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Kristen Stewart And Robert Pattinson Get Sweaty For Love!!

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As fishy as his Australian hiatus was, Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson are doing their best to enjoy themselves now that he's back …publicly.

Their first reunion date was held at Ye Rustic Inn, a favorite of theirs — ripe for photo opps, and THEN they were caught on video at Katy Perry's assistant's bday party.

But Friday, they kept it pretty low-key and simply strolled to a local market in their sweats. Their matching grey hoodies were caught by onlookers, who noticed the casual couple out and about.

As simple as they appeared though, Kristen made sure to work it in Louboutins on the Kids' Choice Awards red carpet Sunday!

We're sure Robberz just LURVED that!!

[Image via WENN.]

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41 comments to “Kristen Stewart And Robert Pattinson Get Sweaty For Love!!”

  1. 1

    As fishy as his Australian hiatus was…

    Fishy ? He was there to film a movie !!!!!

  2. Robdeservesbetter says – reply to this


    True he was there to film a movie but the only recent photos of him looking happy we're when he was in Australia the pic of him with Kristen are of him looking miserable as hell not to mention the recent pics of him and her scream I can't stand you and I hate you and thank god this is only a PR piece I can't wait to walk away and I sure as hell will observe his body language now that she cheated.

  3. Erika says – reply to this


    Google the photos, they looked miserable.
    They walked on the street, Rob went into a store and bought candy, leaving Kristen outside.
    He then got into a car, and left and upset Stewart on the street.

  4. Robdeservesbetter says – reply to this


    Not to mention he left three weeks early before filming the rover started

  5. Katie says – reply to this


    Rob got in the passenger seat, so how did he drive away, without Kristen!!

  6. 6

    The tabloids only show bad photos.
    They choose them for their shock effect.
    As Perez does daily.

  7. 7

    please remind me why the hell I even go to this site. it is complete trash.

  8. Mary says – reply to this


    Re: Robdeservesbetter – PR for what? Did you ever stop to think having the paps hounding them upset them. That was Kristen's blue pickup he got in and I'm sure she was driving. Still hanging onto something that happened months ago is pathetic. Rob is a grown man. If he didn't want to be with her he'd be long gone. There is no PR contract with ever changing end dates. That would be illegal. If they didn't want to be together nobody could make them live together.

  9. 9

    Re: Michmasterflex – I was just thinkin the same thing…everything on here is hearsay and rumor…..no proof no any of it…..only opinion and all about irrelevant 'actors'

  10. Just Sayin says – reply to this


    Yes, I agree with you and he deserves better. What is he thinking with so much evidence on the table. Loser.

  11. Just Sayin says – reply to this


    Pick up truck = Rob and the Mini Cooper = Rupert Sanders. She's having her cake and eating it to. Rob is a sucker, loser, joke of the year.

  12. Stella says – reply to this


    Re: TheLookingGlass – Exactly! PR for what?!! Their are together because they want to be. I think that it takes a real man to forgive! Why is he weak for doing so? We as women forgive men all time and no one seems to have a problem with that! Rob is a real man and I would love to find someone as compassionate as he!!!

  13. 13

    Hello Kristen: That smile is genuine and I would know if it was not. After all the trials and tribulations, you and Rob deserve some happiness. Be everything to each other and you will be fine.

    …and I am Debra

  14. robdeservesbetter says – reply to this


    Re: Mary – what are you blind to how hurt he was and to be honest which i am you are wrong they are NOT together for good you are living in EDWARD AND BELLA LAND news freaking flash they are not there freaking characters you just wait they will end because he is not and never will be able to get passed her cheating on him nuff said

  15. robdeservesbetter says – reply to this


    Re: TheLookingGlass – what are you a Robsten FAN news flash you are being scammed it really is complete PR i dont care that you think its not when it is you really need to look at his body language when hes around her its FAKE! he is done with her and was hurt deeply by her there is NO ROBSTEN he can never trust her again and he knows that

  16. debbie says – reply to this


    Lol this–

  17. 17

    Lol this—

  18. Summer says – reply to this


    Re: robdeservesbetter – PR FOR WHAT?! You have yet to explain that!

  19. creepers says – reply to this


    Come on everyone. They hate the papz and have said they think they are the scum of the earth. They aren't going to hold hands and smile for the papz to get a payday. They are obviously together and have been. I don't have my boyfriend travel to visit me on my business trips. GET OVER PEREZ…..they are together…pretty obvious.

  20. kris says – reply to this


    She seemed like she was crying to their latest pictures, from Friday :/

  21. robdeservesbetter says – reply to this


    Re: Summer

    PR until everything with the DVD is done and over which it is not over yet

  22. Jay says – reply to this


    Re: Mary – Rob didn't look upset at all. Just Kristen.

  23. Woody88 says – reply to this


    Good for Perez in attempting to make the most mundane sighting into something interesting. It must just pain both positive and negative commenters here that Rob and Kristen are simply living together and doing the ordinary unexciting things that people living together do. For a couple worth around $100 million, they are truly dedicated to living ordinary lives. I would have sent my servant!

  24. Kay says – reply to this


    Re: kris – She's crying, but why? Papz have been swarming her every time she's out with people. Even in front of her house there were papz taking photos of her running around, laughing with friends. I'm sure she knew they were there somewhere. Now she's crying with Rob walking with her for all the world to see? What is her deal? First she humiliates Rob by kissing her director (and who knows what else), then she calls him a a-hole in front of a stranger/fan, and now she's crying in front of the papz with Rob. Is there no end to the Kristen Stewart Humiliate Rob Electric Boogaloo Parade?? As Cher would say in Moonstruck, Rob…"Snap out of it!"

