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Something Fishy Is Going On With Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart!

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Good and BAD news for Robsten!

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51 comments to “Something Fishy Is Going On With Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart!”

  1. 1

    i would lay off the hair gel, it makes you look like you're losing your hair in the front top part.


  2. ~jersey~ says – reply to this


    Re: themundane

    That's because he is…not that there is anything wrong with that.

  3. 3

    BULLY !
    What will your son think of you ?

  4. 4

    What happened to not giving celebs silly nick names, as you said in the newspaper article, we know you will never give up bullying people.

  5. dbrose says – reply to this


    Seriously, Perez are you Ok???!! You look horrible. Please take are of yourself!!

  6. Amber says – reply to this


    Seriously? It's called space, it's not weird, it's not "fishy", that she didn't visit, couples can spend time apart, especially when they are working.

  7. 7

    Perez is no Ted.

  8. kelly says – reply to this


    Perez, you look very good and healthy!!! !:)

  9. Miss Viloria says – reply to this


    Aren't you embarrassed? I'm not kidding, you've got a kid now; you should start thinking about growing up. For both your and his sake.

    They're calling you a bully. A bully is always the person with the bigger complexes!

  10. cath says – reply to this


    who cares let them do what they want its there life there money there time if they r together they don't have to prove it to anyone it maybe hard for you to even think of this perez but not every couple stays ever second of every moment together leave them alone and get on with ur own life just as they are.

  11. lola says – reply to this


    so lame perez. they never follow eachother on sets even when they were living together.

  12. dolly says – reply to this


    still a fucking bully-no wonder your baby llooks so bummed to have you as a dad

  13. GillyBean says – reply to this


    These videos make you like a slime ball, Perez. You whine with every word you speak and you look like you haven't showered in weeks. Further, how can you stand there making assumptions about these people when you truly have no idea wtf is going on in their life? At best you get this stuff third person from any actual truth, yet you stand there looking dead into the camera and act like you are judge and jury on their lives. I read your blog for the headlines and you sometimes make me laugh… but these videos make you look like a dirty used car salesman. Bring it up a few levels, brother. You are a dad now.

  14. Jazz says – reply to this


    Re: Miss Viloria – You know, what they say, what comes around goes around.

  15. LookatYou says – reply to this


    If you are practicing in hopes of shopping these little vinettes to con someone into giving you a tv show, don't waste you time. you just don't have the stuff and definitely not the looks herman munster. you scare people

  16. 16

    Seriously Perez, lay off.
    How about instead of focusing on their relationship you focus on how you could get yourself better. Look at you. You have a fucking kid now. And this is the type of person you want to be? Pathetic.

  17. Rashi says – reply to this


    Perez should really shut the fuck up. He should grow up and be a man. Leave celebs alone and stop giving them trouble. Perez, it's none of your business.

  18. JosieJ says – reply to this


    Well seeing as how Rob came in the country without anyone seeing, who's to say Kristen didn't go to Australia. We know nothing and neither does Perez. As a matter of fact, most of what he's saying in this video has already been debunked by reps long ago because it was old news! And since when is going to the batting cages with friends "partying"? Perez, go spend time with that baby you bought! As a matter of fact, don't. Your influence is not needed.

  19. ann says – reply to this


    Actually, Perez they were apart LONGER than that, they were apart for TWO MONTHS….64 days apart to be exact.

  20. Lis says – reply to this


    Something fishy with these two probably means it's time for them to bathe! LOLs Sorry, couldn't waste my time watching the vid cuz who cares???

  21. Marcus75 says – reply to this


    The only thing that's fishy here is your hair Mario. Get a haircut you lazy bum.

  22. 22

    Just because Kristen didn't visit Rob when he was working, doesn't mean that they didn't talk. There is that invention called THE TELEPHONE. Oh better yet, there's the computer or Texting! Maybe they did have a break, doesn't mean that they broke up! I am so tired of all the rumors out there. Leave them be. Let them decide what to do. It's their relationship!

  23. Ria says – reply to this


    You are so not ready for TV. You need to study people like giuliana rancic on how to deliver gossip news. Your breaks are not right. I heard police sirens in the background, what's with the telephone or cable box on your house wall? Get real!!! Set up in a better space in the house, add good lighting, add your music digitally, not in real life while your talking. At least it's what it sounds like. You need help. Get some professional help. Like acting help, a producer. You have money. If your serious about TV, get serious about these web clips. Also get serious about you gossip, don't make it up. These two never visit each other on there sets. It's a fact. What's with the . . . ? Come on. You can do better. I'm totally down with the baby adoption but its time to get serious here.

