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Well shiz... If it's that broke, maybe this is for the best! Multiple sources have confirmed that Katy Perry and John Mayer are completely kaput! … Read more…

22 comments to “Katy Perry & John Mayer SPLIT Again!”

  1. Carra says – reply to this


    Yawn… who cares. These two suck ass anyway. Both are 100% fake. She should have stayed with the Brit… but I guess Russell was too real for her. Katy Perry is 100% manufactored.

  2. Elizabeth says – reply to this


    I agree that her and Russell were good together. She was just too busy for him though…so who knows. Maybe these people gotta realize there is more to life than making money. You have to take care of yourself too.

  3. Jem says – reply to this


    Russell was the one. That is why she is so bitter now. All of her relationships are doomed to fail, because she is too shallow. When she is old and grey, losing Russell will be her biggest regret.

  4. Status Prime says – reply to this


    Yep… Russell was the one. Stupid girl.

  5. Andrew says – reply to this


    Russell wasn't the one, everyone commenting is so dumb.

    When they got together she explained that she'd be touring a lot, he accepted this. But then he let her tour the world and then take 2 days of every few weeks to travel thousands of miles to see him, he made no effort at all to see her.
    She ended up exhausted and depressed.

    Dumping that greasy-haired druggie was the best thing she ever did.

  6. Roman says – reply to this


    Katy Perry is a Whore.
    John Meyer is a Bore.


  7. TruthHertz says – reply to this


    Katy Perry is an old hag… lol. The only one who loves her is her cat.

  8. Alfinacan says – reply to this


    I use to think Katy Perry was hot. Now… not so much. Her age is showing. Plus, she is as lame as Lady Gaga.

  9. Jessica says – reply to this


    "It's not over until it's over" and "she's leaving the window open"?!?! Dumb ho, just START respecting yourself already! If a man really loves you and wants to be with you, HE WILL DO JUST THAT! How about you learn to let go of someone who doesn't really love you? Yeah, no, leave your legs-oh, sorry, leave that window open so he can use you up a bit more and leave you once more until you can't take it anymore. My partner of 15 years has done insane things and moved mountains to be with me because his desire has been strong. A man in love will be like that for his girl. To think once I was a fan of her… yuck.

  10. 10

    She deserves better. I am amazed this guy can get laid by a celebrity for the way he has treated past conquests.

  11. 11

    WTF is all this talk about Russell being the one?!! He is a himbo that can't commit to one woman. Good riddance to that fugly dude.

  12. MB says – reply to this



    Uh Katy…. life is simpler than that. There is no hokus pokus nonsense going on, in any way, including from "god". Everything that happens in life, is a direct result of human beings, yourself and everyone around you. Sometimes a whole bunch of things happen like a domino effect, but it is all due to you, the many people around you, and their very different personalities.

    Katy, don't be Bette Midler in Down And Out In Beverly Hills….

  13. 13

    Good. She can go back to wearing the cupcake bras.

  14. Daily says – reply to this


    Katy need to find some self respect. This narcassisstic racist care only for himself. Why keep running back to him. I agree with every one else that she should have stayed with Russell Brand. This is the only way Mayer can get attention.

  15. Drika says – reply to this


    Katy loves Robert Pattinson! 100% true!

  16. 16

    Katy wanted a bad boy well that's her problem for thinking she can change him and be the ONE. Please! We all know John Mayer dates women and disposes them like condoms. I'm not sure if Russell was the one but I sure wouldn't leave him for John and Russell did seem genuinely in love with her. Unlike John that entices these stupid women to date him when they all end up in his portfolio. Then they write stupid breakup songs like Taylor Swift. Bitch you should've known!!!

  17. Maybe says – reply to this


    Here I thought all was well. Maybe it's just all career stuff. Strange. Oh well.

  18. Speculator says – reply to this


    Ya know, the only time I saw my shrink, chiropractor AND psychic is one day i was going through hell. Perhaps it's the same for KP. That Tweet and the Landfill one seemed rather ominous, to say the least.

  19. TheTruthKid says – reply to this


    I don't think she was "To busy for him" I believe he wanted to start a family with her, or at-least have sex with her. I remember in her movie, the reason why they broke up is because Russell wanted to start a family, and blah blah blah, but she wasn't ready for having a kid, so he broke up with her and knew, if she is going to be this childish, and thinks she's still a baby he can't see himself being with her. So he broke up with her, and she took the split very harshly, not to long ago she was found taking a pregnancy test while dating John Mayer.

    So who knows.

  20. 20

    To actually believe that these 2 have broken up you would have to believe that they were together in the first place. Stop believing everything that you read and taking it for face value. Everything that these celebs put out there is a calculated move. Who knows if any of it is true or not.

  21. Dana says – reply to this


    Pure marketing strategy and next wednesday (or even this weekend) they'll be "back together". Keep my words.

  22. jude says – reply to this


    Those of you who call John Mayer ugly, have you seen him in person up close? Well I did in some resto in LA when we're celebrating something in the family. I'm not a fan, but I have to admit, he's really darn good looking…