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Justin Bieber's Spitting Scandal Could Land Him In Trouble With The Law!

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Could Justin Bieber's sweet saliva-slangin' ways land the the popstar behind BARS?!

Well, maybe!

Biebsy's disgruntled Calabasas neighbor alleges that the Believe singer ASSAULTED him with his bodily fluids…

And the L.A. County DA apparently takes spitting crimes SUPER seriously because they are just plain GROSS and spitting is obviously a huge health hazard.

In fact, once the police are finished investigating Bieber's loogie-hacking incident, they'll most likely refer it over to the DA, who could potentially PROSECUTE Biebs for his frothy-mouthed attack!

That's a big IF, however, because we've also heard that the neighbor in question has been trying to set up the singer in the hopes of making money selling JB's pics/information to the press, so authorities may find that Da Beebz is completely semi innocent.

And even if he's not, jail would be a stretch… but it could go on his permanent record!

And that's just kinda embarrassing.

Plus, we doubt Justin's going to win back Selena Gomez by showing her how far he can spit…

Although it did work for Jack Dawson, LOLz!

Ch-ch-check out some recent snaps from JB's Believe tour (below)!

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7 comments to “Justin Bieber's Spitting Scandal Could Land Him In Trouble With The Law!”

  1. 1

    Too much too soon! He needs a break to do some work that will lift him. Take some lessons from Prince William. You have all the money you would ever need. Take a f'ing break and slow the f down…and get rid of the thugs.

  2. rb says – reply to this


    Belieber’s want to know JB’s neighbor home address, so they can send their love!!!

    The neighbor went onto Justin’s property. The neighbor was wrong to confront anyone that may be breaking the law. He should have called the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department instead. The neighbor will lose his case, Justin should counter file against his neighbor for false report, and damages to him because of international media attention. [The neighbor has to have evidence that Justin spat at him]. [Justin’s security team already stated that there was no physical contact].

  3. DJE says – reply to this


    He is not the first, nor will he be the last, child star to end up in jail or prison. If this were simply a one time event in the past few months I wouldn't give it much credibility, HOWEVER, we all know that it is not. I was always told growing up that if you "run with dogs, you get fleas". I personally think he has surrounded himself with a group of enablers. He is a talented young man, I hope that he snaps out of this "period of insanity" and gets back on track …. very soon!

  4. 4

    He's grown up to be quite the little douche bag.

  5. Justinothershit says – reply to this


    Maybe a little prison time with real "ganstas" will do this little wannabe good.

  6. Bobbysknight says – reply to this


    LA times is reporting that the DA is think a confient of resolution is in order. Both the neighbor and Justin broke laws that to equal each other. Which means They both said sorry to each other and be on his marry way. It seem to me the neighbor must of figure I broke the law to I should back off a little bit for myy kids shake. That going to be the key if the sheilf offerd Justin to put a tresspassing warrent were that guy can't come on to the property if they didn't they voilated his right to live on his property peacefully.

  7. Gayguy5437 says – reply to this


    Re: Justinothershit – Yeah I have a friend that would be very happy for a vist from Justin bieber. If he likes to sag his pants his pant will be down at the ankle with my friend behind him sing boyfriend to him for have ever long he in Their for. Could you image my friend humping Justin bieber in prison.