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Ender's Game Gets An Official Poster!! Trailer Release Revealed!!

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enders game poster official battle room star trek trailer

We have some FANTASTIC Ender's Game news for all you nerds out there!! (Don't worry, we're nerds too!)

First and foremost, did you see the first official Ender's Game poster? If not, you must've scrolled to the story too fast because it's right there (above) for your pleasure!! It's the Battle Room – the zero-gravity training ground where recruits learn to fight aliens!!

The director described it like this:

“This is the high school football field, only it’s in three dimensions. It’s the size of a football field in all directions: up, down, left, right. And the idea is teams jump out from opposite ends of this amazing space and play this amazing game of 3D paintball, almost.”

Sounds fab to us!

SECONDLY, did you hear when we're getting the first trailer?? Right before the new Star Trek! How perfect is that??

This is what Roberto Orci (Star Trek's writer) tweeted about it:

That's not too far at all!!

We just hope we get some more awesome posters and screenshots before then! If not, we just might lose our damn minds! LOLz!

[Image via Yahoo! Movies.]

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60 comments to “Ender's Game Gets An Official Poster!! Trailer Release Revealed!!”

  1. Gay&Proud says – reply to this


    Perez, you really shock me sometimes in your ignorance. Or do you just chose to turn a blind eye for profit? Orson Scott Card, the writer of "Ender's Game", is on the Board of Directors of the right-leaning "National Organization for Marriage", which has been at the forefront of opposing same-sex marriage laws. In 2009, Orson penned an opinion piece for the Mormon Times in which he argued: “Marriage has only one definition, and any government that attempts to change it is my mortal enemy. I will act to destroy that government and bring it down." In another column last year, he called homosexuality a “reproductive dysfunction” born of choice.

  2. Demode says – reply to this


    Oh Perez… Do you have any idea what film you are promoting? This ain't Star Trek. This is a future where you will never hear of homosexuality, because most likely, it was wiped out of existance. This film was written by one of the most hate-filled, anti-gay writers in the USA. You keep posting pro-marriage news on your website, and than push a film by a writer who is on the board of governors for the National Anti-gay marriage group?!?!?! Wow. Just…. wow.

  3. Challenger says – reply to this


    Ender's Game… a future where homosexuality was "cured" out of existance. Yep. Good job Perez!

  4. London Calling says – reply to this


    Oh man, you really are clueless, aren't you. They must have pulled up to your house with a big dump truck full of money for you to sell your soul like this. You have now become a company shill for a film written by a man on the board of governors for the anti-gay "National Organization for Marriage". Perez, it doesn't get any lower than that. You just sold out every gay man and woman in America (and the world) by promoting this film.

  5. Gemma Star says – reply to this


    Hahaha… Oh, Perez, are you ever going to get slammed as a hypocrite in the media for this one!

  6. Tunthy says – reply to this


    Perez, you are now officially an Uncle Tom.

  7. Mega-Tron says – reply to this


    SHAME !!!!!!! Every other news item on this site has been pro-marriage the past 24 hours, and you have the audacity to promote a film by a guy who is on the board of governors for an anti-gay marriage group!?! WHAT THE HELL, MAN? Queen of all media, my ASS! You are a fucking joke.

  8. Don Mills says – reply to this


    I bet the aliens embrace homosexuality, and that is why the future humans fight them. Can't have alien-homosexuality turning future Christians into butt pirates, now can we?

  9. Krista says – reply to this


    Perez, this is an all-time low for you.

  10. Wilson says – reply to this


    Like I've always said… Perez would sell out his own kind to make a profit.

  11. Enders Game: Anti-Gay says – reply to this


    From GLADD: A GLAAD spokesman tells THR: "Anti-gay activists like (Orson Scott) Card can't expect to spread the same hateful and dangerous rhetoric they once did without it negatively impacting how the public views them. As a board member of NOM, one of the most visible anti-gay organizations, Card is not merely a holder of anti-gay views but someone who has used his own fame and resources to actively make life more difficult for hardworking LGBT people and our families. He might still want the buying public to financially support his creative endeavors, but the public is responding with an affirmative ‘no.’ ”

  12. Ender's Game: Anti-Ga says – reply to this


    More from GLADD: "Card’s long record of opposition to same-sex marriage and gay rights came into sharp focus when DC Comics announced Feb. 6 that it had hired him to write a chapter of a new Superman anthology series. Card has been a prominent gay-rights opponent going back to the ‘90s. As the same-sex marriage debate has advanced in recent years, he has become more vocal in his views."

