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Rob Kardashian ROBBED Paparazzi Shot Of His Shirtless Bod!? Like, ROBBED The Equipment!?!

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rob kardashian steals from paparazzi

Didn't Kris Jenner teach him it's not okay to steal??!!

Rob Kardashian is having a hard time burning off those 40 heartbreak pounds after his nasty split from Rita Ora and the pesky paparazzi aren't making it any easier on him.

While Rob has been open about his weight gain, that doesn't mean he wants to show off his nekkid pouty belly to the world, but the paparazzi does!!!

One very lucky photog apparently got the money making shot of an exposed, heavier version of Rob…

…that was until Rob allegedly STOLE her equipment!

Yep! Rob was SO worried the unflattering photo would leak that he reportedly snatched her cam's memory card and ran off.

At least he promised to pay for the card before he took off?? LOLz.

We understand his embarrassment, but we all know the bulge exists and that pap was just trying to do her job.

It is NEVER – no matter what the circumstance or WHO you are— all right to swipe someone else's goods!!!

Now we'll never know what other kind of goodies were on that memory card. *tear*

[Image via WENN.]

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14 comments to “Rob Kardashian ROBBED Paparazzi Shot Of His Shirtless Bod!? Like, ROBBED The Equipment!?!”

  1. 1

    this entire family is filthy. enough perez, stop!

  2. 2

    Everything Rob touches turns to CRAP & FAILS; so much for the value of a USC degree…


  3. 3

    LOSER Rob Kartrashian hasn't "GAINED ANY WEIGHT" since DWTS…..Rob was WRAPPED-UP in SPANKS & GIRDLES to hide his FAT & FLAB while on that show

    He's always been an UGLY FAT TROLL like his sister the Female Sasquatch Khloe….(Kim & Kourtney have different fathers; Kris is a whore).

  4. Nick says – reply to this


    Go Rob! These buzzards need to leave people alone. And broadcasting his weight gain isn't very nice.Perez won't like it if he gets published when he gains his weight back

  5. 5

    another paid advertisement masquerading as a blog post. Brough to you by Perez Kardashian. You are fooling no one.

    What happened to Kat Graham? you stopped posting about her out of the blue. I'm assuming her media budget dried up.

    this site used to be legit, now you have to read each post and wonder if this is some sort of paid post.


  6. Coco says – reply to this


    Oh i'd love to see that photo. I adore bigger lads and Rob is my main crush. I'd wank off to it hourly.

  7. 7

    i adore chubby rob, delicious!

  8. Coco says – reply to this


    Yuck! So gross.

  9. Lola says – reply to this


    Re: Nick – LOL, well said hahaha :)

  10. 10

    sorry but this guy is one big, fat douche living off the lousy fame of his sister whores.

  11. gianna says – reply to this


    Rob K was not right to steal another's property BUT the Papz was not right to TRESPASS on Private property either!!! a wrong action gets an equal Re action!

  12. 12

    He was either going to or coming from a very expensive trainer, for that amount of money the trainer should have changing rooms and nice ones at that.

  13. Linah says – reply to this


    Good on him, seriously.
    The paparazzi make their money from exploiting celebrities and their flaws. And though that's kind of low, that's just what they do. But they shouldn't be whining when celebrities fight back.
    Rob's body is his personal property and if it were me, I wouldn't want people taking photo of my body and putting it everywhere. I wouldn't even pay for the SD card, I'd just take it. Taking pictures of people without their permission is wrong (no matter who they are) and once she took a photo of him without permission, it partly belonged to him because it had pictures of him on it.

  14. Andrea says – reply to this


    that pap was trying to do her job? ROFL give me a break dumbass