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Lindsay Lohan Not Just Popping Bottles! LiLo Also Getting Treated For Prescription Medication Abuse!

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lindsay lohan to recieve treatment for prescription medication abuse during 90 day rehab stint

You know what they say, sixth time’s a charm!

As Lindsay Lohan prepares for her 90 days at the spa in rehab, we’re finding out in addition to booze, the troubled starlet will also be receiving treatment for prescription meds as well!

Yikes! This sounds a lot more serious than we originally thought!!

One source claims LiLo is known to pop a pill or two from time to time and says:

“Lindsay’s prescription drugs of choice are Adderall and Xanax, and in addition, she consumes large amounts of alcohol — specifically, vodka.”

We’re definitely not doctors, but mixing drugs with alcohol is NEVER a good idea!

Even though this isn’t her first, or second, or third, but SIXTH stint in rehab, Lindsay still denies that she has a problem. After serving her latest sentence, she’ll have spent around 340 days in rehab since 2007! That’s almost a full calendar year!!!

Although this seems like a definite low point in her career, LiLo still has plenty of time to turn things around! We sincerely hope that things work out for her and that she gets the help she needs!

Get better, Lindsay!!

[Image via WENN.]

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11 comments to “Lindsay Lohan Not Just Popping Bottles! LiLo Also Getting Treated For Prescription Medication Abuse!”

  1. 1

    She doesn't want rehab, she's being forced to go. This stint won't work, either.

  2. please stop says – reply to this


    Someone please tell this sociopath that the Rosary is not to be worn as jewerly.

  3. please stop says – reply to this


    I meant jewelry.

  4. 4

    Re: please stop – Lol, I didn't even notice that. Yes, poor taste.

  5. please stop says – reply to this


    Re: nicoal – She needs to start PRAYING The Chaplet of St. Michael instead of just wearing the Rosary. Lol, for real….Bahahahahaaaaaa.

  6. 6

    My biggest concern is she doesn't have to go back to court until May. And even then will probably have more time before she has to go into rehab. That's way too much down time for Lilo to party. Not liking this at all. Hope she holds up till then. I kind of doubt it though.

  7. no respect/no awarenes says – reply to this


    Re: please stop – While i agree with you completetly i am surprised that you are surprised at her choice. Lindsay jumps on any faddy bandwagon. She would wear a swastika as a tiara if someone in Vogue did it first. Lindsay doesnt THINK, she has no concern whatsoever about what messages she send out (clubbing instead of attending her own hearings). Most of the outfits she has worn to court were totally inappropriate and my recollection is that she was chastized for this by a judge during her moments of having the Linda Lovelace role when she showed up in court with black hair and dressed like a whore. Lindsay Lohan just doesnt give a shit, who she offends, …or steals from, or hits with her car, or lies about, or screws over, or …etc…etc. Did anyone see that picture lindsay took of herself in front of a hotel bathroom mirror with a can of Mr. Pink that is somehow suppose to be a promotional payback for the airplne ride? Desperate times. Really lilo, HOW LOW CAN YOU GO?

  8. BAD TIMES AHEAD says – reply to this


    If shes on all those pills she is going to need supervised detox. It is hell coming off tranqs and then cut out the booze, the adderall and other things she takes…its a bitch. For all of those who want lindsay to suffer, trust that rehab is going to be a bigger hell for her than any South American prison. Withdrawl from tranqs and alcohol could give her seizures, hallucinations and psychosis. This girl is in for a bitch of a ride and is going to find sobriety a very painful way of life. Most people lives improve when they get sober but lindsay will finally come into awareness that shes broke, in big trouble with the IRS, noone will hire her for anything and she cant pass a credit check for a place of her own. She has NOTHING to look forward too and will probable accidently OD because soon, no drug, no amount of alcohol is going to be enough to block out her truth and circumstances. You did it to yourself Lindsay. Youre concerned with Biebers karma? Im sure its much easier to speculate on his karma than it is to face your own.

  9. weenie says – reply to this


    Re: BAD TIMES AHEAD – amen! i thought she could get it together i was really rooting for this girl..i have no hope she really is a lost cause.

  10. DITTO says – reply to this


    I rooted for her too, i prayed for her, i wrote on blogs that people shouldnt tear into her, that she has mental issues and drug addictions, both her illegal ones and all that shit psychiatrist so mindlessly put her on as "enhancements" over a decade ago. I was hopeful, but she lost me when she started viciously attacking people and slandering them. She is a VERY dirty fighter. She has no consious in how she fucks herself or others over. She posions the people and areas around her, good people, most whom are there to HELP HER. She is mindless. That car crash could have involved a small car with small kids. WOULD Lindsay be ok with killing a child? When i came to the realization that I'm damn sure she'd be ok with it, AND she'd sell her stories and the pictures to media… Well, i came to realize, there is no little, cute, fun and sweet Lindsay Lohan IN THERE anymore. The drugs ate her soul. All thats left now is a raging impatient EGO, howling in agony…."FEED ME!!!" Broke my fucking heart, i tell ya.

  11. IT TAKES TIME says – reply to this


    Re: Brooksie – Lindsay is a long-term drug/alcohol abuser, with 5 failed rehabs, 5 probation violations, a recent (in legal/medical time) arrest for an assault on a stranger (and those in rehab world know she popped the "tech" at Betty Ford and threatened them with lawsuits.) Lindsay is in need of serious medical detox and this is why they didnt want to just slam her in jail. It stands to be quite a challenge to even find a rehab that will accept lindsay. To the medical world she is an out or control, multi-offender, violent and uncompliant. If she is there just so she can avoid jail, she will not be accepted. Her detox could involve all kinds of problems and she could get hurt or end up permantely damaged by seizures. Lindsay is sue happy. Shes in a lot of trouble.