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This feud could get downright bad! Last night’s Celebrity Apprentice episode went from friendly competition to vicious nastiness when things got heated… Read more…

40 comments to “Omarosa Set To Sue La Toya Jackson Over Nasty Comments About Michael Clarke Duncan’s Death!”

  1. irvinegirl says – reply to this


    Well she can sue me too as I think she's the one that should have had the massive heart attack and not that beautiful man. This woman is the ultimate f-ing bitch. I wish her only evil in the future. Couldn't hate anyone more than this woman.

  2. RENA says – reply to this



  3. Moneyhungry says – reply to this


    I as well think she is poison and just evil.. to want this type of publicity is so sick.. She didn't even have tears last night just an ugly "kim kardashian" cry. Get over yourself Omarosa! Leave La Toya alone, she was only sticking up for herself. Trying to bank off Michael Duncans death is awful and I believe she did give that beautiful man a heart attack she is true poison and evil!

  4. oscarthegrouch says – reply to this


    Who cares. They're all black.

  5. 5

    I know Omarosa could be a bitch. I feel like the universe has been unkind to her in responce to her negativity though. I expected a kinder O after Michael's death. But I have not seen this season, so I don't know if she's really being evil like people are saying or she's just a tough, strong business woman. LaToya didn't have to sink that low. That was an awful thing to say.

  6. the man says – reply to this


    She probably did give him the heart attack through prolonged stress. She thrives on misery, confrontation, and manipulation. She's probably the accountant and chief exec. of his charity.

  7. 7

    HA HA HA! Now she knows what it feels like…

  8. 8

    Sign them up for Celebrity Jello-Wrestling Show…

  9. ES-339 says – reply to this


    Omarosa is a cancer. She is one of the most vile people I have ever seen. As far as I can tell there is only one other that can match her….Pierse Morgan.

  10. ladydi says – reply to this


    I don't much care for Omorsara but what Latoya said was just cruel. And stupid.
    But then again Latoya had never been known for her genius IQ.
    Omorsara/Kenya are made out of the same stuff. Angry black women who believe that their rage and hate will somehow further the cause of strong, black women. NOT.
    Latoya is just a sad, silly woman and should be viewed as such.
    BTW: I just loved Michael Duncan. RIP

  11. who carea says – reply to this


    who cares what Omarosa thinks….reverend??? That's why I stopped goint to cjurch.

  12. 12

    Using the late Michael Duncan for attention is pretty shabby but it seems to work for O. the weirdest dicision Ive ever seen on Apprentice was latoya not taking O back to the boardroom.

  13. LaToya Lover says – reply to this


    So in the middle of their initial argument, when Omorosa said, "Oooh Latoya, I love the bass in your voice!" and then started referencing MJ by singing "Beat It" — That wasn't ucalled for and calllous? That was class? That wasn't disgusting?

  14. Dixie Dee Dee says – reply to this


    Trump is a racist, he gets these low life out of work blacks to go on his show and make fools of themselves, and making all black people look bad
    I'M expecting he might have Rev Al Sharpton, and the 101 year old Carol Channing, who just recently learned she too is a black woman

  15. getthisright says – reply to this


    Dennis Rodman said it first. LaToya said it better. Everyone one else was thinking it.

  16. 16

    Did anyone see Latoya on Drag Race the Bitch was so stupid she held five fingers up and said I have been on this show 3 times…I about lost it. DUH! We lost a wonderful actor and man when he died. The world will lose nothing if you die tomorrow Latoya you as a has been crappy singer who lived off Michael. Your whole family is selfish and still living off his money. I will miss The gentle giant and I am sure Omarosa misses him every day. I can only imagine the hell she has gone through losing him.

  17. Susan says – reply to this


    While she's at it, maybe she can make LaToya shave under her arms too.

  18. 18

    The truth hurts

  19. PLOTZilla says – reply to this


    Let's make sure we call her "reverend" 3 times so people will respect IT. Oh, yeah. Here's a tissue.

  20. PLOTZilla says – reply to this


    Re: trinigirl123 – Tough, strong business people rely on their skills and facts. Omarosa is just trying to prolong her "fame" Attitude gets you fired in real life. Don't believe me? Pull that on YOUR boss.

  21. 21

    Reverend? Please….please don't refer to her again as Reverend. She can call herself whatever she likes but no Reverend would behave with such a lack of class and dignity. Reverend should honour those who have compassion and live their life in grace and love serving others.

  22. 22

    Re: PLOTZilla – I didn't know if she was being tough to win and get the work done or just being evil like I said. But it looks like you guys think she's just evil. You would know better. I am yet to watch.

  23. 23

    Team LaToya all the way! Omarosa is a disgusting mean ratchet old woman. Team LaToya all the way!!!