  25. Kay says – reply to this


    Re: Jay – That's what makes me suspicious. Why walk to get some candy? They know they'll get papped. Something is up. Either she started crying to make a scene like it really upset her that papz were there, or it was staged to look like there was trouble in *cough* paradise. He actually looked sheepish and embarrassed. If it was nothing of what I said, then she's got some bi-polar issues that must get tiring. Sure, I get that papz upset her. But she didn't look upset with all her friends at that club. But now walking with Rob, she's openly crying outside. Is there anything she won't do outside to embarrass Rob? He's not perfect, but I doubt he was the one making her cry. Why do that outside? In other words, did anyone see Rob crying while walking with her for the first time? Was he pissed off? No. He keeps his personal life personal. She seems to have lost the ability know what personal means. Everything is being shown OUTSIDE now.

  26. Kevin says – reply to this


    Get such a kick out of all the chicks who are still in denial that he is with this girl… Lol

  27. 27

    I don't get it. They "Get Sweaty for Love" because they both wore a hoodie to the store? Am I missing something? Anyway, we get old separate pics of them and non-information? The article is pretty lame.

  28. janiekat says – reply to this


    Everybody!!! Robert Pattinson is with Kristen Stewart.!! Haters hate that and we all that love them both LOVE IT! Yehaw!!! Oh happy day!!! I am so happy for them.!

  29. tori says – reply to this


    Re: Robdeservesbetter – you're such a typical rob fan, drowining in a sea of delusions so that your precious edward cullen can be single for you and only you. Maybe they are together, maybe they are just friends at this point. Who knows? But back the fuck off and stop spending so much time dry humping your life sized edward pillow and take a breather from your conspiracy theories. Seriously, "it's pr!" is just ridiculous at this point now that the franchise is long over.

  30. rihrihno says – reply to this


    Re: robdeservesbetter – omg, you think they are fake together because they are trying to help dvd sales? Stop smoking the cullen ashes dumb ass, and come back to planet earth where not everything is controlled by Summit and Rob isn't in some slave contract.

  31. dahlia says – reply to this


    Re: Kay – You need to leave your mom's basement once and awhile and get offline cause all your twihard-Robharder nancy drew theories are making you sound wacky. Seriously, they got papped doing normal store shopping near their home, big whoop. The franchise is over, no one really gives a shit aobut them anymore so they probably feel more free to more normal things like shop.

  32. tramporama says – reply to this


    Re: Robdeservesbetter – face it. he's probably eating kristen out right now with some of those candies placed in strategic places while you assume it's all for pr. It's hilarious how in denial twihards are about not wanting rob's cherry popped. I bet he lost it at like 10. lol

  33. coralinep says – reply to this


    eye roll at all the folks saying rob and kristen are being fishy and pr-y. they went to lassens and a liquor store near the area in the past couple days. Hardly famewhoring moves, with only a handful of photos to document it all

  34. Get over it! says – reply to this


    Re: robdeservesbetter – Omg get over yourself, how da hell do you know that they arn't together. there is no such thing as a PR stunt, do you honestly believe that summit would pay these to shyt loads of money to pretend that they are together, get a life NO and i mean NO matter how powerful a production company is they do not have any rights to be able to make demands such as these that people like you are constantly spewing. Your dilusional if you really believe that; NO one can make these two live together share a pet together share a house together, mix and mingle with each others family either, your all mental if you think that. some off you people need to get a life, they are not edward and bella and if rob so choses to be with kristen aafter the so called scandel then more power to him, we need more men like him in the world that are real men, not ones that can't forgive. If this was opposite you all would still bash kristen saying it was her fault and that she deserved it as well as that he was to good for her. my point is that you all just don't want this man to have a life that does not involve you nut job fans, it really is pathetic that you call yourself a fan; if your a fan be a fan off his movies go watch his movie buy his dvds or what ever but butt out off his personal life that has nothing to do with any of his fans. Rob does not owe his fans anything, except making good movies he especially does not owe us the right to his personal life.

  35. Woody88 says – reply to this


    I like them together. Glad the Perez has discovered his "Fishy" angle. Something had to replace Hollywood Life's "trial separation" mythology. Every relationship is day to day. Rob and Kristen have had well over a thousand of such days.

  36. Relationships says – reply to this


    Re: Kay – cheers to that!

  37. 37

    oh my GOOOOOD shes a filthy disgusting animal people! What more is there to say?! You know she blew the guy who came up to fix their toilet after she took a massive shit and clogged it while Rob went downstairs to the lobby to find some hot piece of underage Australian boy hole. He went upstairs, caught her with a mouth and face full of man goo as he normally does because she cant help herself.. shes a dirty little pig and things havent been right since. I don't know why he wastes his time with a dead pan, stone face, miserable, self loathing, bitch… Do you guys remember when she compared being famous to being raped?! Real sensitive to the female community. And real appreciative and respectful towards the people who would kill for the opportunities you have you stupid twat. She looks like the biggest fucking asshole in this picture too! Shes so ugly! Worst smile ever! Gross.

  38. Syn says – reply to this


    Re: SteveIsHot

    You´re so not a guy. Sorry little girl, but you don´t fool me.

  39. 39

    Re: Syn – That's right, I have big thick twat lips and massive jugs I just wanna booby slap you with! Come over and lick my vagina!!

  40. tt says – reply to this


    I agree Steve is a girl. Do men even talk that way? They are together. The DVD has been out for over a month.

  41. 41

    Re: tt – No, men don't talk this way.. just girls with huge, throbbing vagina's, dripping with period blood and juices only you can taste. I'm waiting.