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Wiz Khalifa Has "Got To Get Stoned!" What About Being A Parent?!

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wiz khalifa smokes blunt

We wonder if Amber Rose still thinks her man is the "best daddy ever" NOW!

While Wiz Khalifa has always enjoyed his fair share of the greenery - and pretty much straight up said a while back that the birth of his son Sebastian Taylor Thomaz would not deter his smoking - it seems a little odd to us that only a month after the little guy's birth, he's posting photos of himself on Instagram taking a blunt to the face!

Ch-ch-check out the snap (above), which he captioned:

Got To Get Stoned


And how does Miss Rose feel about your leaving her with the crux of the parenting responsibility while you're off getting high?

Obviously, everyone has their vice of choice with which they enjoy being able to unwind, but we just hope your love of herb - or apparent NEED to be stoned - isn't impeding on your ability to be the best possible dad you can be!

Behave yourself, Wiz!

[Image via Instagram.]

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21 comments to “Wiz Khalifa Has "Got To Get Stoned!" What About Being A Parent?!”

  1. free says – reply to this


    Nothing wrong with that, as long as you don't spend all day getting high -or drunk, for that matter. Responsible fathers (and mothers) know.

  2. 2

    There are substantial amounts of parents that smoke pot in this country. If Wiz can be successful, and have a mature relationship with another human being all while smoking pot, I'm sure he can manage smoking a blunt and still being a loving parent.

  3. MissVedder says – reply to this


    So glad you are now the spokesperson for all parents. I mean, you've had yours for what, a minute?

  4. 4

    At least he's not getting naked and taking pictures with his baby, then plastering it all over the internet… hint: DON'T DO THAT.

  5. 5

    Another thug punk ass bitch making a baby bringing more filth into this world.

  6. 6

    I rarely say this…but I'm with Perez on this one. He's a new parent and while if he wants to leave the baby for a night to go party with friends, that's fine…but this just screams something else entirely.

  7. dd says – reply to this


    i bet she still thinks he´s the best dad… it´s 2013… and it´s only pot…. f*ck off perez..

  8. sara052420 says – reply to this


    A girl friend of mine doesn't smoke weed but her boyfriend does & they just had a baby girl back in October 2012. He still smokes, not all day sort of smoking, he does it after his hard day of work. It's like how a housewife drinks wine at night to chill out or a man drinks a beer at the end of the day to unwind. Some people smoke weed for the same reason: to chill out & unwind at the end of a hard day. I'm sure that's what he does & I'm sure some days he does spend all day smoking too just like people spend holidays or even weekends drinking just for fun! I don't see the harm in it.. I personally don't smoke but I think they should make it legal & tax it like they did alcohol! Or at least decriminalize it. It's much safer than alcohol anyway!

  9. Nicky says – reply to this


    Says the parent who posts and drools over ONe Direction in their underwear

  10. 10

    I wonder if Perez Hilton is practicing total abstinence from alcohol because IF he isnt, then by his definition he's a BAD parent.

  11. 11

    Re: pollopicu – aint nothing but filth ever spews forth out of that nasty trap of yours on any article you can care to mention. Shut it

  12. 12

    Typical trash…some fucking no talent rappers should not breed with strippers. I feel sorry for the kid. In 18 years we will see this kid in rehab for drug use. Great influences for a kid to learn from.

  13. lola says – reply to this


    Re: Securitygirl – shut up lol he is fine. as long as what is important still comes first its not even a big deal! give it a few years the shit will be legal! if you are trash for smoking a blunt you are trash for having a beer! and this is coming from someone who doesnt even smoke! and amber rose just did an interview and was saying how good of a daddy is so obviously his priorities are still straight! ppl kill me. you're not better than anyone and don't determine what the definition of trash or class is.

  14. 14

    It's weed, calm down!
    He doesn't seem to be doing it around his kid. You don't see him giving the kid a hit. You aren't around your new baby 100% of the time and he probably isn't either. It doesn't make anyone a bad parent for doing things he enjoys on his own time. Have you had any alcohol since having a baby?

  15. 15

    See…this is how shii gets started. No one should ever say anything to anyone being a bad parent unless they have substantial evidence that there is a child being neglected or abused. The thing that parents do on their spare time to relax and unwind is totally their business. Yes a picture says a thousand words although its not for you to put your thousand and one words under it. You have no idea why he lit that or when he lit it. Hes a habitual smoker ofcourse but he love his son obviously too, he might have just stepped out to his car to smoke so he wouldnt be around the baby, there are so many possibilties but it so easy to put the first negative one to light. Be Real Perez of all ppl, you are a homosexual with a son, does that make you a bad parent?

  16. 16

    OH god here we go with you and that high horse….first you'd bash people for being out of shape when you got on the healthy tip and now that you're a dad, you're gonna criticize all other dads right? At least he's not smoking weed with his child in the car or something, and believe me itll probably take 15 minutes to smoke a blunt like that and go right back to his family. It's not a big deal, like someone said, it's like drinking a glass of wine.

  17. Monstro says – reply to this


    If you can still maintain what you need to do, what's the BFD?

  18. Brooksie says – reply to this


    Weed will soon be legal. It's just like having a drink after work. You're now the know-it-all parent? Get real Perez. I raised 4 good kids, all adults and productive. I've smoked weed since the 70's. Nothing wrong with it. And I'm in my mid 50's and still smoke!

  19. 19

    I wouldnt be surprised if he was smoking it around his kid and people say its okay! Hes a dad now. grow the fuck up. pot smokin low life

  20. Amber Harris says – reply to this


    Amber Rose is open about him smoking weed, you can smoke and still be a parent!!! So its messed up to even try to hint that someone is going to be a bad father because of his habitt ! F**k you perez! Go look on youtubeee, there is an interviewww with wiz and amber about his habit LISTEN BEFORE YOU JUDGE
    i am donee! ((:

  21. 21

    at least his son will grow up with a mom and dad Perez, so STHU