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We're still mourning the loss of BritBrit, but at least one perfectly pretty pop star will return to X Factor!! It's true, Demi Lovato and Fox are having… Read more…

22 comments to “Demi Lovato Officially RETURNS To X Factor, Despite Annoying Simon Cowell!!”

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    cut away!

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    She needs to find better talent. She put all her effort into Cece last year who was awful. Because of that she lost 2 other really talented girls. I knew she'd be back. She looks so much better with dark hair. Blonde is not the look for her.

  3. 3

    I'm happy she's back bc i absolutly love her but i don't like how she was CHANGING the contestants to what SHE thinks fit them. For example, I absolutely LOVED Janell Garcia but Demi made her more rock and completely changed her style….and then she quickly got voted off. Its not a surprise her group was totally eliminated. She needs to ADVISE her growing artists and help extenuate THEIR style. Just saying.

  4. 4

    I think it's safe to say that noone watched for Demi; they watched for Britney - and the ratings were still low. So, unless they hire two judges that are no less than completely amazing then this has to be the final season.

  5. 5

    X Factor is coming back for a third season? Why? Why, too, would they bring back a mentor who gave her contestants terrible advice? Oh, sorry, I forgot. That show doesn't give a rat's ass about the contestants. If they could land someone like Pink as a judge I'd watch, but I don't see that happening.

  6. Disappointed says – reply to this


    They ONLY keep her for her young fan base. She adds NOTHING to the show, other than a younger person's perspective. She hasn't been in the business long enough to give any sound advice, and she's had, what… 2 hits? 3 max? She seems to get insecure or jealous around the girls who have a better voice than her and/or have a bullying story like her (Jillian was phenomenal last year, and I personally think she got jealous when Nick Jonas called her sexy, and why would she train someone who arguably had a better voice than her and had a rough time with fitting in, as well?- there's no other reason why she'd pick CeCe over Jillian than it being personal.) and she focuses on the personality (like with CeCe) other than the voice or talent, and she changes the contestants from WHO THEY ARE to WHO SHE THINKS THEY NEED TO BE. She's a wrong choice for a judge, and hopefully, this will be her last season. Ask her in five years, when she has a little more experience or isn't trying to resurrect a career from her talking about eating disorders for a year straight. Or better yet, when she finally has an album that doesn't take years and years to reach platinum- or hell, gold -status in the US. Not just singles.

  7. jenn says – reply to this


    demi was a terrible judge, her team lost before the semi finals. demi doesn't have enough experience to find great talent. AND she is extremely annoying.

  8. 8

    Re: American4397 – well, considering demi's and simon's episode got more viewers than britney's and bieber's, i think it's safe to say it's just the general public making most of the views. not many people watched just because of britney or demi. it's just the general public that love these type of shows.

  9. 9

    Re: Disappointed – jillian a better voice? lol no. and demi picked cece because she thought jillian was boring and too melancholic.. always singing slow songs, too. she didn't have the X FACTOR. even simon said so. they wanted some entertainment, personality, stage presence, etc. and why would she be jealous that nick called her sexy? he's like a brother to her, she dated his brother joe not nick. if she was insecure or jealous of girls who according to you have better voices than her, she wouldn't be a judge. she's just honest. she said it before she even got the gig that she would be an extremely honest judge, not sugar-coat shit like others. and that's what is needed in shows like this. she was one of the only judges that care about the contestants.. even contestants said so, after they'd leave the competition.. demi was the only one that was into them & talked to/hang with them, etc. and not only ppl from her group, but everybody. yeah.. SO jealous. but keep ranting, she's still in, and simon and the whole crew loves her.

  10. ItsSpelledMusic says – reply to this


    Re: 91_muzik – Honey, they love ratings & money. If there was another young starlet who didn't have anything to do (like Miss Shoves-Her-Fingers-Down-Her-Throat does…) they'd love her, too. Especially if they had an album that actually sold something. For example, Taylor Swift. Not based on her voice, cause Taylor can't sing for shit, but at least she's SOLD something every time she put something out and she would have better advice to give because she's been in the thick of the business. Demi has been around Disney shit, and ONLY Disney shit. If Taylor was interested, they'd drop Demi in a heartbeat and pay her literally millions more, because they'd have the young audience they fight for. But all of those starlets, like Taylor, have jobs and have something to do. Demi's all they can get to save the kids, teens and tweens to watch the show, and they have her for the lowest amount she is worth— and because she's not the hot button topic, unless she's talking about eating disorders for the millionth time, no one really has anything for her to do BUT X-Factor.. she wins and they win. Money and ratings. Not quality. If the ratings fall this year, trust me… Demi will be gone for the next and they'll get someone who DESERVES to be a judge and who the contestants deserve to have as a judge. And Demi is not that person.

  11. monster says – reply to this


    Re: Disappointed – preach.

