney already ruled Heller was not competent to practice in California)? The other story I read did not say one way or the other.

    Poster #1 - speak English, no idea what you are trying to say.

  4. hayley says – reply to this


    she looks like the poster for meth. She has lost EVERYTHING, including her looks. Long gone, and nothing is gonna bring that back. She wasted the best years of her life. Thank God I got sober and clean at age 21.

  5. April A. says – reply to this


    Re: hayley – You are SO right. I actually tried to search for any articles that might have talked more about her AWFUL, disheveled physical appearance in court today. We all know Lindsay has had her off days, but what the HELL was going on today??? I think these are some of the worst photos I have ever seen of her; she looks tired, sallow, her eyes are puffy. She missed her scheduled flight for a later flight on a Mr. Pink private jet — how come there's no speculation on how she might have been out partying all night and that's why she missed the original flight? She looks like she hasn't even slept. HOW does one go to COURT like this?

    She's disgusting and she takes nothing seriously, thinking she will get away with a simple slap on the wrist like every other time. Hopefully she serves her full 90 days in rehab, even though these high-class rehabs are more like a mini vacation for "celebrities". Spa treatments, yoga, healthy food, a pool. Too bad they're so expensive or I'd take a mii

  6. April A. says – reply to this


    Oops, I hit submit without finishing my comment. Too bad they're so expensive or I'd take a mini vacation there myself*

  7. 7

    is there anyone actually in jail there

  8. 8

    Re: April A. – you sure do know an awful lot about this woman's life. she knows nothing of you. nothing.

  9. 9

    Re: teeter totter – Regarding your comment to Poster # 1. It is speaking English. This is the way the majority of our society is nowadays. They are the Walking Dead. Go to a mall and just sit, look and listen. Free entertainment and it's amazing what you will see. How this happened I will never understand. I recently went to a grocery store for a few items. (5 to be exact) The gal asked me if I wanted a bag for my groceries. I politely said yes but wanted to scream "N0 I HAVE 5 HANDS AND ARMS I DON'T NEED A BAG." Oy Vey

  10. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: perez posse SUPERFAN 777 – Good thing she's not in Arizona. Sherriff Arpaio would house her out in the 115 degree desert tent prison…and she'd LIKE it.