  24. setha2z says – reply to this


    This is old news about RobSten that has appeared on numerous sites already. The appearance is that they are fine as a couple, but who knows? Certainly not me.

    Perez does look as though he could use a little freshening up. Maybe the kid is keeping him up nights.

  25. 25

    When she was younger, I thought Miley was among the homeliest gals on the various red carpets — and she was actually showing it off! I lost track of her for a year or so, and voila — now she appears to be a gorgeous woman. Is it just make-up and hair and clothes, or did she do something more radical, I wonder. What a transformation!

  26. daria says – reply to this


    you're an idiot. Both of them for whatever reason don't visit eachother often while they film. Rob has said himself that for twilight and remember he alienated himself from friends and family during shooting to get into the right frame of mind. He went to Aus out in the boondocks, and I hardly doubt it was a shoot that would make it easy to visit. Lay off them with your lame gossipy videos, go change your kids diapers instead.

  27. RJR87 says – reply to this


    To insult Perez on his parenting is a low blow. He may not be right, you may disagree, but that is no reason to comment on the affection between him and his newborn. That's twisted. And the fact that people are calling him a bully, and throwing ignorant comments at him regarding his look in the same sentence is kind of ironic. Shows the level of idiocy and ignorance some people have. Such a shame, and completely hypocritical. Smh. Still love Pattinson & Stewart, regardless!

  28. RJR87 says – reply to this


    To insult Perez on his parenting is a low blow. He may not be right, you may disagree, but that is no reason to comment on the affection between him and his newborn. And the fact that people are calling him a bully, and throwing ignorant comments at him regarding his look in the same sentence is kind of ironic. Shows the level of idiocy and ignorance some people have. Such a shame, and completely hypocritical. Smh. Still love Pattinson & Stewart, regardless!

  29. 29

    Re: RJR87 – Agreed. Nevertheless, everyone seems to keep forgetting that this is GOSSIP blog! GOSSIP! Truth or lies don't matter here! It's the fun of yukking about this stuff. Lighten up y'all! :D

  30. 30

    tRe: cath – True, I got tired of making my husband get out of his aisle seat to go to the bathroom or just walk around on an airplane, so I started booking us both aisle seats and if we were a few rows apart, no big deal. Have also taken vacations by myself either solo or with a friend.

  31. Guest says – reply to this


    While I understand its your job to create drama, please add a hint of some truth so as not to sound like a complete moron.
    Have you ever been to the Australian where Rob was filming? It is the worst and during the filming, the heat was brutal not to mention, the insects, creepy crawlies.
    I have been there and lasted less than 2 days and was admitted for heat stroke. Was in the hospital for more than a week.
    What sort of boyfriend would ever want his girlfriend to go through that for the sake of a visit to get his rocks off? He was only there for 2 bleeding months and there are communication devices such as facetime, skype or even the telephone.
    I took exception to your comments as you clearly lack knowledge of the outback. Do some research.
    Not to mention the long ass flight to Australia and the 7 hours drive in heat to get to where the film was made.

  32. Sunshine says – reply to this


    Who do you think you are? You know nothing about their lives. Many couples are separated because of work commitments, you do not know why he stayed longer in Australia. Men and women in our armed forces are separated for several months sometimes a year or longer, that does not mean that their relationship is in trouble. And no the wife can not visit. I would suggest you leave them alone. You think you are doing what the fans want and that you are a popular magazine, you tell lies, you destroy people lives, you are negative and mean.

  33. Lorraine says – reply to this


    Totally agree with you. I would be home alone with my guy if i didnt see him for 2 months or on a romantic date and not with friends–although Kristen planned all of that so people would know she was with him as Rob will never admit publicly that she is his girlfriend. They are just hanging with friends. since the scandal you dont see him hanging all over her or touching her in public.

  34. esperelda says – reply to this


    Fatherhood agrees with you, Perez. You've never looked better. Congrats!

  35. nonstens rule says – reply to this


    its BS that she couldn't have visited him while he was in Oz. He wasn't in the outback filming the entire time he was there as there were plenty pics of him bike riding, at night clubs, with fans having drinks…ALL of them social occasions.