  13. Edward says – reply to this


    Dear Perez: as a fellow gay man, you make me sick.

  14. Truth says – reply to this


    It is a known fact that the studio wants to keep Orson Scott Card out of the limelight as much as possible while they promote the film based on his book. His anti-gay views could seriously hurt ticket sales. I am surprised the studios would even touch his work, and I can not believe a site like Perez Hilton… wait, scratch that… I can believe Perez would promote this film (for profit). I'm also sure he knows about the controversy with Card, but took the money from the studio to promote it anyway. The studio will probably try to get as many gay websites as possible to promote the film, and hope that they gloss over the fact the Card wrote it. Most won't promote it, but Perez, for money, will. For shame.

  15. Flame On! says – reply to this


    Enjoy that Nazi Gold, Perez!

  16. Terry says – reply to this


    This film is going to bomb, and any good will that Perez has made with the gay community this week has been jettisoned out the window.

  17. Karma's a bitch says – reply to this


    Perez: for a guy who thinks of himself as a "Poster Boy" for the gay community, you have just fucked up HUGE. How are you going to dig yourself out of this one?

  18. Jessie K says – reply to this


    If you were a real "Nerd" as you claim, Perez, you would know that this trash was written by an anti-gay writer. You are nothing but a sellout scumbag.

  19. Sarah says – reply to this


    Hey Perez, guess you missed this recent headline in the press: "'Ender's Game' Author's Anti-Gay Views Pose Risks for Film".

  20. King of Media says – reply to this


    "Outcry over DC Comics' hire of (anti-gay) Orson Scott Card to pen a Superman story could mean trouble for the $110 million sci-fi film (Ender's Game) set for November."

  21. Hey, Fella! says – reply to this


    Orson Scott Card supports armed insurrection over gay marriage!

  22. Woza Wonka says – reply to this


    Orson Scott Card’s Anti-Gay Stance Will Hurt Ender’s Game’s Box Office. Interesting To See Gay Advocates Like Perez Hilton Selling Out To Promote The Film For A Bit Of Profit.

  23. In the News says – reply to this


    "…The next probable controversy we’ll have to worry about is Orson Scott Card’s anti-gay stance impacting the box office revenue of Gavin Hood’s upcoming adaptation of Card’s Ender’s Game. Though his bias towards same-sex marriages isn’t new, it made a few headlines recently when DC announced Card would be a part of an upcoming Superman anthology, which resulted in a massive petition signing and at least one retailer refusing to sell the product. Film insiders are already backing away from him, and steps are being taken to limit the public promotions he attends for the film, just in case anyone should question him up front about it…"

  24. Timothy Tompkins says – reply to this


    It stops being "just an opinion" when people are harmed by it. Card is a member of NOM, who have thrown their support behind the measures in Uganda to actually kill gay people. This means that every dollar that Card gets from a viewer, whether that viewer agrees with his views or not, will then help the man to push an agenda of genocide.

  25. Che says – reply to this


    Card is obviously benefiting financially from this film. I think it's safe to assume he's got points on the back end, besides just royalties and whatever money he made up front. Card is also known to publicly support some pretty hateful stuff. It stands to reason that some of the money he makes from this deal will make its way to the front lines in the fight against common decent humanity and equality. So, yeah, while we may all love the story of Ender's Game, and harbor a cautious optimism that the movie could somehow even remotely do justice to the novel, we also all have to grapple with the fact that if we support the film, we will be supporting financially — likely — some anti-gay groups.

  26. Danny Boy says – reply to this


    Perez, you ignorant slut!

  27. Film Geek says – reply to this


    Pass. I will not support Card or his agenda by paying to read his written work or watch a movie he's benefitting financially from. While this my choice, and I am only one person, I can only make my voice heard by my own actions. There is plenty of other entertainment to choose from out there written by non-militant homophobes.

  28. Zodac Prime says – reply to this


    Hey Perez! Do you have any good "Al-Qaeda" movies to recommend watching?

  29. H8TE says – reply to this


    This just in: Perez Hilton Hates Gay People.

