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Kanye West Thinks He's God?? Wants To Name New Album I Am God!

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kanye west to name sixth album i am god

Kanye West has never had a problem letting the world know how awesome he thinks he is, but now it looks like his ego has gone to a new, god-like level!

The rapper has been spending a lot of time in the studio working on his sixth studio album, and apparently he’s considering calling it I Am God!

We’re just as excited about a new Kanye album as the next person, but SERIOUSLY?!!

According to a source, the title is ‘half tongue-in-cheek,’ so he’s only half-joking when he says he’s God. That makes it better, right?

We can’t decide what’s more ridiculous. His new album title, or the fact that he and Kim Kardashian are considering naming the messiah their baby North West!

Kanye is easily one of the best rappers out there, but the name game is definitely isn't one of his strengths! LOLz!!

[Image via PGpg68/Ramey Pix.]

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25 comments to “Kanye West Thinks He's God?? Wants To Name New Album I Am God!”

  1. me says – reply to this


    god….really? So now he can create a universe and all the stars in the sky? lol. Slow down on the coke there ye.

  2. 2

    God will strike him down for such blasphemy.

  3. Candy94 says – reply to this


    Fly down sweety

  4. 4

    Why is Kim's pet monkey off his leash; these filthy dirty animals have diseases & parasites?

  5. 5

    God? Hardly. He's just another dumb, ego-maniac jungle bunny with too few brain cells. The fact that he's fucking the Karashian whore is proof of his stupidity, and his big mouth is proof of the rest. Stop posting about this stupid darkie.

  6. kandycane says – reply to this


    Jay z has people calling him Hove???? This world is so dumb for even buying their music. Jay and Kanye ..and Beyonce, all of them live in a fantasy world where they believe they are gods and they

  7. kandycane says – reply to this


    I wont even go into it, but the world is so dumb and they would follow a baboon's ass

  8. ladydi says – reply to this


    Rebel without a clue.
    He should be on his knees thanking God for all of his blessings instead of believing he IS God. Short-sighted little man.
    i'm tired of his self-pitying rants and his "Woe it me…nobody know da troubla I seen….".
    Get over yourself Kenya. In 20 years you will be Ken…who?

  9. KJB says – reply to this


    The only thing Kanye can claim to be is a butthole.

  10. Billy Notung says – reply to this


    Praise Kanye!

  11. Jody says – reply to this


    Re: ladydi – Amen!

  12. 12

    Douche Chill!!!!!…this guy is so fuckin ridiculous its annoying..he needs to go drown himself somewhere

  13. val says – reply to this


    HE LEFT OFF THE F AFTER god. Oh, he's GODF alright .. … KAYNE YOU'RE GOING ON DOWNHILL FAST buddy and on the ass of the scum Kartrashians… You Kayne aren't relevent and are only a sperm supplier of which she's had a few. So just ad an S to your view of yourself and see it from our view … skank 'n you GODF

  14. 14


  15. 15

    Sit down Kanye. God, my ass. Fucking stupid.

  16. DEEBRA says – reply to this



  17. EH says – reply to this


    If Elvis ain't God, and MJ ain't God then you certainly ain't God. You rank so low you could dangle your legs off a cigarette paper. Your arrogance and that piece of trash you're married to are going to spawn offspring? The world is truly in the frickin' dumpster with or without the hand basket

  18. 18

    I just don't get this guys appeal. his genre of music is so boring and has been on the downslide for 10 years, why doesn't someone come up with some new interesting music? and the fact that he sticks it in that kardashian pig/cow thing just make him look like such a fool.

  19. mr fox says – reply to this


    actually if you humans knew anything about the nature of reality you'd probably understand why he is naming his album that. i'm not a kanye fan but i'm looking forward to hearing the tracks on this joint. we are all god. if the humans woke up they wouldn't be so stupid.

  20. @v@ says – reply to this


    Alrighty then. So Kim can change her name to Mary, and the baby will be named Jesus.
    John Lennon went through this one already, and all he said was that The Beatles were more popular than God. Kanye should learn from history and check out how that all went for them.

  21. Ky says – reply to this


    Just name the to-be-critically-panned album "Baby Mama Drama." Heck, 'Pan' is a Greek god, lol, so be happy when the album gets panned by critics. Ha! Mr.Kardashian will be dealing with some serious baby mama drama to come. Ha! Ad #8760: The 'personal perez' Kartrashian ads are disgusting, vile and offensive to all women. It is unacceptable that Perez Hilton would constantly align himself with a momager ad agency that would so carelessly release the ads of these whores.

  22. betterthanthat says – reply to this


    @stefystef …. god isn't real. Deal with it.

  23. unbelievable says – reply to this


    It's the freemasonic shit he believes in

  24. asmiralda says – reply to this


    Kanye you are full of banana in your mouth. How come God be so nasty and ugly like you? Impossible!!!!!! Next time just count the day till your bastard baby born, she will be just like you. I hope she will be smarter than you, but since the mother is Kim I don't expect too much.

  25. Benny Beer says – reply to this


    someone needs to crucify this fool