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Jay Leno Continues Bashing NBC IN His Tonight Show Monologues! Watch Latest HERE!

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He's really not letting this one go, is he?!

For the second time in recent years, NBC is allegedly making moves to push Jay Leno out of his job on The Tonight Show once his contract expires in 2014, with possible replacements rumored to be Conan O'Brien Jimmy Fallon and Howard Stern!

And, as to be expected, the long-running talk show host has been stamping his feet and calling out the dastardly studio bigwigs at any given opportunity in his opening monologues…and last night was no exception!

In fact, he goes so far to even publicly acknowledge the bad blood between he and the execs, even if he tries to cushion it with a joke about the Carnival poop cruise!

Ch-ch-check it all out (above)!

YEESH! Pretty indignant for someone who's already working on borrowed time, don't you think?!

Too bad, so sad! Now can we bring in Fallon, please?!

K, thanks!

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20 comments to “Jay Leno Continues Bashing NBC IN His Tonight Show Monologues! Watch Latest HERE!”

  1. 1

    Pretty distasteful comment right off the top, especially following the Steubenville incident.

  2. dave smithing says – reply to this


    Now if conan gets the offer, he should publicly accept, then cancel saying how he doesn't trust biz execs at NBC.. make the puppeteers feel dumb

  3. nobodywillknow says – reply to this


    Honestly Jay, you are the most talentless worthless piece of garbage.. You are two faced and immature.. You act like a toddler who is about to get his toy taken from him.. Just do us all a favor and go away.. Take your cars and your talentless body elsewhere.. I am so sick of you.. SO VERY VERY VERY SICK OF YOU

  4. PamB says – reply to this


    Go Jay! Waaaaay funnier than Conan the Barbarian (oops, I mean comedian?)

  5. 5

    they're getting rid of him because he dares mock emperor Obama

  6. dmv1 says – reply to this


    If Conan takes over the Tonight Show, this is one person that will NOT be watching. Conan is arrogant, and a real jerk. Jay is a staple in the late night tv industry and letting him go will be a great loss.

  7. 7


  8. 8

    I cannot stand Jay Leno.

  9. VernonDozier says – reply to this


    I think this episode continues to show the ongoing difficulty within entertainment to perform business in Los Angeles.

    New York has a business mindset; California seems to have a "Let's-wrap-this-up-as-quickly-as-possible-so-we-can-go-to-the-beach" mindset.

    The two are conflicting with each other, and product quality suffers. Also, the 8-hour workday labor law makes it difficult. I find that entertainment developed and written in New York tends to be higher quality. In LA, everyone is broke and there are too many attorneys and lawyers who want to broker deals that are normally done in-person, through the courts and lawsuits.

    It's pretty interesting because individual people can distribute content more efficiently online than Hollywood can. They seem to have trouble adapting.

    This "Git-'er-done" mentality without managed consistency would be great for fixing roads, maybe adding light rail. Once this is complete, who knows.

    I support Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villarragnosia bringing the olympics to LA too. Perhaps NBC can sell the land, bulldoze the studio, and make it into a swimming pool for Olympic events.

    Conan is great; I'm glad TBS picked him up. I met him and a few of his writing team at a Chipotle Burrito in Sherman Oaks, CA which is 5 minutes from Burbank. Jay Leno was nowhere to be found.

  10. 10

    It does seem odd that even though he wins his time slot, they are bent on getting rid of him. The biggest reason is likely $$$$. They hate paying him the dollars they agreed to pay him. He doesn't need to work. Meanwhile, lighten up! It's comedy. THey put themselves in the position. Jay is crying all the way to the bank.

  11. 11

    I like Jay and think he is really funny, and laughed through almost all of this monologue.

  12. Dom says – reply to this


    Jimmy Fallon is not that funny. He comes across
    as an egomaniac! He can't get enough of himself.
    I'd prefer Kimmel, but I like Leno. I guess it'll
    be less "Tonight Show" soon. ((Once Fallon
    tells us how funny he is a thousand times!

  13. 13

    Leno forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. BlueShadow says – reply to this


    Jay's ratings beats all the others. FOX is waiting for him with open arms. NBC is at the bottom of the barrel when it comes to ratings. The "suits" are pissed at him because he pokes fun at them. Too bad, they will lose a winner when he walks out on them. One Agent said, "I'd Take him to FOX in a heartbeat."

  15. 15

    Leno has consistently topped the ratings throughout his career on the Tonight Show.
    This was a funny set of jokes, especially about NBC. NBC is sucked, they have fucked themselves and will not recover.
    Keep it up Jay !! It's good stuff.

  16. 16

    Jay Leno is the best and it is a shame these others who have no class have to bash him
    he is the best and what the people want to see

  17. Bobby says – reply to this


    Already working on borrowed time? Are you mentally challenged? He is number one in the late night ratings and has been for the better part of 2 decades. You just sound like a NBC slappy or a cry baby with your comments that have no backing to them.

  18. 18

    jay can't leave!! I'm gona miss his jaywalking and jeopardy segments!!

  19. dana16 says – reply to this


    Jay's the GREATEST! If they get rid of him, no one in my family (including my entire extended family I hear) will watch NBC any longer. They already have pretty lousy prime-time programming (with a few exceptions)… so, watching Leno is the main reason we tune in to NBC as it is (5 nights per week). We watch Fallon ONLY because he's on AFTER Leno, with the exception of my brother and his family, who can't stand Fallon at all and leave NBC as soon as Leno's over.

  20. 20

    Jay and his people pushed out Johnny. Stole the Tonight Show from Dave. Then stole it again from Conan. He can't figure out that Dave and Conan got laughs making jokes about NBC execs, because the public knew they were being screwed by them and Jay.