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Gleeks, behold! Come April, 11th, we’ll FINALLY be getting some Sam and Brittany lovin’! In the upcoming episode Shooting Star, Glee stars Chord OverRead more…

14 comments to “Glee SPOILERS!! New Directions Deal With 'Unthinkable Event' And New Romance!!”

  1. Bri says – reply to this


    More spoilers!

  2. Ucssklege says – reply to this


    "Finally," really? Are you suffering from insomnia? Because Sam and Brittany are the human versions of sleeping pills.

  3. ILOVEHEMO says – reply to this


    i'm not of fan of bram BUT I'm totally excited for all the Brittany that will be in this up coming episode, especially her scenes with Ryder and Becky and of coarse LORD TUBBINTON now just give me more Brittany's Fondue For 2 with LT with guest Santana.

  4. GF says – reply to this


    Please please please let it not be Bram they take over the show enough already.

  5. GF says – reply to this


    Re: GF – Totally meant Blam..

  6. Steph says – reply to this


    So this'll be yet another Lima-heavy ep to endure, rather than enjoy? No NYC w Kurt, Rachel, Santana? Just Finn @ college (thank heavens) and Sam/Britt, a perfectly normal straight white boy/girl football player/cheerleader who do not interest me very much at all. Thanks for stepping back to the 50-60s, as with most of the newbies (other than WUnique and Jake)

  7. kelli says – reply to this


    Re: Steph

    I was going to say bram has been in the backgraound since the Christmas episode.
    BLAM Sam/Blaine has taken over McKinley
    I'm so sick of Sam being EVERYWHERE he needs to go asap.

    I rather see Kitty and Brittany doing some more bitching and forming a nice friendship.

    more fondue for 2 stuff.

  8. ChaosRocket says – reply to this


    "Finally"? Are you serious? Nobody has been waiting for "Sam and Brittany lovin'." Everyone hates this boring, annoying couple.

  9. claireys21 says – reply to this


    I used to like Sam when he was more a background character, but they've used him and Blaine way too much this season, to the point of overkill. I just don't find either character interesting. Also Bram is one of the most awkward pairings I've seem on the show.

    The NY storyline has been great recently so if its going to be missing from this episode, I think I'll be skipping it. This looks to me like it will be a filler to drag the season out a bit - they have Matt Hodgson writing, who doesn't have a great track record (I liked Sat Night Gleever), the important episodes are normally written by RIB.

  10. QueenB says – reply to this


    Nobody want more sam/brittany. They can leave it in the trash

  11. Will says – reply to this


    Re: ChaosRocket

    I love Bram! lol so some of us have been looking forward to Bram lovin.

  12. AJ says – reply to this


    I am not sure why they keep trying to force this pairing. I have seen very, VERY little interest in it. It seems people either hate it or are bored by it. Now I for one am not into that "shipping" business at all but I have to agree with those who say that they liked these two characters WAY better before they put them together. The Glee writers should stop trying to force something that 99% of their audience has made clear they do not like. Why not focus on the things that ARE working? Like the NYC side. It's just started to get really funny and awesome. Play to your strengths Glee! Like to what the people really want.

  13. gleek says – reply to this


    one word: SAMCEDES.

  14. SVR says – reply to this


    I'm ok with Bram. I didn't see the point of Brittana. I know I might be wipped by fans for saying that. But I just didn't understand what Santana (smart, witty) would see in Brittany (flighty, ditzy). I saw them a friends and nothing else. Even their romance seemed so friend-zoned - with some slightly flirty songs thrown in. I don't think the relationship served either of them well. And I think Brittany and Sam are a perfect match as they are so similar. It just makes sense. I'm not a shipper of Bram as I'm not drawn to the football player / cheerleader thing. But as people, I see the draw they have to each other and it works way better than Brittana did. I'd rather see Santana get a witty smart NY girl. And I think Sam is good for Brittany - she can be more of her crazy ditzy self with Sam. Santana was always correcting or making little judging comments about Brittany's ditziness. It just wasn't working for me.