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Lindsay Lohan Is STILL DRINKING! Convinced She Doesn't Need Rehab!

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lindsay lohan drinking

Well, no wonder Lindsay Lohan is so bummed out about having to spend her birthday in rehab!

Hell, she'll probably be just as bummed for each one of the 90 days she's locked into a facility where she can't booze it up!

That's right!

Because even though drugs and alcohol have essentially destroyed any semblance of a life, let alone a career, that the hard-pAArtying starlet once had, she is still SO convinced that she doesn't have a substance abuse problem that mere HOURS after she plead no contest to her latest batch of probation violations, she was spotted at the bar of her hotel in Beverly Hills, knocking back multiple vodka sodas!

Furthermore, witnesses at the San Diego nightclub FLUXX saw LiLo and a friend arriving around midnight last night, and this time, she had some tricks up her sleeve!

Apparently, she sat in the VIP section in a Yankees hat and sweatshirt, drinking vodka on the rocks throughout the evening! And get this: she insisted her drank be served from a glass carafe, as to avoid being photographed near any alcohol bottles!

What a clever little deviant, isn't she?!

But hey! Whatevs!

All this just means that while she may have avoided jail this time around, she'll end up there soon enough!

At this point, we just hope it's not at the expense of anyone else's safety or well-being.

[Image via WENN.]

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53 comments to “Lindsay Lohan Is STILL DRINKING! Convinced She Doesn't Need Rehab!”

  1. 1

    LOL so much hate and bile in this post. Now THAT'S the Real PEREZ shining through. Changed over a new leaf my ass lol. A plague on anyone else who actually fell for your "iv'e changed" bullshit. You really are the biggest hypocrite to walk the earth Perez.

  2. 2


    Drugs & Alcohol have not destroyed her….THE LEGAL SYSTEM & Hollywood Media DID!

  3. 3

    How come the 12-Step religious AA/NA cult's "HIGHER POWER" hasn't saved Lindsay?

    A REAL "HIGHER POWER" would work 100% of the time on EVERYONE!

  4. 4

    One awful person and one ruined person. Guess which witch is witch.

  5. 5


  6. Really? says – reply to this


    You can get alcohol & drugs in prison why could you not get them in rehab? I think linds face is so messed up because a Dr. can overwrite opiates every time she gets a procedure.

  7. getitstraight says – reply to this


    The grammar on this site has gone to SHIT. You left out a whole word in the picture… I would be embarassed to associate my name with this site.

  8. 8

    Why does anyone even care about her anymore? Her best role in years was in "Machete" where all she had to do was walk around naked. And why does the court system play along?

  9. 9

    "Do you they will notice"? Who the f*uck is the one drunk here, Lindsay or the shitty staff writers that Perez employs? I seriously doubt he's that clever to be that stupid on purpose. Being stupid is sheer accident when it comes to him.

  10. paula says – reply to this


    once an airhead, always an airhead, grow up girl.

  11. bobjean says – reply to this


    he hires illiterate spics to run this site, and they leave words out all the time

  12. skylur says – reply to this


    Be quicker if she just shot herself in the head.

  13. john says – reply to this


    Joe blow would be in jail already

  14. 14

    She is such a stupid worthless bitch! She really screwed up her life and she's gonna keep drinking and drugging until it kills her! WHY WHY is she NOT locked up???

  15. Becky says – reply to this


    OMG, like what a surprise….she's giving the finger to that Judge she paid off, isn't she???? Oh yeah!

  16. MOE says – reply to this


    Just cant fix stupid, she is going to die at a very young age. Hope to God that girl never has any kids. She really hates herself but look at her parents, they set such a good excample for her. One day if its not to late I really hope she gets the help she needs ,but I feel its just to late for that young lady. OH did I say lady.

  17. John Young says – reply to this


    Lindsay just needs to get done all of her probation time. If she would have just went through the process the first time she would have been off probation years ago. But she just continues to do things that prolong her probation.

  18. graven moorehead says – reply to this


    why is this piece of shit even news?

  19. 19

    good, let her die. she's almost 27 ….

  20. 20

    letz hope noone gets hit this time

  21. 21

    Re: skylur – yes, and people might remember her a week later if she did.

  22. Kathryn says – reply to this


    In other SHOCKING news, the sky is blue and grass is green. I hope Lindsay doesn't feel the need to disguise her beverages for our sake, because we all know she is (still) an alcoholic. Trust us babe, we don't think your multiple court/rehab trips and disappeared career are because you're sober as a baby.

  23. Nate says – reply to this


    Spotted, meaning you have pictures right? Video? No???.. STOP POSTING BULL SHIT!

  24. 24

    At this point I'm just waiting to hear that she died, sad but true. Every time you think she's hit rock bottom, she sinks even lower. She must really hate herself to be living this way so so long.

  25. MrHorny says – reply to this


    Wow. She looks as hot as she's ever looked in this pic… Very pouty. Pretty hot mouth. I want to stick my peen in it.

  26. Curt says – reply to this


    I'd have sex with her till her implants fell out BUT I sure wouldn't let her drive my car, LOL.

  27. 27

    Thank God, For 3 months of no Lilo…

  28. 28

    No doubt the reported 'deal with Mr. Pink' weighs heavily on her, therefore the drinking. Wonder what she has to 'do' for him in return for his behind the scenes generosity?

  29. Midwest_Warrior says – reply to this


    She is going to end up killing someone and the judges and the legal system will have that on their shoulders. She clearly hasn't learned. She gets behind the wheel and makes stupid stupid choices. As a PARENT, I hope she doesn't end up wrecking and killing a child, or a mother, a father, anyone….. all because she has not learned to take responsibility for her actions because she has not been forced to.

