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Taking the high road, for sure! While we were definitely entertained a bit by Selena Gomez’s shocking confession about making Justin Bieber cry like a … Read more…

47 comments to “Justin Bieber Won’t Play Selena Gomez’s Petty Games! He’s Staying “Positive”!”

  1. SarahLynn says – reply to this


    I smell a reconciliation about to happen. We only dis our exes if we aren't over them.

  2. 2

    I think he really loved her and she was never really into it… Don't like either of them though. They're both little assholes that look like little kids still.

  3. Alyssa says – reply to this


    i think she has been acting very immature and tactless, also throw in a bit of heartless. Obviously he didnt do something so horrible since they got back together about 20 times. i think she needs to move on and start acting her age. he is the younger one yet he is being 100 times more mature. She needs to stop using his name to bring herself more publicity. though i am not a fan of neither, i do believe she is acting cruel in a sense that is not needed.

  4. p says – reply to this


    she's annoying. good for justin

  5. dev says – reply to this


    Why does he always refer to himself in the third person "we"? Something is wrong with that. Maybe someone else writes his stuff the majority of the time, like his manager or PR person? Or maybe as someone here suggested on another of his tweets, that he is involved in Scientology through Will Smith? Not certain, but it is a bit strange. Oh and I don't think he was referring to Selena, he was probably dealing with the Hotel fiasco wherein one side said he was kicked out and the other said he left on his own accord.

  6. jenn says – reply to this


    I DO NOT FEEL BAD FOR JUSTIN. he is a little prick who deserves to get his ass beat.

  7. catnip says – reply to this


    lmao, that dick was powerful i guess….. selena is lame

  8. 8

    God, he looks like such a lesbian in that pic.

  9. babyrach says – reply to this


    selena is a fucking loser i used to like her but like really she has no talent the biebs made her who she is today she should be thankful

  10. 10

    Makes you think how big of a d0uch he must've been to make such a sweet girl this "mean"…..

  11. babyrach says – reply to this


    Re: Alyssa – well said

  12. 12

    Re: dev – "We" is first person plural, not third person. Also, he's referring to himself and his fans.

  13. val says – reply to this


    Selena is just a fucking bitch, while Justin wrote a fucking depressing song about her, she goes out and disses him. Selena obviously didn't trust Justin. Just because he hung out with Barbara Palvin (way better looking than Selena) she has to get so jealous. She's rude and she isn't even funny at all, that rude comment she made was a thing that a bitchy person would say, she should take a seat and shut the fuck up. She got famous only because of being Justin Biebers girlfriend, who gives a fuck about Wizards Of Waverly Place? nobody. She can't sing for shit she sounds like a baby coming out of satans asshole, and she isn't even that good to be an actress. She's starring in Spring Breakers, she just made a wrong decision.. She's gonna look like a little whore (which she is), I mean like who wants to play in a movie where someone is sniffing crack of your tits, I can see why Vanessa is starring in it because shes a whore too lol. I'm not a Bieber or a Shitelena fan but she's so rude and annoying. Notice how she goes out with everyone that's like really famous at one point? Taylor Lautner when Twilight was big, Nick Jonas, when the Jonas Brothers were big, and then Justin. She thought Zayn Malik was attractive but he said she wasn't his type. The whole of One Direction were being surveyed who's better looking from Selena or Miley and they all said Miley, she will never have a chance with Zayn sorry Selena nobody likes you and you have the worst body, good day.

  14. Jay says – reply to this


    he seems so immature

  15. 15

    Re: val – Because you are so close to both of them and can assume why they broke up. Obviously, he did something that pissed her off.

  16. Leona1982 says – reply to this


    Im not a fan of any but wow what an attention whore. Grow the fuck up Selena! Justin has never shaded her as much as she shades him! Obviously youre NOT good because you keep on dissing him left and right. Good for you Justin, you're not acting immature and that's hard even for me :p

  17. GhosT says – reply to this


    Wow. Kind of embarassing when Justin Bieber seems like the grown up of the two. It is sad to see her acting this way more and more. I wish she had never become friends with Taylor. Or maybe I was wrong about her and that is how she secretly was all along. I never liked him. I never understood why she would go out with him. Now I actually feel sorry for him the way she has treated him. Never saw that coming. Wow.

  18. TheTruthKid says – reply to this


    I wonder if Demi Lovato dated Justin bieber, I wonder how Selena would react. XD

  19. Skates says – reply to this


    Re: val
    People like you are the reasons why they broke up. Justin hardly stood up for her when she was in the relationship being bullied by people like you! I should applause Selena for finally standing up and not being afraid to confront bullies like you! Lol! Selena is a comedic actress to even think that she was mean in what she did was considered a great accomplishment for her–which actually means that she could really act and she has really made it funny and real! Two years of hate from Justin's fans and haters like you, spicing it up with some cockiness and player stunts from the boyfriend are enough to turn her around. I guess now Selena is stronger than ever. If ever Justin will be able to change his ways and act more like a man then maybe there's still a chance for them to get back together! Selena obviously still loves him, if this not a wake up call for him, I don't know what else could make him stand up and do something to pull himself together! Selena is just being feisty and not conforming to what Justin will eventually be! The worldliness of Hollywood is obviously eating him up alive! Selena has given him chances in which Justin would always screw up, I guess giving him the cold shoulder may actually work and make him work harder! Lol! if Justin could stay up and do better then he could actually prove her wrong!