  12. 12

    Re: ItsSpelledMusic – but she does have something to do… a single that's doing amazing in sales & radio, upcoming album, world tour, summer bashes, radio concerts, tv performances/interviews, magazine covers+other gigs, etc. & now x factor. she'll be doing all of that at the same time. and they wanted a talented TEEN star(demi was still a teen when they got her), taylor isn't a teen. also, they're raising her paycheck, so. and as far as i'm concerned, she was the most talked about judge(by the general public) last season & the only one being praised by critics/media, believe it or not. and no, demi's not coming back next season whether is does good or not. she said herself she'd prob only do two seasons and then continue to focus on her music. either way, you just sound bitter to me. for no damn reason, btw. she's back, oh well. deal with it.

  13. 13

    Re: ItsSpelledMusicRe: ItsSpelledMusic – and it's funny that britney was the icon but simon said demi was his favorite & his book author said he loved her even more than cheryl & paula… simon would get demi no matter what. he's even thinking about signing her after her contract with her current label is over. even la reid wants to sign her. either way, she wins. she gets money & more exposure/promo for her new album coming out soon.. you're just sitting behind a computer hating.

  14. Lou says – reply to this


    I Love you Demi, you are the best….!!!

  15. ONIT says – reply to this


    Some people just don't realize a mistake till they made it over and over again.

  16. ShutUp says – reply to this


    Re: 91_muzik – If Demi was actually FOCUSED on her music, meaning 100% focused, she might have a number one album that sells what she sells in a year, in a week. A few gigs here and there, a single that's not even #1, magazines that have ANYONE on the covers, and constant interviews, because ANYONE CAN HIRE HER BECAUSE SHE HAS NOTHING TO DO. If she was committed to music, she wouldn't have time to do a show, like Taylor does, but because she's not in constant demand to have an album out as soon as possible, other than with tweenagers, SHE HAS NOTHING TO DO BUT A REALITY SHOW. Yes, they will up her pay, but she will NEVER be paid a double digit million figure because she isn't worth it. Simon likes ANY woman who teases him and draws attention to his projects, which Demi does by being annoying and trying to be "sassy." And it's a shame she can't create hype for an album without being on television for 2-3 nights a week. If you would get your head out of her vagina, you'd see that my point in the first place was that she's not qualified to be a judge, and she won't be until she actually does something substantial, other than entertain children, tweens and teenagers like you. Dumbass.

  17. monstarrrrr says – reply to this


    Re: 91_muzik – u kno she suckin simon and la dicks, rite? only thing she good for anyway…. well that an eatin

  18. parisohlala_! says – reply to this


    Hope she doesn't fuck up the whole category like last season…!

  19. 19

    Re: ShutUp – are you dumb or? artists put out albums, do tours, tv performances, be in magazine covers(that are relevant/big sellers), make appearences, etc. to promote. what else are they supposed to do? lol. & the single is selling amazing in just 4 weeks. will mostlikely go platinum in 4/5 more weeks. she's gonna be touring+promoting her new album/singles this summer while doing 1/2 auditions(which are only 4 dates of auditions) for x factor every 2 weeks. it's not like x factor takes a lot of her time, dumbass. you also have to have a couple of singles before putting out another album. demi's releasing an album in 1/2 months(months before x factor airs in september) & will have singles out+promoting them before & while being on x factor in october(live shows). it's not like she's gonna put out an album in a month then put out another one 5 months later, lol. you sound really ignorant. only icons get paid millions, btw. of course someone like demi wouldn't be paid that much. anybody can tell you that. & i'm 21, & yes, most of her fans are 18+, you can see that in her concerts/meetings. prob a couple of kids here & there, but ok. stay mad that she's on the show.. well you sound mad, anyway, or you wouldn't even be here arguing & acting like you care. just let it go, she's in it. it doesn't affect you! this is pointless. i will never agree with you & neither will you with me, so.. bye.

  20. D E M I says – reply to this



  21. Darez says – reply to this


    Re: 91_muzik – Her point was, Demi's not an icon, really has no place to be judging talent as she hasn't really made any milestones in the music industry. Also, it's never like she's in high demand for music and she doesn't sell particularly well. Unbroken was a flop, 400k WORLDWIDE. Sold 14k less than expected in the debut week. Her new album will sell slightly better most likely, but it probably won't stun anyone or blow the critics away, they only started paying attention to her with Unbroken really. All of this just Demi trying to promote herself, you should have been able to figure that out when GYHAB was performed on XFactor TWICE. Any artist can have a platinum single. Really, it's not that hard. Not every artist can have a plat album, something Demi hasn't acconplished. And no, Demi really doesn't have much to do. Her "world tour" will take place at small venues most likely as it did with her last tour, HWR will take care of most of the promoting, demi just has to look pretty.

  22. 22

    Re: Darez

    You guys act like she's been doing this for decades.

    Pretty sure she does just as much as any other 20 year old celebrity, if not more.