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We just KNEW sweet lil’ Miranda Lambert wouldn’t try to get physical with anyone. Unless it’s her hottie hubby, Blake Shelton. Wink wink! We’r… Read more…

9 comments to “Miranda Lambert Is Off The Hook! Cleared Of Threatening To Punch A Woman!”

  1. Mrs. Momoa says – reply to this


    Maybe Miranda you learn to mind her own business and stop being the judge and jury of other people. She makes me sick when she does that.

  2. Gerry says – reply to this


    I have read other comments on other blogs and it seems a lot of people have had issues with Miranda. It seems you have to agree with her all the time or she throws a tantrum. Not good for friends employees or anyone else.

  3. barb says – reply to this


    Don't know the woman…. but she has that " I'm better than you " look. Reminds me of that one girl in highschool that was the head of everything and was an absolute "snot".

  4. jujubee says – reply to this


    I totally agree with you…I've run into many "Miranda's" in my life and they are so pumped full of themselves. I can just see her getting in someone's face and spitting and gnarling away. Not that it matters, but she has a really odd face. It reminds me of a cantaloupe. I've never seen someone with such a large forehead and round, round, round, round chipmunk cheeks. She's scary looking to me.

  5. @v@ says – reply to this


    Just because it wasn't caught on tape and it couldn't be proven doesn't necessarily mean it was a lie. Maybe it happened, maybe it didn't.

  6. jean says – reply to this


    Hey GERRY, Do you want to go to Tishomingo and meet the District Attorney/City Attorney. Are'nt you big enought to say you are the one with issues with the tantrum throwing Miranda. Be a big girl and tell why you have issues with Miranda. Well, she is off the hook now what are you going to do about it, but run from one site to another and try to dirty her name. Let us know when you are called upon to sit before an Attorney to tell your Miranda Tantrum stories. You seem to know Miranda better than any other on the other sites. I would have thought as well as you know Blake Shelton you could have already settled your hate..Miranda is a great personRe: GerryRe: Gerry

  7. Ryan says – reply to this


    Miranda had NOTHING to do with this whole thing. I know Miranda, I know her best friend and I know Melaine Peden. Peden is known widely as the town 'loon'… she is as crazy as a lady (50 years old) as you'll find. She called Miranda a "Fat ass" after Miranda said she liked a hub-cap in the new store (a store NOT owned by Peden, which the owners have since moved out to get away from her). Miranda asked her how much and Peden said… "Well, $60 but you think you can just buy anything you want don't you, fat ass?". Miranda replied, "Excuse me???!?" Peden said it again, "You heard me, fat ass." Well, down here those are fightin' words but Miranda restrained herself and left the store along with her Pink Pistol manager, Marylin.

    Peden is an attention whore to say the least. Miranda did NOTHING wrong. In fact, she has done more for Tishomingo than anyone ever has since the town became a town.

  8. Jocko says – reply to this


    Re: Ryan – Well, as a fourth-generation resident of the Tishomingo area I question the validity of your "since the town became a town' statement, but other than that you're spot-on. Melanie Peden IS an attention whore, as anybody who has ever seen her attack the city council here over the years will readily attest.

  9. Melinda says – reply to this


    Maybe that "better than you look" is confidence. She does seem to be a confident person. I suppose if I looked like her, and I had the voice that she has, I would walk around with that "Better than you look"……oops, I mean CONFIDENCE too! If you don't truly know her, my guess is, you don't know how she would act. Personally, I think she should have knocked Peden on her butt! But, perhaps Miranda actually is…..BETTER! Lol