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109 comments to “Keyshia Cole BLASTS Beyonce!”

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  1. Pip says – reply to this


    Clearly Beyonce is JayZ's bitch. Nuff said.

  2. Jnas81 says – reply to this


    Re: lj – OMG. This comment stopped me in my TRACKS. THANK YOU!!!! MAAANNN DID You call out every thought in my mind!!! Insecurity takes hold of people without them even knowing it.. and as soon as they start to feel like something is directed at them (even though it's not) they can't help but show their true colors. no one learns… Lil Kim tried to do it with Nicki then Azelia Banks… but where her album at? Where's her art? Oh… that's right… wasted on rebutting shit that was never directed to her in the first place. Lesson learned people.. if you're too busy watching everybody else… how the hell do you know where YOU'RE going? mind ya bizness and make YOUR art… Beyonce's on top because she was focused on HER art…. not anybody else's.

  3. Sydney says – reply to this


    I swear people are just retarted these days. I must say it's not the best Beyonce song ever, but who cares? But have you even seen her? She's got a succesful carreer, fell in love, dates, got married, sold albums. To be honest here, she's not a yawn. She's a sucessful mother, has a good husband. I seriously think all of you are just taking things to seriously. So it's not the best song in the world, not like the world is going to end. I actually think Bey is just letting it loose these days, she's got everything under control. It's more easier for her to relax now that sh'e got time to relax, I bet the song is not even serious. She's ahead of her life, and BTW, who on earth is Keyshia Cole???

  4. Charlie says – reply to this


    Annnnnd what about that one bitch that keisha beat up in her
    latest video? Not much unity there eh? Beyonce's song is about
    haters and they are getting upset.

  5. giana says – reply to this


    Beyonce should be worrying about being a better, more positive and motivating female role model, especially since she has a daughter now. Bow down bitches??? Really? Go back to the studio and come up with another angle to make money off, Beyonce. Cause the controversy, I am, angle is getting old….NEXT

  6. Mellow says – reply to this


    First is first Perez shut the fuck up Kesha said what everyone can't say. Keshia cole's voice is amazing great chick honestly she is a better singer than Bitchyonce. Moreover wtf. Bow down botch please. Love Keshia keeping it real . People that could sing better than Beyonce aren't famous why Perez you know why . Keep kissing ass to those bitch hypocrite simpleton.

  7. Maj1216 says – reply to this


    All these Bey stans are totally missing her point. Keyshia doesn't pretend to be holier than though, she doesn't claim to be the face of 'female power', Beyonce' does. She's calling her out for her hypocrisy. Really, it wasn't that subtle, she was pretty straight forward.

  8. Maj1216 says – reply to this


    I agree with the first poster, Keyshia is a better singer, overall. She's just too real for the not quite ready to accept a street smart non-caucasian female as their 'idol'. Beyonce' fits the white mold much better for those 'on the fence' people, whom need someone to fit their idea of beauty and supposed talent. I, personally, prefer someone that can emit soul through their voice, someone that can emit emotions through their voice, someone that doesn't need to use visyne to make 'show' me the 'sad' part of their song. As for dance, yes, Bey dances better, but she still dances like your average girls that go clubbing. She's no Janet, Paula, Madonna, Jennifer, or Aaliyah. J, P, M and J will probably still outdo her when they are well into their 70's. LOL. Seriously, she's not fluid, you got to have some fluidity in your movements to be a good dancer. It's hard to explain, but her original 'band mates', including Kelly, had the fluidity. I guess just take the time (with open minds) to watch any of the women listed, side by side a Bey vid, and you'll see what I'm talking about regarding the fluidity vs stiffness.

  9. Rayfg says – reply to this


    Keisha cole fuckin sucks! SHe cant sing and on top of shes a hater. SHes A fuckin dumb ass hood rat who is mad that Beyonce is still relevant and worth 300 million dollars. All you idiots that say beyonce cant sing are full of shit too. Beyonce could be stabbed in the throat and she could still sing better than Keisha cole. FUCK OUTTA HERE! You lames hate Beyonce because she so big and yall have nothin better to do… Fuckin losers

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