  20. MB says – reply to this


    Not remotely a fan, I can't even imagine the nightmare of immature games these kids are playing against each other. Whatever with Bieber, but from a guy's perspective, Gomez strikes me as a real little bitch when she wants to be.

    When they (all of them, their friends, whatever) grow the fuck up, in 10 or 20 years…. they should understand that games, no matter what they are, or the motive behind them, are a bullshit waste of time. One day, they'll see the games before they happen, and be like "look…. cut the bullshit, I know exactly what you;re doing, lets get some dinner and a movie OR get the fuck out of my face, and don't come back, ok?"

  21. Elizabeth says – reply to this


    OMG! Selena! I am a big time Selenator, still am, and while it is dead drop halerious, maybe she could have told the world that yes, she is single, but kept the joke off the cameras. I have actively watched the news and if I am correct, this is the first time for this breakup she has directly said they have broken up and that she is single. Selena, be a little nicer to JB, but good for you girl! Stay single, mingle, and be happy. ~ A big fan of Selena Gomez

  22. GhosT says – reply to this


    Re: Skates – Im sorry. I thought the cold shoulder was when you ignore someone. Not go out of your way to publicly humiliate them. Laughing about making your ex cry is bad for anyone man or woman. Making a joke about it to other people is wrong. Doing it pubicly is just mean. She is famous! She humiliated him on television in front of the whole world. Kicking him once more while he is already down. And how many dance videos has she made now with her girlfriends. Not dancing around for fun singing along with the radio or in the car. Routines that must have taken them days to plan and rehearse. And then she tapes them and releases them on the internet. Thats no accident. No spur of the moment it just slipped out. Thats premeditated and vindictive in the extreme. She is acting like she is 12 and in middle school. The only difference is she is 20 and doing this in front of the world. As far as his fans attacking her. I dont know. I heard about some of it. I am not sure what he did or didnt do about it. I do know I saw a world wide trend today started by her fans that was calling his fans "whores" if I have my Spanish right. Most of his fans are children. Including a Cancer victim who died yesterday! I think calling them names like that is beyond disgusting. And I didnt see or hear of her doing anything to stop that. Did you?

  23. GhosT says – reply to this


    Re: TheTruthKid – If Demi turned down Niall I cant see her going with Bieber. It just doesnt seem like something she would do. He doesnt seem her type. Especially with him being Selena's ex. But Selena just proved that what Demi said the other day was true. I wonder if all the people who attacked Demi then are going to admit that and apologize? Apparently Demi is not just a ninja. She can tell the future too! LOL!

  24. @v@ says – reply to this


    Bah. No one knows what happened. Besides, they're too young to get all tied up with another person forever. Ten-fifteen years down the road, maybe, when they both know something.

  25. 25

    She is acting like her BFF Taylor, very childish. Selena just use him for him fame even though she was already famous yeah right only a Disney star

  26. Shreyadesoza says – reply to this


    Re: I Thought It Was Gum – I think you r a lesbian so u feel like that

  27. dvorak67 says – reply to this


    She didn't actually "slam" him, in fact she didn't even say it directly at all. Letterman joked that he made Bieber cry and she replied that he wasn't the only one. That's hardly a slam. If she said "Ugh, what a whiny little bitch!", that could be considered a slam.

  28. vinu says – reply to this


    Will suggest a song he needs to write & Cry ….Pennachi peannachii Pennachi Penaachiiiiiiii……..Studdyy girly PENNACHII …. Mommachhiii Mommachii , gayachhi Gayyaaachiiiiii….. Sing it Baby baybay oooooooo Baby baby babyy ooooooo…. (;

  29. danielle balbi says – reply to this


    what a puta

  30. nancy says – reply to this


    i'm annoyed with her…move on girl…he's no longer your boyfriend..talk abt something else ok..and don't hurt his feelings anymore…he's hurt already..so pls leave him alone…show some respect here.

  31. amylim86 says – reply to this


    If Selena disses Justin one more time …I swear I will lose my cool and strangle her! What a Heartless Bitch !! Saying things like that to Justin !! I hope she doesn't make jokes of the Bieber family and then do a stupid dance again !! Grow Up Selena !! you need to Grow Up !! At least Justin is mature enough to move on with his life and his #BelieveTour…The least you could do was just shut yourself up in the interview…you have no right to make jokes of a boy who loved you so much and treated you like a princess…you are going too far Selena !! Please stop all your BS !!

