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We believe you Kimmy! At least we think we do... Oh what to believe!!!! Kim Kardashian dressed her baby-bump in satin and black lace to visit her la… Read more…

24 comments to “Kim Kardashian Klaims She DID Love Kris Humphries During Divorce Deposition!”

  1. Bobel says – reply to this


    Excuse me…. My eyes rolled out of my head. Got to catch them.

  2. 2

    How many posts about the Kardashians will we have to endure today?

  3. mboomer says – reply to this


    DId she not prepared for months about her response!! Hopefully it will all come out in court during the trial. For this time maybe Kris lawyer did not asked her to many questions and left it for the trial for suprise sake! who knows …. it is all gossip so far, he said….she said etc. MB

  4. 4

    Why won't he give him the Annulment? Doesn't want to be sued by everyone she bilked money from?

    She's may have money, but she earned it from the unwitting sheeple of America and advertising companies that pump garbage in our boddies. She has truelie done nothing of substance, and she's only had negative effect on pop culture.

  5. 5

    Why won't he give him the Annulment? Doesn't want to be sued by everyone she bilked money from?

    Stop the train-wreck- she's a detriment to our society.

  6. Mrs. Momoa says – reply to this


    Kris should just have signed the papers and moved on. He lost 2 lawyers for a reason regarding this case. He was in it for the fame and money, this is just making him look bad and now his BB career is suffering because of it. Kris is acting like a spoiled kid and it is just a shame.

  7. 7

    She better watch out, now she is a porn star and a criminal! Lying under oath is PERJURY!

  8. 8

    OMG! Just go away already Kartrashians!

  9. guest says – reply to this


    Fuck her! everything that comes out of her mouth is a complete lie. It`s absolutely obvious, that she marries men to use them!

  10. truthbetold says – reply to this


    I don't understand why Kris married Kim when he had said in the past that he couldn't stand her. Kris' ex fiance had said that when she was watching the Kardashian show Kris would comment that he hated Kim and the show. So why did he go out with her and then ask her to marry him? He needs to take some ownership of this mess as well.

  11. cookie says – reply to this


    And LaLa is the father of her baby! She should stick to crotch sniffing with her sisters. Can't wait for their kids to see that episode. Won't they be so proud.

  12. 12

    one of the producers already told the truth. the wedding was for ratings it was FAKE.

  13. Fair says – reply to this


    Re: shaygirl1309 – What you fail to understand is that if it were fake he was in on it.

  14. Chichi says – reply to this


    She's beginning to look like Octo-mom. Lmfao. She's just a big ole liar - but who cares - it's entertainment. Right? Right? Lol.

  15. Ky says – reply to this


    Yah, ho, and I loved your porno… NOT !!!

  16. kY says – reply to this


    "… their marriage had nothing to do with her reality show." Now, that's a laugh out loud! Free Kris! Bring back the Hump !!! (He's out of the Nets court rotation and in court with this fraudulent ho)

  17. toby says – reply to this


    She probably did love him ,like you know she loves her nailpolish or something.

  18. 18

    Kim k says she loved him. All the evidence was there that she didn't love him. He loved her and wanted to move in together. One of there episodes you can see that Kim doesn't want anything to do with Kris. She didn't want his boxes of stuff to go to her house. She is so selfish. All the evidence is there Kim, its so obvious you married him for publicity. And you say your wedding cost so much, you made millions off it. Your a joke Kim and I hope you don't get off easy because that's not fair to Kris. I hope the judge is fair to Kris, because Kim has millions to pay to get what she wants. Kim uses men to get what she wants. Now she's knocked up by kanye for publicity again! I feel bad for Kris Humphries. Those kardashians have evil intentions. Watch out!

  19. Marz says – reply to this


    Why is she messing around with her face? I don't understand, she was so beautiful before and she is slowly transforming into an octomom look-a-like

  20. 20

    he was brushing his teeth and she then appeared enraged because she thought his spit was getting on the mirror so she cleaned it is that love to follow someone around cleaning after them… and always pissy when he put his dogs on her bed to go to sleep on the egytian cotten she appeared upset is that love….love me love my dogs …(cats)

    he was nagged into proposing then not wanted around the cake was in the waste the same day the presents never collected …bring in normal brides to compare wiht that and ull find she didnt act like a loving bride but more a money hungry cnt

  21. 21

    @PitaGram - she doesn't want to give him the annulment for two reasons 1) because he wants the annulment in order to invalidate a non-disclosure agreement he signed as part of his marriage contract with her (prenup) so he can be free to write books about her, sell photos of their private life, get paid for interviews, etc. Essentially he wants to be able to make more money off her and embarrass her. 2) His basis for the annulment is fraud which alone is at least embarrassing and "if" untrue insulting.

  22. Ratzassss says – reply to this


    I hope that's not her legal counsel standing in for Wasserman next to her. Geez, who the fuck dresses like that for a legal procedure?

  23. TheTruthKid says – reply to this


    Fake lawyer, lying bitch, loves attention, her mom is fucked, they love money and the tv shows. I bet this dumb idiot was hit when she was a child, and there mother thing she's a hot bitch. HA no, the lawyer looks like a huge slut, not only that but a 'fake lawyer' when I say this, is in it for the money, media, and saying fake bullshit.

    Look at them whores, boobs out, and she's a lawyer, Kim get your ass out the spotlight because once your baby is born you'll be out of it hopefully.

  24. linda george says – reply to this


    The reality show proves this was a made for TV wedding and marriage. Kim told a friend the day before she married him "I hate him." If there was an infatuation early on it died and the TV production took over. I doubt the lawyers and judge want to be disbarred and the show is video footage of the fraud. I hope Kim's lawyer is advising her correct;ly because fraud is criminal. She thought the sex tape followed her. OMG!!! Hollywood believes anyone can be bought and Kris H. is not for sale. He has 24 CT. midwestern values. I respect him. He was used, discarded and he is refusing to be a victim. If he wins someday this will be a legend about moral fortitude and character.