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Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Saying Goodbye To ANOTHER Lady!!

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faye resnick leaving real housewives beverly hills

Everything in Beverly Hills is NOT diamonds and rosé!

If it were, we’re sure all the ladiez on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills would never ever leave this magical show!

Instead, while Adrienne Maloof and Camille Grammer have already decided to part ways with the Bravo show, they will have the company of one more.

But whooooo?!

Ladiez and gentlemen, it will be the devilish Faye Resnick who is walking out on her Maloof hoof!

Say whaaaaat?!

Faye might finally have her chance to become a full-time cast member, but it seems that despite her desperate shizz-stirring actions, she actually doesn’t want a piece of the pie.

A source revealed why Faye has decided to give up her 15 minutes of fame quit:

“Faye is a tough cookie, so for her to say that things have become so bad that she is finished with the show, is a big development. She’s a very successful interior designer and being on the show is just bad for business — not to mention the fact that Faye says it is ruining her life. After the episodes aired in which she got into an argument with Brandi Glanville and Lisa Vanderpump, Faye started getting all these hateful, nasty tweets — it was just absolutely shocking to her that people are so emotionally invested in the show, and are bold enough to say such ugly and mean things.”

Well, helloooo, didn’t she know this since it’s the THIRD season?!

Real Housewives fans are cray cray! We should know - guilty as charged!

Unfortunately, we'll wait to believe this departure rumor when we see it…or rather, don't see Faye!

[Image via Josiah True/WENN.]

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30 comments to “Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Saying Goodbye To ANOTHER Lady!!”

  1. carina says – reply to this


    That is great news. She isn't even a housewife . She was forever the interloper. She would say or do anything to attract undue attention to herself. No matter how vulgar, hateful, or offensive she was. Her presence is not desired, the fans spoke out loud and clear. The morally corrupt Faye Resnick, true back then, true today!!!

  2. 2

    She's not a tough cookie, she's like… an annoying delusional grandma.

  3. Mary Winters says – reply to this


    You cannot be this obtuse. Camille and Adrienne were fired, it was not their choice to not return. And Faye, had she been asked, would have accepted this job in one hot minute. The truth is she earned collective fan hatred and Bravo did not want her. So now this reptile is pretending to be the rejecter rather than the rejectee. Good luck with her interior decorating business with her deplorable sense of taste.

  4. 4

    Why doesn't Faye want to admit that she's black?

  5. Argo says – reply to this


    She's not as smart as she thinks she is if she is truly shocked. I've never seen someone so cluelessly full of themselves. No loss..

  6. cgull says – reply to this


    agree with all previous comments. I think Lisa should have kicked her out of her party, it was Lisa's day, not Fay's to cause trouble. And shame on Kyle for inviting her when she knew there was tension between Faye and Brandi

  7. gwensgirl says – reply to this


    Re: WowzaChild

    You are exactly right!

  8. Sunny says – reply to this


    Re: carina
    Thank you ,Carina,,you took the words right out of my mouth
    Good ridden s,to her

  9. 9

    She may or may not be…but she came across as most disagreeable and added a lot of bad karma to the show.

  10. GOODDUDELA says – reply to this


    Ha…the trash was fired. A "tough cookie" would not have quit and would have faced the adversary she received and held her ground. Hurting her business?!? Balderdash. If she has talent, which after viewing her website, she only recycles others style, her talent would drive her business. Bottom line, fired, hated, lacking in talent poser. Whitle they are at it, perhaps the Richards sisters, valley trash, should move on as well.

  11. 11

    Thank fk for that. She is the most vile person I've ever seen. It was awesome to see Yolonda give it back to her and render ger speechless. I'm guessing the source is Camille Grammer. She's said Faye is a 'tough cookie' numerous times.

  12. Connor says – reply to this


    Faye was THE worst addition to any of the Housewife shows. EVERYONE was offended by her behavior. She just left such a bad taste in everyone's mouth, everyone around her (Adrienne, Kyle, Kim) looked really bad by osmosis.