  30. Lynnie says – reply to this


    NO ONE will have a chance at true sobriety unless they are the ones seeking it. This is why court-ordered rehab is ridiculous. You can't turn over a new leaf because you select rehab over going to jail, that doesn't aim for the goal of sobriety. This poor woman has been in Rehab multiple times already without success because she keeps going under duress, not becasue she wants to be clean and health. I pray someone will see the situation for what it is and get her where she really needs to be. I pray for her soul.

  31. spitzerkent says – reply to this


    Damn is she looking scary !!!!! "I've seen better heads come out of a zipper" !!!!!

  32. 32

    the only problem with her joining the 27 club is that all the other members were extremely talented. lindsay, not so much.

  33. brothermark says – reply to this


    Who gives a^&*% ? It's no ones business anyway…..

  34. shar says – reply to this


    She will keep drinking until she kills somebody! No wait, the courts wont prosecute her for that either.

  35. ericmtl says – reply to this


    Can't she just die once and for all? She's a useless human being with zero talent.

  36. $hauny says – reply to this


    shit I would to if I knew I could keep fucking up n get away with it lmao

  37. Paul Presti says – reply to this


    Everytime I see Lindsay Lohan in the news, I'm not surprised anymore.I will admit that I'm a nut ball drinker but have drawn a line on what alcohol and being humanly uncontrollable can do.I understand her plight and believe it will destroy her goals in life; especially her career.I should have been dead years ago but, have come to a point of realizing what needs to be done between the two exstremes. I still drink but, on a calm exceptable level allowing me to see tomorrow morning.I know what it is like to be blitzed and sleep for two days or more. Lindsay!..I still love for who you are but, wake up and come back to us all.

  38. 38

    I agree, Perez. I've been waiting for the headline announcing that she's dead or has killed someone with her car for years. How about that last accident where she was accused of lying to cops? That could have been deadly! If she keeps skating on every charge ever filed against her - she'll never have reason to change her behavior. It's almost like the law is helping to create this situation. They aren't doing her any favors in the long run. She's terrified of jail. Send her there, then! She'll sing a new tune when she gets out, I bet.

  39. DBone says – reply to this


    Leave the bitch alone!!!!!!!!!!!! If she wants to drink let her and leave her alone!!!!!!!!!

  40. Help me says – reply to this


    There's a special place in heaven for Perez

  41. carlcap1491 says – reply to this


    Lindsay Lohan is still drinking and convinced she doesn't need rehabilitation. I agree that's is the normal Lindsay even though, she is just a screwed up person, that's normal for her.

  42. Lescat says – reply to this


    Until all parties stop "Enabling" her, she will continue her destructive habits. No doubt she is very immature and irresponsible. Seems that like in so many cases, in the entertainment world, no one wants to try to help her. Besides, all this publicity is, unfortunately, keeping her in the public view and benefits her handlers greatly.

  43. Jackson says – reply to this


    Re: Shaniqua Jones – There is a HUGE difference between people who do and don't deserve it.

    This level of hypocrisy by LL deserves to be called out! She's ignoring the judges, she's ignoring the law, and she is getting away with it time and time again.

    If she wants to die that badly, she should just kill herself now. That action might just save someone else's life someday. How would *you* feel if the next car accident a drunk LL caused kiiled someone you love? Would you be so forgiving then? I'm betting not.

  44. Jackson says – reply to this


    Re: DBone – Remind us you said that when her next drunk driving car accident kills someone you know.

  45. Brian Davis says – reply to this


    She'll be dead before she turns 30 so who cares.

  46. QuiWing says – reply to this


    I rikee Rindsay Rohan vely much and I rikee vely much to sclew hel and rick her crit if posswibre. Does anyone hele know how I can leach hel to 'tark'?

  47. Howard says – reply to this


    Need to slap that girl, both in jail and in the face.

  48. mousetrap says – reply to this


    Why do they print this stuff about her like it's BIG NEWS?? This girl has been pulling this s##t for how long now?,5or6 years? I'll bet there is not one bookie in Vegas who would take a bet that she couldn't find a way to get booze while in rehab!!!!I don't care how shut down it is supposed to be!! If this girl can talk some rich guy into flying her to LA, she can surly fine some wineO to get her some Vodka!!

  49. Marelene says – reply to this


    Denial will always keep one from getting needed help and will always keep them in trouble. lindsey sees herself as the "Victim"!

  50. darkstar6666 says – reply to this


    Re: thelmalouise – Keep talking sht - you know you would do her in a heartbeat!!!

  51. Gustavius says – reply to this


    Who are the real animals here? LiLo is a young person having fun with her life and carreer. You people are litigious animals. "Hang her! Burn her! Flay her in public! We want to watch!" You people are blood slurping dogs and you smell her blood like filthy jackals.
    The girl has done nothing but you all have blood on your hands. Don't bother washing, it doesn't come off idiots.

  52. evil-media-hypocrits says – reply to this


    What fucking 20-something year old isn't out getting wasted??? As if you never did, Mr. Perez… Stop the fucking witch hunt on this girl..its old and apparently you've got nothing that's truly news worthy. Not that I even care about Lindsay, but geeeeeezus enough already. Perez, focus on yourself and stop being a gossiping little old cuban woman.

  53. Shame says – reply to this


    It's really sad. I loved her in Mean Girls and she could have been an amazing actress, but I think she's just going down the same road as Amy Winehouse