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Chris Brown Beats It In The Studio With Sean Kingston & Wiz Khalifa

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Chris Brown is gonna beat, beat, beat it no matter WHAT you think!

In a rather eyebrow-raising move, the controversial artist recently lent his undeniably slick vocals to Sean Kingston's R&B dance track Beat It

Ch-ch-check out an in-studio video recording of Sean, Chris, and new daddy Wiz Khalifa getting DOWN on the track (above)!

And while we STILL think that guesting on a tune titled Beat It when you have a high-profile history of abuse is just the poorest of poor taste, at least it seems that (for now) Breezy is trying to prove that he IS changing his brutish ways!

In fact, Chris may actually stay faithful to on-again/off-agian ladylove Rihanna while she's away on tour (for once)!

Baby steps!

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11 comments to “Chris Brown Beats It In The Studio With Sean Kingston & Wiz Khalifa”

  1. 1

    Its so sad, if I never knew of him viciously beating up his girlfriend, I would think that he was a very cool and extremely talented guy. Even someone I would want to hang out with. But nope.

  2. Jazz says – reply to this


    I hope the song is a hit..You know Its pathetic how you're constantly trying to influence your readers to hate Chris. As a Rihanna fan I tell you that I support their relationship and what makes them happy. Its not good for the health or for the spirit to be a hater like you.

  3. AM says – reply to this


    Omg, this song is amazing!! Definitely gonna be a big song. Chris Brown sings beautifully, such a talented man. Way more talented than any of them in the industry right now. I don't see any others as talented as him. It sucks that all you people do is find ways to bash him and all you see is negativity when he's really a good person. He messed up, so what? Something that happened four years ago? Really? Like just give it up. Chris Brown is doing is thing and making his money. All you haters can keep hating. Team Breezy FOREVER!

  4. Simone_11 says – reply to this


    @Jazz whenever it comes to Chris Brown Perez promotes hate he wants everyone to dislike
    him. Perez has an evil spirit

  5. Felecia says – reply to this


    Everytime this young say something. or sing you write it to be abt him
    hitting Rihanna this how you make your money by feeding red meat to you readers
    you so full of hate when he has apologized his is your poster boy.

  6. realness says – reply to this


    chris is talented. but at the end of the day. any person who stay in a relationship after getting beat down. is a d@mn fool. female or male. good song. but i dont support woman beaters. especially since I have been hit by a man.

  7. Simone_11 says – reply to this


    @realness if you don't support him why did you listen to the song?

  8. Maddy says – reply to this


    You people keep on using this word history of abuse; Howmany are there? this man need (CB) need some positive comments is been years now since the incident.
    Peace man for god his sake

  9. love says – reply to this


    What Chris did to Rihanna was a bad thing but we all have did things that are not right on different levels. We are not perfect people and all make mistakes. No one has the right to persecute any other human being for their actions, sexuality, beliefs etc. I personally don't think Chris or Rihanna are good for each other but if this is what they want, people should accept it and move on. Please leave these two young people alone.

  10. kiddkobby says – reply to this


    Dis song is definitely a hit and I jux dont know why people keep hating on Chris Brown for an incident that happened four years ago, when the victim of. the incident has moved on and she is even back in a relationship with him.Stop Hating on Chris cuz the more you hate,the more hotter and dope he becomes.

  11. Tiffany says – reply to this


    Perez i think u are an undercover Team Breezy fan you just dont want everybody to know that i love the song and Chris Brown