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Shocking Rihanna News!

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23 comments to “Shocking Rihanna News!”

  1. mary says – reply to this


    Why is your jacket on backwards?

  2. jenn says – reply to this


    I agree with you perez, I love Rihanna but I just wish she wouldn't flaunt weed around like its nothing.

  3. Ahart says – reply to this


    wTF do you have on?

  4. Marchelleeeeee says – reply to this


    no one cares!!!!!!!!! Rihanna is amaizing singer and what she doesnt one her own time is HER bushiness

  5. heather says – reply to this


    Ugh, just another asshole my 15 year old daughter can look at and say, 'See?!? Rihanna does it and her brain isnt fried!"….pathetic.

  6. ~jersey~ says – reply to this


    Re: jenn
    Weed IS nothing.

  7. Flinders says – reply to this


    Are you balding?

  8. Flinders says – reply to this


    Are you balding?

  9. 9

    Don't ever wear that again…like ever! Also, shave your head. Your drawing more attention to the fact that your hair is thinning with that mop on your head. You need to rethink your vitamin intake. Your diet is messin with your folicular standing. It will come back once you've reached equilibrium with your diet.

    Rihanna is one of my faves, but she's a joke now.

  10. that was stupid... says – reply to this


    She's from another country where smkoing weed isnt a big deal…And its not that serious; its not like shes walking around promoting cocaine. AND shes actually known more for her music than weed…you sound stupid. She has more #1s than Madonna these days and she did it in less time. How is she not known for her music???!!! dumb!

  11. Serina says – reply to this


    Perez my love wtf is up with th jacket lets keep it real about that don't do that again lol all love !!!!!!! Muah and yes I agree weed is most of the time the gateway drug she has lil girls looking at her she can't make it so public what she does behind doors is her business but then again it's jus a lil weed :) she might be over medicating !!! I am still a fan and always will be !!!

  12. notcrisbrown says – reply to this


    point taken, Perez. Riri is a music goddess…and a douche bag.

  13. 13

    Yup…agree…get it together…if not cool…but don't hate the gossip RiRi…own it

  14. ashley says – reply to this


    she a whore always and always been

  15. ashley says – reply to this


    Re: heather – whore

  16. 16

    Chris is going to beat the crap o0ut of her for these pictures…..Perez…you look ill….

  17. Lydia says – reply to this


    It turned out okay for Willie Nelson & Snoop…

  18. Weedlover says – reply to this


    Anyone who thinks weed is bad needs to educate themselves. Tobacco and alcohol are bad and cause deaths nearly everyday, if not everyday! Marijuana has many health benefits and not a single person has ever died from using it. Not one death. Just because you personally don't reap the benefits of consuming it, doesn't make it a bad thing. In the 1930's, this plant was made illegal because people believed it made white women want to date black men. It's ridiculous that it is still illegal. I am proud of Rihanna for promoting this and wish more celebrities would.

  19. Aleasha says – reply to this


    You should watch The Union:The Business Behind Getting High
    Do your own research on Marijuana instead of listening to what the popular politions are pushing for their own personal agendas. I used to think pot killed braincells and made you lazy, etc.
    I now know after seeking the knowledgeand research out on my own, that, that is not at all the case. Prohibition is big money for the Government. Please watch the vid <3

  20. Aleasha says – reply to this


    Re: Weedlover – I feel the exact same. It's funny how way back in the day the Government actually made a video promoting weed. I wish my grandfather could smoke it legally. his last days would be filled with laughter, deep thoughts, and great tasting food. Instead he will suffer and grouch because of the pain. My Father has a bum foot… He is now dependent on painkillers. Which is sad for me when I know many people have forgone their regular painkillers in favor of weed because it treats pain :"better"

  21. MACKER says – reply to this



  22. 22

    I totally agree with you perez, I hate the way these celebs flaunt drug use. It is the demise of our young people and until they start locking these wayward celebs up for what they are doing, and making them accountable for their actions, nothing will change. Teens and young adults will continue to copy-cat these so called talented stars. Even though I have drummed it into my children, they still idolise these fools and think its fine to dabble in all the drugs these celebs are doing. We are certainly living in bad times, where all evil things seem to be treated as the norm!!

  23. 23

    Re: Aleasha – I have seen a documentary where a study was done on both women and men in their early 20's who suffered bi-polar and severe schizophrenia, 70% of these young adults started smoking weed regularly in there early teens. Both my sons 22 & 19 both suffer paranoia and mental issues and both started smoking weed in there early teens my 22 year old is now a meth addict & drinks the syrup, which myself, husband and siblings are going through hell with at the moment and my 19 year old thinks smoking weed is all good and that we should be thankful he doesn't do anything else!! they have been well educated on the wrongs of drugs and all went to prestigious schools but love all the underground rap music and got caught up in the lifestyles of these people. I have a 21 & 15 year old daughter, who are completely opposite and are doing very well for themselves and are both anti-drugs. As my 19 year olds head dene at school told us, weed is the gateway drug, that my friend we have discovered to be very true.