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Lindsay Lohan Is A Homewrecker?! Woman Claims She Stole Her Fiancé!

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lindsay lohan affair man stealer

Is there anything Lindsay Lohan doesn’t steal?

We kid, we kid!

But, she really is being accused of some serious thievery!

Our redheaded lady of hard timez supposedly nudged her way into the middle of Aesha Waks' romance by hooking up with her fiancé, Liam McMullan, last December.


Aesha revealed deets about what went down to end her five-year relationship:

“Lindsay destroyed my world. I am devastated and still love him, but he says he wants to be with her and save her … Liam finally got in touch and said that he and Lindsay had formed a ‘deep spiritual relationship.’ He admitted that he had actually been with Lindsay on Christmas, lying in bed for hours together.”

Well, now we know what LiLo did for Christmas - someone else's man!

Okay, maybe. First of all, who are these people? Where did they come from? How did they meet Lindsay? And when did she have to time to boink another guy when she was chilling with the fam all Christmas week? Something doesn't sound right here at all!

And anyway, we’re not so sure Liam can save her now…unless he knows of some lockdown rehabs. And besides, many others have tried… and they had a lot better incentive than you, pal.

As for Aesha, we’re guessing if your fiancé wants to hook up with LiLo and try to fix that hot messiness, then you just might be better off without him.

Just an educated guess!

[Images via Ivan Nikolov/Ramey Pix/Facebook.]

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15 comments to “Lindsay Lohan Is A Homewrecker?! Woman Claims She Stole Her Fiancé!”

  1. laura says – reply to this


    all 3 of them just look disgusting…

  2. 2

    Lindsay did not destroy your world. He just wasn't that into you. Don't blame another woman for problems within your relationship.

  3. Irfan says – reply to this


    Thanks for that!

  4. Demode says – reply to this


    Yeah… I call bullshit on this story.

  5. Lily1492 says – reply to this


    3 desperate fame whores…1 untrue story.

  6. 6

    Lindsay was at her mother's house on Christmas. She tweeted pics from there and didn't you see the family picture of her there on Christmas?

  7. Killowog says – reply to this


    This is a fluff piece. Perez Hilton's people are just trying to post as many "news items" as possible today, so they can bury his glowing endorsement for "Ender's Game" this morning — A movie written by Orson Scott Card, who is on the Board of Directors of the "National Organization for Marriage", which has been at the forefront of opposing same-sex marriage laws(!) In 2009, Orson penned an opinion piece for the Mormon Times in which he argued: “Marriage has only one definition, and any government that attempts to change it is my mortal enemy. I will act to destroy that government and bring it down." In another column last year, he called homosexuality a “reproductive dysfunction” born of choice. Now shamed by the Talkbackers, it appears that Perez is trying to post as many new news items as possible to bury the story.

  8. gak says – reply to this


    Tweakers.. yaa. This made me Laugh . Lindsay was at her family house she put it out their when it was Christmas .. lol lmfao if Lindsay denies i am TOTALLY on her side.. but the story is fake as the one who started this

  9. Melody says – reply to this


    not again!! well after all Not surprise to hear about another Lilodrama! Aesha pics and bio here

  10. 10

    Poor Lindsay, everything is a tornado in her life

  11. 11

    Lindsay ought to worry about her career, not other people's men!

  12. pitiful says – reply to this


    really perez, this is a story? Whats next exclusive coverage on what paper towels she prefers or maybe you could do an expose on lindsay stealing toilet paper from a luxury hotel because she used more than necessary? Youve got some soul searching to do. Your a father????

  13. Oh, Perez, HEADS UP!!! says – reply to this


    you're getting awfully close to having your ignorant ass publically raked over the coals by mental health advocacy groups. Put on your best shirt and smile.

  14. perezstalker says – reply to this


    Liam is famed NYC Photographer Patrick McMullan's son - how hard is google Perez? and Aesha was his gross gf/straphanger. Although the claim that Lindsay stole him is false (they broke up before Liam started hanging out with Lindsay on a regular basis..they grew up together in Long Island that's why they're friends), it is true that Liam was with her on Christmas.

  15. Godfolabi says – reply to this


    wOw! that's my homie, Liam. LoL I literally had to double take like "huh?!" Anywho, I know both of them and things happen its life. I wish them the best.