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Lindsay Lohan Doesn't NEED Rehab, But It Sure Beats Going To Jail!

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lindsay lohan rehab better than jail reason for plea deal

Lindsay Lohan does NOT drink, you guys!

And according to the chaos-attracting starlet herself, she does NOT need rehab.

SO then WHY did Lindsay finally accept the lockdown-rehab plea deal mere moments before Monday's decisive court hearing?!

Well DUH, obviously rehab beatz jail time!

In fact, we can't fathom WHY Lilo has been SO opposed to attending a rehabilitation facility, because even if she's convinced herself she has zero substance abuse issues, it's not like she (or anyone for that matter) can't benefit from 90 days of personal reflection and healing therapy!

Especially since we're sure she'll be kept on lock in a swanky resort-type establishment that includes all the luxuries fit for a celeb of her status. LOLzz!

On a more serious note, if Lilo maintains she has NO need of rehab, then perhaps she should have been ORDERED to go to jail. Why send Lindsay off to a program that will obviously do NOTHING to curb her wacky ways?!

At least jail would have taught Lindz that there are actually consequences to, you know, BREAKING THE LAW MULTIPLE TIMES and such.

But unfortunately, the justice system has failed in that respect (again), and we doubt Lindsay will learn much of anything by sulking about the Betty Ford Center for three months.

[Image via WENN.]

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15 comments to “Lindsay Lohan Doesn't NEED Rehab, But It Sure Beats Going To Jail!”

  1. oliviapippip says – reply to this


    I used to really love Lindsay lohan in Mean girls and Freaky Friday. she was one of my favorite actresses but now i just wish she'd buzz off. her constant pleas for attention are soooo beyond annoying now. go to rehab and fix your life then return back to your career and stop doing weird things to stay in the tabloids. SO ANNOYING NOW. -_-

  2. 2

    Pretty sad when you think about how many people in jail admit they have a problem and wish they could afford rehab. This bloated bimbo gets rehab when she is in complete denial. What a waste.

  3. kim says – reply to this


    Really sad. I just can not like her anymore. It's maddening to see how inept the legal system is, how she keeps getting off lightly and EXPECTING that she is going to get off lightly because she believes she has done nothing wrong. I a more than pissed off that she is allowed to ever get behind the wheel of a car. I will never support any of her future endeavors.

  4. ALW says – reply to this


    She looks like Brett Michaels in that pic.

  5. natti says – reply to this


    Im just finding your california courtrooms a total farce!! Its the best place ive seen for celebrity justice!! Im amazed at the guillable ones who voted these judges and officers in!! silly californians

  6. ES-339 says – reply to this


    I predict she will cause some major drama within 4 days of enterring rehab. Of course it won't be her fault. Nothing ever is her fault.
    Nobody is doing her ny favors by giving her this special treatment. She needs a major wakeup call. Jail. In the general population. Let's see how full of herdelf she feels when she gets out from that.

  7. nik says – reply to this


    Soon she'll be sent off to Dubai and Croatia where they love her to pay back all that has been given to her recently. We can take a break from her antics at least for 90 days. Or until she runs someone over again. Hit the clubs girl, you got nothin to lose! Call your mom she needs a good night out too!! hahahahahahaha

  8. 8

    I wish the courts would just throw her ass (and others in this same situation) in jail and be done with it. She, like so many other addicts out there will not get better if THEY ARE NOT READY. Nobody's letting this girl hit bottom (maybe that's jail?). Instead, they twist her arm and push her into rehab where she goes through the motions like a good actress then runs out and parties it up again.

    Forcing anyone into mandated drug/alcohol treatment (when they're not ready) is a waste of time, especially with someone who feels this entitled.

    Anyone can google statistics and see how useless court-mandated rehab is. It's kind of the running joke in the criminal community. Jump through a hoop and go back to abusing drugs/alcohol.

  9. 9

    This story doesn't make any sense. She was also offered house arrest with the ankle monitor that detected drugs & alcohol, but she turned that down. She probably thinks rehab is going to be a breeze like it was for her the other times. That's probably why she went with it. Anyone else would have taken house arrest, because it was for a much shorter term.

  10. MORE LINSANITY says – reply to this


    For someone who says she doesnt want to go to jail, she sure does everything she needs to do to land her ass back in the slammer. Goes out clubbing the night of her plea deal. Sure its legal, but it isnt very smart. Linz, u are being watched and ur going to get busted AGAIN. ALSO, please be aware a rehab facility has to ACCEPT you. You give 'em call and say, "Hi, im lindsay lohan and i need to come to rehab for 90 days cause its court ordered and i dont want to go to jail. I dont really have a problem with alcohol or drugs, but if i dont find a rehab that will take me, ill go back to jail." Lindsay, you are always screwing yourself before you even take off your chothes. Noone can naturally be as dumb as u are. You are either a rotted brain from meth or you are possessed by evil. Either one, they need to lock u up long time. AND THEY WILL, STUPID!

  11. TO ICKY NICKY says – reply to this


    dear ikky nikky, It is my understanding that after lohan turned down a plea deal with DAs office that all offers were revoked. Yesterdays plea bargin was from scratch and DID NOT include house arrest as an option because the judge and da both INSISTED she serve LOCKDOWN time. We all know whenj lindsay is on house arrest she has her drugs delivered and flaunts parties on roof tops. She will be arrested BEFORE may. If they can"t catch her, someone is going to set her up for a bust. La is disgusted with her and many people are up for reelection that MUST MANAGE the lindsay lohan situation. Further, rehab isnt going to let her sit on her ass for 90 days to pass the time. They will boot her out and she will go DIRECTLY TO JAIL. Thats assuming she finds a rehab that will take her. She is one fuckedup peice of SHIT.

  12. brilliant says – reply to this


    with that attitude she isnt likely to get accepted into a rehab program. The other thing, lockdown rehabs ARE jail. Its jail and FORCED therapy (which is an oxymoron if i've ever heard one). I think it's fucking hysterical that ll thinks she going to go to a plush rehab and sit in a private room and have quiet time for 90 days. Rehab is all about CONFRONTATION. and when it comes to lindsay there are thousands of articles in media that document her fuckups. Further, the director of the rehab has an obligation to the facility to maintain its integrity, protect other rehabber and not let some sociopath whos using rehab to avoid jail RUIN the rehab experience and opportunitiy for others, others who are spending tens of housands of dollars in order to GET BETTER. Good luck with this plan. Lindsays going to get popped again, and if its another DUI, she is looking at PRISON.

  13. 13

    Jail would have been better, but Lindsay would have been out the next day because of "overcrowding" and even if she spend time there, she'd gotten special treatment. When the hell is the girl gonna learn her problems? And rehab ain't gonna do shit for her! She's gonna go to some spa like resort and stay there for a period of time and cause problems and get her ass kicked out! The girl has no sense at all! She does what she wants because she knows she will get away with it. I can't believe she's made it this far!

  14. yep. says – reply to this


    She does have a big drug and alcohol problem. Drugs + alcohol are really expensive. Lindsay has no money or income. That there is a PROBLEM.

  15. sabresk8ter says – reply to this


    She's been up for jail and/or rehab so many times it isn't funny anymore. Sentnce her and have that be that, no "get out of jail free" card! Her and everything around her is messed up - remove her from her messed up life and she might get better.