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Pope Francis Advocated Gay Civil Unions In 2010! Will He Bring Such Compromise Now??

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pope francis gay marriage

Pope Francis could be the first step in The Church's change after all!

Despite his stance on gay marriage (definitely against it), new details have been revealed, shedding light on when the new Pope argued FOR gay civil unions in Argentina as a Cardinal.

With the country on the verge of approving gay marriage back in 2010, the Roman Catholic Church wanted to stop it immediately, but he called for compromise for the sake of order.

Marcelo Márquez, a gay rights leader and theologian says he received a call from the Cardinal and he says:

"He told me that homosexuals need to have recognized rights and that he supported civil unions, but not same-sex marriage."

Well… it's not the best thing to hear, but it's better than the starting point, that's for sure!

Another source reveals:

"He didn’t want the church to take a position of condemning people but rather of respect for their rights like any vulnerable person."

His decision to offer compromise was seen as him picking "the lesser of two evils" for less social dialogue. …hey, wait a second… does that sound WORSE than compromise at all to you??

It's a topic that's being heavily argued right now.

And while we support change in any measure, we will NEVER settle for civil unions. It's a great way to get the ball rolling, but we're gonna keep pushing that ball until our rights are FULLY recognized!!

[Image via WENN.]

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13 comments to “Pope Francis Advocated Gay Civil Unions In 2010! Will He Bring Such Compromise Now??”

  1. 1

    Civil unions, not mariages.
    And no, he won't do anything as pope to help the gays.
    The Church hates gays to the core.

  2. lala says – reply to this


    Re: overthere – He never once said the pope was for gay marriage, i know you're a probably a rival site but atleast learn to read before trying to make him look like an idiot :P

  3. LadyCanada says – reply to this


    Actually, the church hates no one, especially not to the core. I am Catholic, and I believe in equality for all, and love for all people…which is what my religion has taught me. Give it time…it will come. Small steps.

  4. TOOSHORT123 says – reply to this


    Okay you are not really open to compromise if you say you will never accept civil unions. You are really saying your way or the highway, but sugar coated. Another convuluted statement by Perez.

  5. Girl says – reply to this


    If you are a part of a religion that supposedly follows the Bible, there is no compromise on Gay marriage. The bible clearly states that God is against any type of homosexuality. This is what is wrong with most religions now a days: complete disregard for what the bible says. If you are going to call yourself a Christian or Catholic, at least have the decency of following God's words. Don't just agree with the parts that you feel are in your favor. If you are going to make up your own rules, don't call yourself a Christian. Either you agree or disagree with the Bible.

  6. Rodrigo says – reply to this


    that's fake Perez! investigate about it! He said that gay marriage is a work of the devil and is (in his words) a destructive attack on God's plan…. like… wtf? he hates gays.

  7. Kenz says – reply to this


    No matter what, the Pope and Catholic Church won't agree to gay marriage…ever. It is against the core church doctrine. It's like them all of a sudden saying abortion is okay. I happen to think it's okay (gay marriage NOT abortion), but the CC 'aint gonna budge. However, I think this Pope sees the papacy as much more favorable to free theological discussion than the old rule of Benedict, and therefore try to meet half-way.

  8. karen says – reply to this


    He suggested civil unions because he wanted to stop the government of Argentina from making gay marriage legal. Everyone needs to stop thinking that he's going to be liberal minded about anything. The Catholic Church still calls birth control a sin, even though most followers use it.

  9. getshorty says – reply to this


    As usual, Perez publishes unfounded rumors that in this case, actually hurts the cause. Go back on the other team, we don't want you on ours.

  10. Soledad says – reply to this


    People, Jorge Bergolio is in no way and will ever be with the gay community, when it was being discussed about gay rights to marry he literally said GAY PEOPLE SHOULD ALLBE PUT IN AN ISLAND FAR AWA AND THAT WE SERVED THE DEVIL.
    My girlfriend was there Im argentinian, you catholic people have just been given the worst person there is.
    Im gay and i will never accept this man as anything, not after the absolute hate he expressed againt gay people and the other things he has done.

  11. Anne says – reply to this


    Re: Girl – I agree with you totally. No one could have said it better! God Bless!

  12. hey says – reply to this


    Re: Girl
    am not a christian but i agree with you. i mean, how can gay marriage be legal when bible clearly states otherwise? civil-wise legal maybe. but religiously? no. please dont manipulate religion to fit ur own desire.

  13. Tom says – reply to this


    The bible says/is against a lot of other things too which are not being taken as literally in modern life. It's funny how the religious right can pick and choose their bible interpretations.