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42 comments to “Drake Bell Throws MAJOR Shade Over Justin Bieber's Writing Skillz!”

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  2. somebody says – reply to this


    Actually, Justin fans have been irrationally mean to Drake Bell on previous occasions, I would be an ass to him too. Look into it.

  3. Hannah says – reply to this


    Drake is so mean he throw anything around Justin doing nothing he is amazing guy more then drake

  4. 4

    Justin can's seem to form a complete sentence when he talks - how can he write? He really needs to go to school.

  5. 5

    hahahaha that's pretty funny. Bieber is dumb, as are his fan-aticals.

  6. Mrs. Momoa says – reply to this


    Who is this guy "Drake Bell"? I never heard of him.

  7. lala says – reply to this


    Would love to see a David Attenborough documentary on a Justin fan in its natural habitat, would be interesting to see how crazed they really look when TYPING ALL IN CAPS to make a point, or just ording takeaway…

  8. 8

    I'm sure it annoys artists who actually write their own songs that "artists" like Bieber get writing credits in exchange for recording a song that was written by, and occasionally for, someone else. The fact that it's common practice doesn't make it any less annoying.

  9. Kaykoura says – reply to this


    By reading what Perez posted I took it that Drake meant it more as he didn't/doesn't feel that Bieber writes his own songs. I don't sense any jealousy but then again Perez sticks up for someone, puts them down, and then goes bi-polar all over them again.

  10. 10

    LOL bieber only tweeted that because he's desperate for everybody to know he writes his crappy music…whereas real musicians are constantly writing music so they don't need to boast about when they are.

  11. 11

    Seriously, Perez, and all you IDIOT Bielibers: The guy said "yeah, right" and calling him "lame", saying he's "mean" or saying you, "hate him", or threatening his life is so fucking idiotic. It shows how pathetic you really are. What are you 12? Justin doesn't care that you're defending him and Drake Bell (who is smarter and MUCH more talented than Justin Bieber) could care less that you're all insane. Grow up people, just grow the hell up.
    This includes:
    Re: GurlByeRe: Hannah

  12. rb says – reply to this


    Look up Songfacts on Justin Bieber. It will tell you who wrote his songs. If you had a $150 million dollars, would you go back to school? Also he writes & sings his crappy music to a tune of a $150 million and by the end of 2013 his net worth is projected to be a $220 million. Keep on writing that crappy music Bieb's.

  13. no says – reply to this


    Yeah, because Drake is really jealous of a nineteen year old with a huge, huge attitude problem and no talent whatsoever. Nice try, Perez.

  14. France Andrews says – reply to this


    Y'all don't know what the f your taking about Drake bell is not a good singer
    And I'm not defending either one of them. Justin can write some pretty powerful
    Lyrics but come on!! He's 19 years old! Give him some space to breathe!
    He is still a teenager and he is going to get better it just takes time, I dont
    Know why your taking trash about him because some of you probably can't write
    Crap either.

  15. tammy says – reply to this


    Just because you haters think Justin isn't talented and is ugly and other stuff, doesn't mean you could just insult every little thing he does. He is human too. I highly doubt you would like it if a bunch of people kept criticizing you for doing every little thing wrong. I mean, I wouldn't tell you no if you thought his music was bad or he was no very good looking. I honestly don't like a lot of celebrities, but I don't have soo much time to go surf the internet just to go insult a celebrity that ALSO HAS FEELINGS. You haters really need to calm the f*ck down.

  16. Whoever says – reply to this


    Its not jealousy you creepy psycho bieber fans, if I was drake I sure wouldnt want to be justin bieber, his fans are the worst. Buncha 12 year olds that threatens to kill anyone who says one bad thing about him. Jeez, lighten up.

  17. Berk says – reply to this


    Okay bieber fans u've got 2 chill bell was kind of joking

  18. J. says – reply to this


    Beliebers are insane, sad little people… they should know by now that 1) Drake Bell most likely is having a blast reading their angry responses and that 2) Bieber probably doesn´t even care about all of this.
    Not saying Drake is being a complete victim here cuz he obviously enjoys the reactions of Beliebers (what with retweeting them and stuff) but this all began when he made a JOKE about Bieber (and c´mon, EVERYONE makes jokes about Bieber, or did at one point), and he got death threats, all sorts of insults, and hate messages with lots of grammatical and spelling mistakes. The Beliebers blew his joke out of proportion.

    Sure, Bell isn´t looking good with so much insistence on the matter, but I try to put myself in his place and yeah, it is rather irritating that this arrogant talentless boy is so insanely popular and even has a friggin autobiography film (I haven´t seen it but half of it must be of his days inside the womb), whereas artists like him with a longer career and who actually put a lot of effort into songwriting have a hard time sometimes keeping their career afloat. One thing is for certain- no matter how popular Bieber gets or how unpopular Bell becomes, Bell will always be the better artist.

  19. Laura says – reply to this


    I really like Justin Bieber songs, and actually I was a belieber for real, but, you know, that was a phase, everybody has it. But, I ALWAYS was Drake Bell fan, and it was not a phase, because it started when I was kid and still today and I'm sure that for many many years. Gotta love Drake, he's such a talented man, really talented actually, and I think that this comments saying that he'll never be as good as Bieber, that is really mean, and that's a lie, Drake Bell IS as good as Bieber, or even better, actually. It's not because he isn't so famous and recognized right now, that it will change everything he done and has been doing so good, so, stop hating, guys.