  24. Lola says – reply to this


    Re: LaToya Lover – Good point! I forgot that she had done that. Omarosa is a vile human being and deserves every bit of "villian" hate she has made for herself. Reverend? Please.

  25. Alien says – reply to this


    Omarosa looked like an idiot last night. We all know what she did to try and save him but she's still a bitch and I imagine thats alot to put up with. TEAM Latoya - words I thought I would never say….

  26. Alien says – reply to this


    Re: Securitygirl – Ok Omarosa….

  27. Wiegehtz says – reply to this


    Can you confirm that Omarosa and Michael Clarke Duncan (R.I.P.) were indeed engaged? When I googled it, I couldn't find anything before Mr. Duncan (R.I.P.) died but suddenly after death, apparently Omarosa said that they were engaged and planning to have children. Also Omarosa did state on The All-Star Celebrity Apprentice that she had a job and that she covers 1/2 of the country… but I cannot find any confirmation for that either… so perhaps Omarosa could be sued over her comments.

  28. Sam says – reply to this


    She is poison. He probably kissed her and the dropped dead from the poison.

  29. Mandy says – reply to this


    Re: Dixie Dee Dee – So true.

  30. Joyce says – reply to this


    I don't think for one minute that La Toya Jackson was afraid to confront Omarosa in the board room. I really do think that she thought that strategically it was better not to take her to the boardroom due to favoritism that has been shown toward her from the beginning. I do wish that she had taken her, it would have been a good chance that Omarosa would have been fired. I was so proud of La Toya for the stand that she did take against Omarosa! I was shocked at her boldness, but I said "you go La Toya". Even though La Toya did make a fatal mistake by not taking Omarosa to the board room, we have got to admit, she stood up boldly to Omarosa when some would have folded.

  31. QueenS says – reply to this


    Omarosa is ridiculous! She'll do any damn thing for publicity. She's a 40 year old ass lady who continuously tries to remain relevant off of being a reality t.v. show loser. She's reality t.v. trash, and she needs to find something better to do with her life already… this is what, like her 4th time being on the apprentice?! hell, I think she might have had something to do with his heart attack too… living with a crazy psycho bitch like her! now, is she gonna sue me too??!

  32. QueenS says – reply to this


    Re: Securitygirl – Omarosa is a dried up old hag who's trying to remain relevant off of being a washed up reality t.v. loser/star! She's a stone ass phony with no class! Everybody witnessed that act she put on in the board room with all that fake ass crying. If she died tomorrow no one would miss her either. At least LaToya's got other things going for herself besides being on the same damn show 4 times, and losing. Everybody knows that bitch was only with that man for his money anyway. Did she love him? Possibly, but she loved his money more. So, Im pretty sure the only thing she feels like she lost was a chance to fatten her bank account, because since they weren't married when he died she most likely didn't get a penny.

  33. Frosty says – reply to this


    LaToya is just exorcising her free speech.
    She's just giving her opinion.

  34. Frosty says – reply to this


    I'm kind of surprised at Michael Clarke Duncan. I thought he was more intelligent than that.
    Were they really a couple?
    Were they really engaged?
    Or was this all just revealed after he died?
    Maybe she made this whole relationship up.
    It's possible.

  35. agriggy says – reply to this


    Omarosa claims to be a Reverend, she should forgive and let go. The Apprentice aired the alleged defamatory comments, they could have been edited out, as such they are at fault and should cover all costs for La Toya. Omarosa should never be hired to do any TV shows again.

  36. Sunflower says – reply to this


    Re: Joyce – If she had taken Omarosa to the board room, she would not have been fired. You said so yourself. LaToya knew she was going to get the boot so she brought in Dennis and the other chick whom Trump would not fire.

  37. Sunflower says – reply to this


    Re: Dixie Dee Dee – Do you know how racist you sound? How can a few bad apples make a whole race of millions look bad? Does Snooki make white woman look bad or does that only apply if one is black?

    F outta here with that nonsense. She doesn't make me look bad. She makes herself look bad.

  38. 38

    Omarosa claims to be a Reverend, she should forgive and let go. The Apprentice aired the alleged defamatory comments, they could have been edited out, as such they are at fault and should cover all costs for La Toya. Omarosa should never be hired to do any TV shows again. She only used this as an opportunity to hurt someone.

  39. Sey says – reply to this


    Continue to tie up the court system with your inane and frivolous cat-fight. Just like Donald Trump, Omarosa is just another self-righteous, the-world-owes-me loud mouth (albeit in a better weave and body). Without condemning or condoning LaToya’s comments…the truth is many were having the same thought!

  40. 40

    She's just looking to keep her sorry name it the news to delay her fall back to obscurity.
    You can't sue someone for using hyperbole and saying that someone "PROBABLY" did something DUMBASS!