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Jay-Z Sings A Love Song To Beyoncé In Bitch Don't Kill My Vibe! Listen HERE!

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Jay-Z might throw down some aggressive, loud beats, but if we listen a bit closer it becomes clear that Jay really is a softy at heart.

The hitmaker proclaimed his love for his wifey, Beyoncé, on Kendrick Lamar's new single, B*tch Don't Kill My Vibe.

Jay-Z's verse reads:

Up in the clouds, me and my spouse
Rumors on the ground gettin’ too loud
Please turn them shits down, can’t hear myself think
Turbulence, shit, almost spilled my drink
In the White House with a mink
Running through that bitch like it’s my house
All up in the hall like a mall
Told you motherfuckers, all I do is ball
No, I don’t ‘member you, I don’t intend to empty my memory bank
It’s a million dollars in it, baby, Hilary Swank
Sittin’ next to Hilary smellin’ like dank
Presidental pardon, name one nigga out there harder than him
I’ll wait, I’ve been in my weight like 20 years straight
I’ve been on my vibe like 20 years straight
Don’t fuck up my high, don’t fuck up my high
Nights like this, I could fuck up a pie
Still keep straight and still be straight
Fall back, bitch, I got a lot on my plate
Don’t waste my breath
I don’t know how many moons a nigga got left
Back to this joint, smokin’ this shit like I’m tryna’ prove a point
I’m the highest, the highest title, numero uno
Kill my vibe, that’s your motherfuckin’ funeral


It isn't Shakespeare, but it definitely tells his modern love story!

Ch-ch-ch-check out the romantic rap (above)!!!!

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11 comments to “Jay-Z Sings A Love Song To Beyoncé In Bitch Don't Kill My Vibe! Listen HERE!”

  1. 1

    You see romance. All I see is arrogance.

  2. 2

    WTF was that? That's a love story?

  3. acddr says – reply to this


    dude he mentioned B with 1 word in all those verses. The rest of it is just the usual rappar-arrogance with a nice flow.

  4. monstey says – reply to this


    cant believe our president is friends with this idiot. our country is going down the tubes. will he call his daughter a niiga and a bitch also?

  5. Ky says – reply to this


    LOL, Perez is just trying to make a joke. Respect the rap though! It's still a means of artistic expression for young, under-privileged blacks and Latinos. Hova's rap is just whack now that he's OLD and over-privileged, LMAO !!! Hip hop is about toasting and boasting, so this is where Jay-Z is coming from with this weak rap. Srry, HOV!

  6. 6

    Whatever happened to him not using the word bitch after they had their daughter?? Way to stick to your word douche.

  7. 7

    What? Garbage.

  8. chaide1 says – reply to this


    Re: Ky – ummmm yea last time i checked lots of rich white people listened to rap and hip hop

  9. 9

    Re: chaide1 – Maybe they do, I am middle class and do not like the music, and why do people always have to play it so loud? Geez when you can hear it from 3 lanes over on a freeway in LA, that is bad.

  10. Ky says – reply to this


    Re: teeter totterRe: chaide1 – It has nothing to do with who listens to rap. I am talking about the ppl who started the genre. As for the comment below yours, rap music is LOUD b/c it is meant to be played loud. Read up on the history of early hip hop and you'll see that it was created from the Dancehall scene. In South Bronx (birth place of hip hop) and on the island of Jamaica, in particular, dancehall DJs would have massive sound systems that they carried around on trucks to different neighborhoods. Hence, hip hop got its roots from that and that's why it's so loud.

  11. lauren says – reply to this


    How the hell is that GOOD???? The media must all be on this classless uneducated foold payroll !!!!! LMAO