  30. Church Street says – reply to this


    Your are a real piece of work, Perez. Fucking sell out.

  31. Vee Required says – reply to this


    So much for being the Defender of Gay Rights, you fucking hypocrite.

  32. Too Funny says – reply to this


    Haha… The gay readers are calling out Perez for the douchebag he really is!


  33. Bean says – reply to this


    Can't wait for this movie, loved the book… hopefully the gay community don't harm it's release I've been waiting for this for 2 long.

  34. General Soldier says – reply to this


    Hey Perez! You obviously have your finger on the pulse of what's hot. Any word yet on when the "Mein Kempf" movie is coing out?

  35. Angel Eyes says – reply to this


    Oh Perez.. how the mighty has fallen. Only a man with his head buried in the sand could promote an anti-gay writer's film like you just did. You should be ashamed of yourself, if you even care. This proves to me that you care NOTHING about the gay movement, and that you only care about your own personal agendas. I hope you enjoy the money the studio gave you, sellout! If you have any heart you will donate it to a gay-positive charity.

  36. Typical Perez says – reply to this


    From the desk of Perez Hilton: "…We have some FANTASTIC Ender's Game news for all you anti-gay fans out there!! (Don't worry, we're anti-gay too!)…"

  37. Joe Tomaza says – reply to this


    Wow! I bet Perez and the unlucky studio were not counting on all the negativity they would get when they posted this. Perez: the fact that you would post about a film written by an anti-gay extremist shows that you are completely out of touch with the gay movement. I seriously would like to know how you sleep at night. Giving a glowing endorsment to a book written by Orson Scott Card is about the same as giving an endorsment to Hitler or Stalin.

  38. Alpha One says – reply to this


    Did you feel that Perez? That is the last bit of TOLERANCE the Gay Community had for you finally slipping away. You try to be their Big Gay Mascot, and then you post shit like this. What were you thinking? Was the money just to good to pass up? Nice to see your true colors showing.

  39. Lady Jaye says – reply to this


    Jesus, Perez! Talk about shaking hands with the Devil!

  40. Vox says – reply to this


    You really didn't have a clue what this movie was about, or who wrote it, did you Perez? Hell, you probably didn't even know what the "Battle Room" was when you wrote that, did you? Such a fake. So much for being the Queen of all Media. You claim to be a nerd, but you are not a real "nerd" like the rest of us.

  41. Chang says – reply to this


    I think I will be saving my movie money to see Star Trek Into Darkness. No way in hell I would support this Ender's Game film. Shame on you Perez! SHAME!

  42. Marwin says – reply to this


    Perez, if you posted this glowing… advertisement… and knew who Orson Scott Card was when you posted it, I have lost all respect for you. Not that I had much to begin with, but as a fellow gay man, I must say that this is a new low even for you.

  43. Kara says – reply to this


    Perez >>> EPIC FAIL!!!

  44. Vegas Bound says – reply to this


    Perez, Perez… what are we going to do with you? A gay man supporting Ender's Game is like a black man supporting a film directed by a KKK member.

  45. 45

    What is even worse, say he didn't know, he does now and still won't take down the post, that would mean giving back the money he got to promote this movie. Is there anything you won't promote/endorse perez, is chick fil a next?

  46. Crystal says – reply to this


    Oh man, I wonder if Perez is going to be posting any more "awesome posters and screenshots" for Ender's Game. Cause this little scam just bit him in his fat ass! Other websites are alredy commenting on the backlash Perez is getting for his promotion of an anti-gay writer's film. I have a feeling this may get even uglier for him.

  47. Emiliano says – reply to this


    Perez Hilton endorses film by anti-gay writer. Classy.

  48. Heather West says – reply to this


    More proof that Perez Hilton has no soul. The man will endorse anything. Even a film written by a man with an anti-gay agenda. Having read over all the comments posted thus far, I think an apology from him for his actions is in order.

  49. 49

    I'm very surprised this film is getting ad space here. Author Orson Scott Card is a rampant homophobe, coming out against marriage equality frequently. Way to do your homework and stab your own causes in the back!

  50. Kemp says – reply to this


    By now you know what is going on Perez, and yet, you are still advertising this film!?! You sir, are a worthless FRAUD!!! You will never represent the gay community. All you care about is profit! Perez, you are the most spineless coward in the world.