  13. girlious says – reply to this


    Goodbye to this garbage pale grandma but, she still has her mouth piece Kyle as her stand in.

  14. Anne0 says – reply to this


    Thank goodness~ She was just awful.

  15. Betsy says – reply to this



  16. Janvier49 says – reply to this


    She didn't politely leave. Nobody wanted her. The viewers would have stormed the Bravo studios if Rancid was to show her face again. Kyle better keep her on a leash and out of sight.

  17. Elaine says – reply to this


    Thank heavens….she was soooo bloody annoying and a real pain in the proverbial, I nearly had to turn it off after all the years of enjoying it, keep ridding the shows of dementers like her, Taylor, Camille, Adrianne and yep even the drugged out Kimmy. A good move!!!!!

  18. Arrora says – reply to this


    GOOD RIDANCE!! I doubt the fame whore will stay away from the show but we can all hope, she has a disgusting personality so its no wonder its bad for business, who would want to work with her.

  19. gemini says – reply to this


    I may not like Faye, but it will be interesting to see her full time on the show. Kind of to give her a chance to redeem herself from the very negative impressions that she's been getting from viewers. As for the housewives fans. A lot of them do get carried away in judging these ladies. This show is supposed to entertain us and somehow learn from their lifestyle, not turn us into judgmental people. We still don't know these people on a personal level to judge them. These are real people with real feelings as well. They can easily be misunderstood. And what we write about them can hurt their feelings. And I don't think any of us are in any position to hurt anyone that really has nothing to do with our lives. If anything, we should be thankful that they have exposed their lives to us so we can be entertained, because I don't really think they need this.

  20. ana says – reply to this


    Kim is still a drunk she needs to leave the show. I really hate watching her when she appears.

  21. UrbanAngel says – reply to this


    this is why Faye is "known"…only part of the story:

  22. baboo says – reply to this


    Faye wasn't bored, she was scared. She didn't think ahead and didn't realize she would get attacked like that. Good for her.

  23. 23

    I call BS! These 3 witches had no part of the decision making. BRAVO listens to it's fans and nobody likes these creeps. Too bad Kyle is still in.

  24. chocolatthundah says – reply to this


    I am so glad that I don't have to look at her face one more season!!! She is ugly inside and out!! Yolanda…..bravo for standing up to her! Take the trash to the curb!!!!

  25. Millie Rosa says – reply to this


    I am so happy that that witch is not coming back. Is she ashame to be black or is she another Michael Jackson. I thought that she was pissed at OJ for marrying a white woman. Lisa should of thrown her out. How is it that people get to come to someones party without being invited. I wonder how Kyle would feel if someone that she did not invite showed up at one of her parties. Oh I forgot she would get Faye after them.

  26. bea says – reply to this


    They need to say goodbye to Brandi. She needs psychiatric help. Her actions and the way she treats everyone except Lisa and Ken is so disgusting. The fact that she is famous tells me that America s headed down the wrong road. Mauricio had nothing to apologize for,, Brandi was rude and aggressive and was even cussing. Wanna be treated like a lady not a *b* act like one.

  27. bea says – reply to this


    On;y 3 are wives. And none are housewives. Certainly Brandi is nothing more than a mentally ill person sharing her personality disorder awith the rest of us. I won't bother with the show. It's gone downhill since they have introduced Brandi. Leann Rimes is no prize but STILL it was an upgrade for the ex.

  28. bea says – reply to this


    Re: Millie Rosa
    Wait, what? She is black? I didn't even realize that. Some of the wives (I refuse to use the word housewives when referring to them) are darker than her! She can't help that though. She is beautiful but certainly a pot stirrer for no apparaent reason. Must be her unique and only talent.

  29. KBH says – reply to this


    Faye is a disgusting busy body.

  30. Luv SB says – reply to this


    Hallelujer! Good riddance to Fake Ransid! What a fame whore hanger-on! Her 15 minutes are up. Don't let the door hit you where the good Lord split you!