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Oh no, Beliebers, our man is feeling bluuuue! We sure hope nothing major is going on because Justin Bieber is looking totes mopey sad. And he does hav… Read more…

13 comments to “Justin Bieber Has A Case Of The Sadsies! Neighbors Got Him Down??”

  1. 1

    I would think that his time is almost up. As his teeny-bopper female fans grow up, he will lose his base. He will then be just another washed up has been. He is a tool.

  2. 2

    Wow, a teddy bear and a flower arrangement sure buys your loyalty.

  3. 3

    Aww poor lil baby bieber…fuckin grow up! Pathetic lil bitch never lived a hard day in his life and now he has all the money in the world and "he's sad"….unreal

  4. Alexis says – reply to this


    Money doesn't buy happiness…So yea, even though he has a ton of money doesn't mean nothing gets him down..He's human. You're the tool.

  5. 5

    he's quickly becoming a washed up twerp.

  6. Reckless24 says – reply to this


    JB needs to realize the world wants to see him down. He needs to take a second out of his life and focus on himself give himself advice and not other people who are just with him because his money. Trying to cross over and act taught wont help him. Be yourself bro! We already what u can do and what u r capable of!

  7. 7

    ugh…Just fucking overdose and die already so we don't have to hear about you anymore.

  8. 8

    He seems like a spoiled, entitled brat, without guidance in life. And I'm sure he tired of all the cameras up his ass 24/7

  9. Sarah says – reply to this


    well i think once the neighbor's name gets released through the media all the bieber fans are probably gonna harass him..

  10. rb says – reply to this


    He was thinking about his new car.

  11. 11

    timberlake, olsen twins, harry potter kids, all made a transition.. one thing is for sure
    it is the people calling themselves friends, sell the house, cars and move from those people that are surrounding themselves with your money…. put yourself 1st justin

  12. rb says – reply to this


    Belieber’s want to know JB’s neighbor home address, so they can send their love!!!

    The neighbor went onto Justin’s property. The neighbor was wrong to confront anyone that may be breaking the law. He should have called the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department instead. The neighbor will lose his case, Justin should counter file against his neighbor for false report, and damages to him because of international media attention. [The neighbor has to have evidence that Justin spat at him]. [Justin’s security team already stated that there was no physical contact].

  13. Tim says – reply to this


    If Justin keeps thinking he can do whatever he wants cause " nothing's gonna happen " to him cause he's famous, I think he will be a very sought after trophy wife in jail. Justin being man pretty in the world may get you tail, but being man pretty in jail will make you the tail! Invest in soap on a rope now!