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The Voice's Ratings UP Without Christina Aguilera And Cee Lo Green!

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the voice premier ratings high

Christina? Christina, who?

NBC’s The Voice debuted extra strong with its Season 4 premiere despite missing coaches Christina Aguilera and Cee Lo Green. It looks like Shakira and Usher held their own!

The singing competition show garnered 12 million viewers!! That’s a 9% bump from the premiere last season!!

If you haven’t already, click here for last night’s most memorable performances and see why it did so well!

There’s no stopping this NBC machine.

And boy, corporate sure must be thrilled!

[Image via NBC.]

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29 comments to “The Voice's Ratings UP Without Christina Aguilera And Cee Lo Green!”

  1. 38543854 says – reply to this


    I watched it last night and it was obvious to see the great chemistry between all the judges. Usher and Shakira were great along with Adam and Blake. Great show!

  2. 2

    It was great. I like the new judges, but I liked Christina and CeeLo as well. But the best thing about this show is the quality of the singers - so much better than Idol.

  3. lol says – reply to this


    Lol, Lets not kid ourselves here, If Christina hadn't been on the show from the start, it would have been cancelled by now, give it up, Perez.

  4. JJ says – reply to this


    I hope they keep this panel of judges! Christina didn't offer any constructive criticism & just made bitchy comments to everyone or took every opportunity to remind the world how fabulous she was. Cee-Lo is nice enough but didn't really bring anything different to the table. He was kind of like the "filler" judge. Plus his resume isn't as impressive as the other judges. I love this season!!!!!!

  5. Loca says – reply to this


    Love Shakira she is funny humble and gorgeous love her style. Adam is hot and Blake is hilarious… Love the new group Please do not bring Fat-Tina back.

  6. Raffy says – reply to this


    Christina was what made The Voice. You seriously need to stop with the bully comments about Christina. Perez for someone who's a fat girl at heart, your a trip.

  7. Trenton says – reply to this


    I miss Christina and Cee Lo! But I do like Shakira surprisingly, Usher not so much. But what this article fails to mention is how they're not competing with the X Factor premiering the same week and that American Idol's buzz is nothing like it was when it premiered.

  8. 8

    I don't mind CeLo so much al tho he isn't all that interesting, but I cannot stand Christina Aguilera. I think she was a brilliant singer and she still has a lot of talent, but she has a terrible personality and is not a nice person. On the other hand, I adore Shakira who is an angel and I have all her music and I love her so I was looking forward to her being on The Voice. Usher I will always love him.

  9. 9

    Usher is blah, but I adore Shakira on there. She has so much more of a personality than Christina. I love her energy. They all have great chemistry. I think Adam and Blake are the most important coaches.

  10. cameron says – reply to this


    Christina was the reason that the show even became a hit, without her it would be another fail for NBC.pThe voice was going against X-factor and Dancing with the Stars last season! Despite it's head to head competition with X-factor, the voice last season reign on top. I'm really tired of people bashng Christina, they judge her without having any clue what she does good. Let me remind you that Christina is an embassador for the world food program, she's been a philanthropist ever since she came out. Whe lend her voice for hurricane Katrina raising funds to help support the people in need…. Christina is also a global popstar, she sold millions of albums around the world. She won the latin grammy award, and her Spanish album became #1. People are just so quick to bring her down, their mind is just so deluded that they failed to recognize what amazing good things Christina have done to give back to people in need. PEREZ please stop bringing down Christina, she a great person with a really good heart. jealousy is not a good thing!!!

  11. cameron says – reply to this


    sorry for the typos :) …….. and let me also add that Christina was a really good judge, she was the only one that offered really good constructive criticism….. She also was sincere, if you go back and watched the old episodes you would see how she hugged and comforted a lot of the contestants.
    And oh the voice premiere last night did good because of Usher. Usher is really well known and he was also responsible for Justin Bieber success which attracted a lot of his fans to the show!
    American Idol sucks this season thats why a lot of AI fans watched the voice because it has more interesting contestants. AI this season is plain boring!!!

  12. 12


  13. nome says – reply to this


    Re: JJ – What the hell are you talking about???

    Christina Aguilera DID offer constructive criticism to the contestants and at times more so than the others. Yes Christina Aguilera is a diva, that's no secret but the ONLY time Christina was ever a "bitch" on The Voice was towards Tony Lucca last year and even that wasn't a simple situation.

  14. Helen says – reply to this


    Blake is hot! Great show I find myself laughing out loud at their banter. And the singers have really taken it up a notch.

  15. 15

    It was the premier of course it should be high but if you compare to last spring cycle it's actually down. Look at tuesdays rating it went down… ooopsie!

