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8 comments to “Amanda Bynes Finally Has Her Parents WORRIED! But Will They Help Their Troubled Daughter?”

  1. JosieJ says – reply to this


    "Here's hoping that they listened to our conversation with Carson Daly and got their acts in gear!"
    Wait a second Perez, you have been a parent for all of 48 hours and think that Amanda's father, who is a dentist, and mother, who is an educator, should take your parental advice?! That's rich! And for the record, I have heard that her parents have tried to help their daughter, but until Amanda has done something to prove she is a danger to herself or anyone else, their hands are tied. Look at Britney Spears! It wasn't until she was found with all those pills that her father could intervene. How dare you question the Bynes love and loyalty to their daughter?!

  2. 2

    Its just getting kinda sad… like Britney Spears near the end of her meltdown. Hope she comes back and gets her life back on track. Even if she doesn't "need" the money from a career, I hope she can do some projects to give her purpose.

  3. 3

    That is really the most uneducated comment I've ever seen you make Perez. I hope now that you're a parent you never have to deal with what these parents are going through. It's hell and the last thing they need is you telling the world they are crappy parents when they already feel powerless. What should they have done at this point? Until she proves she is a danger to herself or others…..there hands are tied. And she's got a lot of money and people to take advantage of that to fight any efforts they make. You owe them a big "I'm Sorry"

  4. AKP says – reply to this


    This girl has been exhibiting signs of mental illness for a while. Why is nothing being done about this?

  5. 5

    No no whatever happens between Amanda and her parents has nothing to do with Perez Hilton. Talk about someone being so unbelelievably full of themself as to give credit where none is deserved!

  6. 6

    Gee…I've been worried about her for awhile and I'm not her parent. What the hell took them so long???

    She is so adorable and talented. Please get your daughter the help she needs and deserves. I hope we get to enjoy her talent again if that is indeed what she wants to do.

  7. Rawrface says – reply to this


    Amanda Bynes used to be amazing! But this is nothing compared to what I've seen other celebrities do:

  8. caintain says – reply to this


    she was in the baddest chic of the year race getting arrested, partying, etc.
    thats all good but let her tweet that she wants drake to go hard in the paint
    and Sh** hits the proverbial fan!!!
    Be afraid parents be very afraid "THE YAMAKA" or "The Drizzy" effect
    may have your daughters thinking the same thing!