  51. Teela says – reply to this


    This site is a farce. Just goes to prove that anything Perez says or pretends to defend (like the right to gay marriage) is a lie. Sometimes I wonder if Perez really is gay, or if this is all an act for him to make money. I am gay, and he certainly doesn't speak for our community. Blatantly promoting this film on his website is the equivelant of a Jewish store owner posting pro-Nazi posters in their windows in the 1940s. Perez' enthusiam for this film makes me sick to my stomach.

  52. nexxus says – reply to this


    Perez Hilton is a Charlatan (AKA: a swindler). Perez is a person practicing quackery (or some similar confidence trick) in order to obtain money, fame and other advantages via some form of pretense or deception. The pro-Gay-marriage agenda he advocates all the time brings him in cash revenue. Now, I do think gay marriage is a good thing… but Perez milks it for profit, and I don't think he really cares if it ever gets made legal. In fact, he might even hope that it doesn't get legallized, because he could actually loose money if it does from revenue and donations that he receives "fighting for the cause". The fact that Perez Hilton would advertise a film writen by an anti-gay bigot (Orson Scott Card) shows just how much of a charlatan Perez really is. If he practiced what he preached to the masses, he would have never posted a glowing advertisment for a yet-unseen film from an anti-gay advocate. It throws all of his pro-gay marriage arguements under the train, and clearly shows that he only really cares about money, and not gay issues. I really hope that every gay rights institution has gotten wind of this by now, because it speaks volumes about the man and his company. He should be questioned about this.

  53. Kilgore says – reply to this


    "…The Earth was ravaged twice by the Buggers, an alien race seemingly determined to destroy humanity…" >>>>> … Ok, so the aliens are called "Buggers", which is a British slang term for anal sex performed by homosexuals. The "buggers" threaten everything and only the chosen one, a male child, can save them (shades of Jesus). Anyone who says there are no anti-gay messages in this book series is kidding themselves.

  54. Michael says – reply to this


    I for one am happy that Perez is promoting this film. Nice to see a bright and shiney future where all homosexuals are gone! Homosexuality is disgusting!

  55. Perrier Rox says – reply to this


    This is pretty sad. Shows how much of a douchebag Perez really is.

  56. Carey S. Turner says – reply to this


    If someone believes something is wrong, it is not the same as hate. I do not believe gay marriage is right, but I have friends who are gay. I love them the same as I love any other friend. It makes no difference to me. Open your heart and be willing to accept those who believe differently then you. You would be surprise how many movies and books you have loved that were written by authors who believe differently then you. Dont spread the hate.

  57. Kara says – reply to this


    re: Carey S. Turner: Sorry, but your argument is void. Supporting this movie gives the writer (who is also a producer) more money, which he will no doubt use to spread his views to the world through his various organizations that he supports. Hate is hate, and he is on record saying he would go to war against America if gay marriage was legalized. War is not love. I don't care what views some authors from the past may have had. The past is the past, and we have evolved. This is today, and I won't support the work of a man who preaches hate to the world.

  58. 58

    Get over it! All of you are retarded…eff it if the author is pro or anti gay marriage…this book was/is a piece of American sci-fi history. I'm glad that someone in this community( Perez) is putting the word out. He reports on all kinds of important and not so important cultural news, and guess what. A movie of such an iconic book is cultural news, and a lot more important that whatever number of times Lohan has gone to rehab. Thanks for rep'ing the nerds. Homosexual or heterosexual. Keep it up. And congrats if they gave you a boat load of money for it…BONUS!!!

  59. Brianna says – reply to this


    Looks like some people in the comments are having a hard time separation the art from the artist. Sad. It's one of my favorite books, despite Orson Scott Card's views. I can't wait for this movie!

  60. 60

    A Shame. I use to really enjoy OSC's (Orson Scott Card) work, until I heard of his standing on gay marriage and association with NOM. There will be those that say separate the art from the artist, but this man goes beyond being an artist. I can respect that people have different opinions, but here is a man who doesn't just voice an opinion, he works diligently against gay marriage. He uses his financial resources and notoriety to forward his opinion. He has threatened to destroy our government, if it sides against him. He implies in one of his books that gays are one of the lowest forms of humans. Hate to say it, but I want, and I will see this movie. I will just purchase a ticket for another and switch theaters.