  32. lily says – reply to this


    Hello who r u to give comment like this to selena atleast she a actress and singer weather she a famouse or not but who are u we din't hear ur name also even in a crean this is tooo much k.did u spoke to selena or justin about, break up ha stupid fuck yourself i think its better for u insteed of given bad words to comment to people

  33. Jen says – reply to this


    No one over the age of twelve would know this girl's name if she was not Justin Bieber's ex girlfriend. If everything that is written about you includes that statement in it, then that fact is obviously your main claim to fame. Talk about the jump from being a Disney darling to playing a slut on the big screen. Talk about your "music" career. Talk about your bff Taylor Swift. If she is so confident in her talent, you would think she would not want his name mentioned. It made her look childish and just downright mean. She is delusional if she thinks she would be where she is without him.

  34. mixi says – reply to this


    he really loved her but i think she used him! now that the have broken up she will go to the next rising star!!! but i didnt like her but i respected her but after this comment and she shaded him in front of millions i have completly lost my respect for her, she is trying to act all grown up but then she does this… very childish!!

  35. Skates says – reply to this


    Re: GhosT
    I don't think Selena has actually shut the door out for Justin, but she would be expecting an effort for change, if he wants her back. Currently, they would stay as friends regardless, but not as lovers. Sometimes it takes something big to make some people to finally see the lights. I don't know if you notice, every time Selena does a move, then that's when their communications and a reconciliation comes backup. It's probably just one of those things (a challenge) to push Justin to do something. By the way, the video "Everybody Knows" was not actually Selena's idea of dissing Justin, it was her friend helping promote another friend's song, incidentally it matches her situation. The singer has mentioned the song is intended as a wakeup call for girls or women who are trapped in that kind of relationship. It probably is actually Selena's wakeup call.

  36. texanatheart says – reply to this


    I wonder? If Justin made Selena cry.

  37. nambusi eva says – reply to this


    I hate selena……justine z sweat.dat old woman z annoying.

  38. Skates says – reply to this


    Re: GhosT
    By the way, the video for the song "I Know You Were Trouble" was preplanned to be created in support for their friend, Taylor Swift. Justin actually acknowledged that even before they took their break. The only thing that changed was Selena proceeded to create it with her friends without Justin after their break. The songs she sang in the UNICEF Concert were mixed feelings of how she felt about her relationship with Justin, it did pave the way for them to communicate and reconciled back again.

  39. Skates says – reply to this


    I don't think Selena has any intention of roasting Justin in front of national tv, It came in as a coincidence since she was asked by Dave Letterman. I don't find it such a big deal. When the incident happened on Justin's interview, he was no where crying, but annoyed, thus it obviously was a joke! I don't think there's anything wrong with a man crying for a girl anyways, it's actually an honour since it shows how much he loves her, but she cannot feel sorry for him the whole time, he does need to step up and fix his own problem. There's only so much a partner can do, if he/she is not going to help himself/herself then you basically just have to end the relationship. It took her this long to finally make the call for a final breakup which means she really cares.

  40. GhosT says – reply to this


    Re: Skates – Thanks for replying honestly with your opinion without rudeness or name calling. Most people cant do that on the internet anymore. So Thank You. Maybe you are right about the dancing. I dont know. I think you can understand why some people would think it was meant towards him. I still think the Letterman thing wasnt nice. I think she could have answered it differently. I know everyone laughed. I am not a fan of his. I never understood why she went out with him at all. But it seems like everyone now just takes shots at him like it is the cool thing to do. Seeing everyone picking on one person even if it isnt someone I like bothers me. I really feel bad for his fans. Most of them are kids. They keep trying to defend him and everyone calls them names and trashes them. And he keeps making it worse by doing embarassing things over and over. I just wish people werent as mean to each other. Everyone seems to treat each other worse and worse. It just makes me sad. I just hope Selena is a little more careful. It makes her look bad and just gets everyone hating. Thanks for being one person who didnt!

  41. smita says – reply to this


    kiddo…….J.B…….I AGREE HE IS A BABY….

  42. UnicornFucker says – reply to this


    Weed, outbursts and rants. Yes justin is very mature. You people are idiots.

  43. anonymous says – reply to this


    All of you are stupid

  44. Alexia says – reply to this


    Re: jenn – Kay first stfu he didnt do anything to you so wtf wrong with you just dont talk thanks byee loser

  45. Gerredy says – reply to this


    All of justin fans are protecting him like if hes the one with a vagina in between his legs, instead of defending Selena who is the real lady.

  46. amylim86 says – reply to this


    Re: danielle balbi – oh you mean like you? stupid bitch

  47. raksmey says – reply to this


    Hi justin bieber
    i love you jb
    girl friend
    from raksmey khun:);)