  20. Laura says – reply to this


    Re: J. – Totally AGREE! Making your words, my words.

  21. jake collins says – reply to this


    Who the hell is Drake Bell??? Oh he's from Drake and Josh thats right I remember him now… What happened to him anyways? I thought he died? Anyways so let me get this straight this probably 26 year old dude is fighting with 15-18 year old teens about their idol and is sending hate to Justin Bieber and Justin is 18 or 19 is ignoring it and doing his own thing….. Wtf Drake Bell your like freakin 26 fighting with teens and sending hate to a freakin 18 or 19 year old who's more successful than you im sorry but you just don't do that. Im sorry guys not all dudes are as immature as Drake Bell. Learn this everyone. If you hate on someone and CONSTANTLY do it, youre gonna get hate. And if you COMPLAIN about the hate you sound like a lil bitch because Drake Bell you did this to yourself

  22. Amy says – reply to this


    Drake Bell wouldn't turn up 2 hours late for a show

  23. Chelly says – reply to this


    I have nothing personal against Justin Bieber…. but I have to say that Drake Bell is talented, especially in the singing category and is so under-rated, deserving more recognition than he receives. He might not have the voice of Sinatra but he does have the talent of voice (and he actually writes his stuff too). Granted, it's not polite to leave rude messages out there for everyone to see, but who can blame him when a bunch of Bieber fans are threatening him and acting immature, defending a nineteen year old who can defend himself?

  24. Zoe says – reply to this


    Personally I think that in this whole situation Justin is the mature one, Drake keeps bringing up all his hate on Justin and being mean to Beliebers!

  25. 25

    i knew Drake Bell was awesome but now i think he's bloody brilliant as well! Yes, i'm sure he's sooo jealous of a no talent douche haha

  26. Roxy says – reply to this


    Re: justpassingthru – Actually, Justin DOES write his own songs. Maybe you should look it up. They may collaborate on writing a song together sometimes, but he definitely writes his songs on his own.

  27. Roxy says – reply to this


    Re: J. – It's all a matter of taste. YOU may not like his music, but others do. And obviously it's working for him because he's one of, if not the most, successful and popular artists of today. And don't you DARE say he doesn't work hard. He worked himself to the bone to get where he is today, and he doesn't stop. You don't have to like him or his music, but people need to give the guy some credit. There's so much hate towards him FOR NO REASON. I hope people think before they continue to bully Justin, because that only makes them look mean and full of hate. And it's pathetic.

  28. nat says – reply to this


    That's nothing new.

  29. alissa says – reply to this


    Drake bell should stop hating on Justin bec. He is a hotter and more successful celebrity than he will ever be.

  30. Balance says – reply to this


    Re: alissa – what does being 'hotter' have to do with anything? Give justin 10 years, a babyface NEVER ages well.
    Justin Bieber is not as talented as other musicians but he works hard at what he does and I give him credit. HOWEVER.. His arrogance, cockiness and bratty behavior is off putting. Most if not all beliebers will overlook his behavior because he's "hot". If he didn't look the way he did, his beliebers wouldn't even be there which proves how shallow his fanbase is. My main issue is his fans and the fact that when his fans acted out and threatened to kill his own gf at the time, he didn't do or say anything. Drake Bell was also initially stating facts, bieber shouldn't have had a biography so early in his career. Most musicians struggle for that feat and it undermines their efforts. Justin's "success" is based on shallow fans who want to fuck him. His music is average at best. So don't confuse true success with a popularity contest.

  31. Tex says – reply to this


    Man, I love Drake!!!! YOU GO, YOU HOTTER SINGER YOU. I LOVE YOU!!!!!!

  32. Texx says – reply to this


    WOOOOOO GO DRAKE!!!!!!! I miss your singing owo ….Justin only wishes he had your voice.

  33. Sally says – reply to this


    Okay so Justin's fans have been way worse to Drake than Drake had ever been to Justin. "Beliebers" are immature little kids who find it neccesary to pour so much hate on someone for one comment. Its true anyway….Justin's songs aren't exactly original. Just generic poppy lyrics little girls love.

  34. annymous says – reply to this


    can drake bell can get more fans than justin beiber

  35. Carter Moore says – reply to this


    Re: Amy – That's probablybecausehehas NO shows.

  36. Carter Moore says – reply to this


    Re: KaraAlissa – Tell me when Drake Bell sells out TWO MSG Shows in 30 seconds, kay?

  37. Jordan says – reply to this


    I grew up with Drake Bell and crushed on him forever but come on man. Your 25+ years old.Why would you waste your time messing with someone you don't like.For people saying justin's fans are being rude, you obviously haven't seen the first encounter.This isnt his first time shading beiber his fans are just chaotic at the moment. Yes they are way out of line for death threats but Drake has started this on both times. Plus I dont even think a celeb should worry about another person's fans. They should spend more time trying to make THEIR fans happy and not get mad when fans come attacking back at the mess you started back months ago. But Justin isnt even responding to this,because he isnt going to give him what he wants and that attention.

  38. adamwrihgt says – reply to this


    adamwrihgt justion bieder see the next next

  39. Luke says – reply to this


    Brilliant, i respect Drake Bell now

  40. 40

    Haha funny. Always had a thing for Drake Bell.

  41. sspaded says – reply to this


    i was expecting this to be a news website not a fan girl website.

  42. Vincisomething says – reply to this


    There is no jealousy here. Maybe his brainwashed fans will never notice, but Bieber has done so many inexcusable things that his fans excuse just because he's Bieber.