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Kourtney Kardashian's Alleged Lover/Baby Daddy Can't Keep His Facts Straight! Did He Make The Whole Thing Up?

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kourtney kardashians alleged lover cant keep facts straigh made whole thing up

Scott Disick can now breathe easy, because it looks like the male model who is demanding a paternity test for little Mason made the whole thing up!

Back in 2009, Michael Girgenti claimed that he and Kourtney Kardashian knocked boots after meeting at a photoshoot. 9 months later, she gave birth to her first son and now the model is demanding a paternity test!

But before we go and call up Maury Povich, a source is pointing out that Michael has had trouble keeping his lies facts straight!

When he first dropped the bombshell he claimed he never heard back from the Kardashian after their steamy affair. However, a month later he gave another interview where he said he received an email from her saying:

"Last night was so much fun. But Scott’s bugging me again, and I don’t know what to do."

So which is it Mr. Girgenti? Did she use and abuse you, or were you two exchanging emails afterwards?

Kourtney and her attorney say she and Michael never exchanged contact information, so this could be a MAJOR hole in his story.

This whole thing has sounded a bit fishy to us from the get-go. Mason looks EXACTLY like Scott and we've never really thought of Kourtney as the cheating type, even if her beau can be a total ass from time to time!

What do U think? Did Michael make the whole thing up??

[Image via WENN.]

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20 comments to “Kourtney Kardashian's Alleged Lover/Baby Daddy Can't Keep His Facts Straight! Did He Make The Whole Thing Up?”

  1. 1

    no one cares about the kardashians.
    another paid advertisement masquerading as a blog post on behalf of PerezKardashian.com

  2. 2

    110,000,000 Americans have std's and kardashawhores are the poster child. That guy and mason look just alike. just saying.

  3. vicky says – reply to this


    Mason looks nothing like Scott. Get some glasses. He looks like a Kardashian.

  4. Jessica says – reply to this


    Mason does not look like Scott at all! are yoy blind? he has one of those unique faces that you don't really know where it comes

  5. 5

    Mason does not look like Scott! like at all!

  6. 6

    Man, for Mason's and Scott's sake I hope this isn't true but I have a bad feeling… I agree with the other posters. Mason does not resemble Scott at all and something always seemed a little off (to me).

  7. @v@ says – reply to this


    Even if I heard this entire whos-the-daddy thing was scripted for ratings, it wouldn't surprise me.

  8. 8

    At first, I didn't know who the heck he looked like. He just looked different. Now he resembles his mom.

  9. CatieMay says – reply to this


    Mason looks just like the model! This splains a lot Lucy! It explains why Kourtney is with Scott! She needed to quickly pull in a man to buy into her pregnancy without question. I guess everything is a business deal with the Kardashians.

  10. kelly says – reply to this


    the model is way hotter than scott, totally understand why kourtney boned him! go girl!

  11. DMacK says – reply to this


    Infidelity would explain why Kourt always takes Scott back. It almost sounds like Kris is spilling family secrets to bring ratings up, she's been known to sell out her kids… It is kind of weird we haven't herd from Scott, he's not one to stay quiet… I truly believe that the Kardashians are on their way out. Sorry PerezKardashian.com you'll have to seek other reality stars to feed off of…

  12. tbay says – reply to this


    oh please. anyone that thinks Kourtney is not the cheating type. Let's remember who her family is…the kardashians!! Fame whores of America. Like mother like daughter no? tbh perez mason does NOT look like Scott. He looks like Kourtney. Same with Penelope. I don't think this is true but I do think Kourt prob slept with him (who'd blame her) if it were true why would he come out of nowhere after a few years? you would think he would pop out as soon as Mason was born.

  13. tbay says – reply to this


    Re: @v@ – Oh yes. anything to keep the trash relevant is good for Kris Jenner.

  14. Sally says – reply to this


    Mason does not look like the model, he looks like the Kardashians, especially his mother, uncle and grandfather. he looks like Scott too, with the the shape of his face, and Scott's mouth, they both have thin upper lips and full lower lips. The models lips are both the same size.They say the model has the same eyes, but I dont think so. The model's eyes are slitty, whereas Mason's eyes are not, and Mason has the long Kardashian eyelashes, which the model does not. And just look at Mason's ears, Scott all the way through. Kourtney is very correct, she would have told the truth about her son's father if Mason had been the model's son.

  15. 15

    It's Gonna Be Alittle Niglet!

  16. 16

    Whos Your Daddy And What Does He Do?

  17. jackie says – reply to this


    I don't think he looks like Scott AT ALL e xcept MAYBE the ear lobes

  18. Sian says – reply to this


    Has anyone stopped to consider how this may be harmful to the child? It's bad enough he is growing up in an unnatural environment with media hungry family. This child had no choice but to be splashed all over TV now the media are exploiting the possibility that is Father may be someone else!!!!!! Mason will be able the see all of this rubbish when he is older and it may be detremental to his development now and later. The media are disgusting people who jump at the opportunity to destroy lives his Family are doing enough with out your help.

  19. neuro79 says – reply to this


    Of course its not Scott's kid!!!! Do you all see the way she treats Scott?? Women who have guilt and are hiding a secret take out their anger and rage on the closest victim, Scotty. Poor thing.
    All will reveal itself in due time. Scott there is a HUGE reason you still don't sleep in the same bed as Kourtney and it has nothing to do with sex. !!!! YEAH!

  20. Imawake says – reply to this


    That kid looks exactly like the mother,not Scott or his eyes would be blue,hair would be lighter….stop kissing the Kardashian's-ass, it wouldn't be so shocking if mason isn't scotts because the apple does't fall far from the tree.