  36. honest says – reply to this


    Honestly no bad intentions to RP or KS but just don't see them together in REAL life. Love Twilight, they were alright as Bella and Edward but it ends there for me. Can't wait for the end of robsten and for those two to move on with others in their lives cuz just don't see them as "true love."

  37. bjsmith says – reply to this


    I know its none of my business what Rob or Kristen does. But like most people I have the right to express my opinion. I honestly think those two may be just good friends who get intimate when they want to be. I believe in forgiveness, but its continues to baffle me that Rob is still with this woman who embarressed him so publicably. Its just doesn't make sense to me. It makes him look weak and stupid. I have watched interviews with Rob, Kristen and Taylor. She is so aggressive and bossy. Its like she doesn't trust him to express his feelings about anything. She leans into Taylor like she is in á relationship with him. She talks like a person who has a problem with getting words out. She curses a lot. This young woman has no class. When couples are separated for huge amounts of times they like being with each other privately for a few days. If its so much love between them why are they out with friends so many times since his return. Its odd, just saying.

  38. 38

    I think he should just butt out of it.

  39. Andthatsawrap says – reply to this


    Your Karma is coming back to ya..not looking that good…don't teach you child your lying and fabricating ways

  40. Scarlett says – reply to this


    I think Kristen is secretly lesbian and Rob is just her cover up. You can come out now, no one will hate you!

  41. BoBiiFly says – reply to this


    You fail at english, and assumptions..

  42. Srn says – reply to this


    I'm sorry, but a lot of people are being complete hypocrites with the comments below. I pretty sure no-one is being forced to watch this, or read Perez's articles. If you don't like it, then don't come onto the site. And if your main purpose for coming onto the site is to write bitchy comments, then you need to do something else. Go and read something else.

  43. Freezeburn says – reply to this


    I didn't hear (understand) a word Perez said. Did a swarm of killer bees fly in his mouth and sting his tongue or has he always had a speech impediment??? Did he get hair plugs??

    Lay off “Robsten". Remember karma is a bitch and it looks like she's already visited a few times.

  44. FunnyHollywood says – reply to this


    Lol this–

  45. inksy says – reply to this


    Get over it, Pez. Robert Pattison is not gay and doesn't way you. Women are important and every baby needs their mother.

  46. Kasey says – reply to this


    When are people going to realize what these sites are for? They are for entertainment, if you want truth all the time go to a news site and even then you will be lucky to get it. Just because you don't like what you read gives you no right to start talking about someones looks or parenting skills (sounds like a good case for bullying right there, so pot meet kettle). As for the 2 idiots in question I think it's about time for them to come out and admit that they are really just roommates that are fuckbuddies and put the rumors to rest.

  47. Nise59 says – reply to this


    Thanks god you only have an opinion, because clearlly you know nothing about Rob and Kristen. I lost my mother last week and she taught me and my siblings about love. When it comes to love there no what if's the heart love and want what it feels. I'm very proud of Rob and Kristen for not putting their relationship on displays. What going on between them that is no one else business. It is better to have love than not love at all. Please remember that. Why is there so much terminally indifference with this couple.

  48. Fuzzy says – reply to this


    Re: roan4betty – That's the miracle of plastic surgery.

  49. melg0510 says – reply to this


    You are so off base it's alarming.
    1. He was away for 2 months not 1.
    2. He was filiming on location in the Australian outback with a masculine orientated cast. I don't think Kristen would enjoy just hanging around in a tent in 40C+ heat everyday.
    3. He didn't just hang around after filming. The wrap party was on Sat. He flew out of Melbourne early Monday morning. Sounds to me like he really wanted to come home as quickly as possible.
    Your website has become so irrelevant now.

  50. 50

    There is nothing fishy about that Perez.. Rob is filming a movie.. or touring.. or whatever.. and Kristen is busy hanging out with a friend, who in past interviews she has said "he's like a little brother" I think its cool they still hang out. Plus ppl have gone longer without seeing one another, not just a month. Distance makes the heart grow fonder.. When living together ppl do need breaks. I think you totally love bashing them two.. get over it !

  51. Dorym says – reply to this


    They are so over. He never can forget that she is not trustworthy and he can have any woman he wants.