  16. Gossip says – reply to this


    Perez is a suck trash :) ) U do everything to bring Xtina down, but u really cant =)) You know, no Xtina - no voice :) )

  17. 17

    then again..last season tuesday premiere earned a 4.0…while last night it got a 3.9…Solid but it didn't outperformed last seasons numbers (plus remember that the first episode ratings are affected by the curiosity of people tuning in to watch Shakira and Usher)

  18. ABBELLA says – reply to this


    actually the ratings ARE DOWN BY SEVERAL MILLION VIEWERS PEREZ.. PLUS THEY ARE NOT COMCETING WITH XFACTOR EITHER perez you are sooooo transparent you are still bulling and bashing christina your passive aggressive manner of attempting to say that the show is better off without CHRISTINA! wow ! could you be anymore obvious. btw that was sarcasum. REMEMBER YOU ARE THE ONE WHO STARTED THIS WAR back when you outed a dear friend of CHRISTINA'S that wasnt ready to be OUT ! your such a BULLY still got your panties in a bunch 2 yrs after she ripped you a new asshole FOR WHAT YOU DID ! YOU DESERVED IT.. she has moved on with life why cant you

  19. Stella says – reply to this


    Re: JJ – you are obviously high on something. Christina can't even sell enough records to go on tour. Everyone watched because of the boys.

  20. Stella says – reply to this


    Re: Raffy – if Christina is so popular and can carry a show then explain to me why she can't sell enough albums to go on tour?

  21. Raffy says – reply to this


    Re: Stella

    Being an artist is having the ability to be creative and write songs about your past, present and future. With radio only selecting certain songs, and strong media on crazy relationships (Chris Brown & Rihanna) (Kayne West and Kim) You gotta stop and wonder why music isn't the same it was many years ago. As per your concert statement, who said it wasn't gonna happen anytime soon?

  22. Hana says – reply to this


    Re: Mr. Xpose – That's why she came dead last right? l0l

  23. EmmaYO says – reply to this


    you are such a bully to her man! Christina Aguilera was the heart and soul of the voice. She was the reason people ever tuned in because she was a fucking legend and everyone wanted to see her do her thing. She is the voice and is the only judge I would seriously listen to because she knows what it takes to be a great vocalist after all she is one of the greatest vocalists of all time certainly of this generation. Plus everyone was excited to see what she would wear every show and what funny thing she would say to piss people off she was phenomenal on that show. And maybe you should get your facts staright because the ratings have actually dropped :| and plus it didn't compete with the X-Factor so stfu. I like the other coaches but xtina is the queen who when the time is right will take her throne again

  24. HonestAbeBabe says – reply to this


    The show is more likeable now. Christian was a pompous diva and all the attention was on her. She ate it up and most of the time it was just annoying. Now, I feel like the playing ground is more fair. Usher is okay (not a big deal, not as funny as CeeLo…) and Shakira seems so down to earth and funny. I love it. Great chemistry this season. Keep Christina away. Also, nobody liked how snooty she acted about other judge's performers and how over the top she was with her own. That was lame of her.

  25. Fio says – reply to this


    Can't believe some idiot from the comment section actually thinks Cee Lo was a filler judge. I agree with one of the other comments, though, Christina was the reason the show became famous in the first place, but throughout the game people noticed Adam more, catapulting Maroon 5 to a different (and very annoying) level of fame.

    Christina and Cee Lo are two of the greats. I like Usher and Shakira, too, I just wished they replaced Blake and Adam instead (just kidding). Anyway, both newbies are doing great thus far, especially Shakira (I originally liked Usher better, before I started watching The Voice Season 4).

  26. jannesa says – reply to this



  27. jake says – reply to this


    I really think someone should tell Usher that this show is based on "your Voice", not how you "Perform it". It seams that Usher never got the memo on why the "The Voice", is "Not American Idol". You supposed to be coaching them on how to use your voice not how you perform. Shakiria,Adam,Blake=great!

  28. truth says – reply to this


    The ratings went up because people realized how much they really liked Shakira and Usher compared to Chrisitna Marilyn Monroe Wannabe Snookilera.The network will see once they leave and they lose viewers and ratings that we want to see positive,beautiful,kind people on the show not clowns,like Christina making faces,mean comments,sausaging herself into too tight outfits while her fake boobs hang out.

  29. Smiley says – reply to this


    Please don't let Christina devil come back to the show. Her diva personality brings nothing to this show. She sucks as a coach and Shakira is doing way better with her personality, and her eloquence. I love Shakira! Christina your attitude sucks!